movie popcorn mixI’m sure everyone is familiar with movie nights, but why should it be limited to nights?  There are days when snuggling up to watch a good movie or two is just what’s needed! Specially when you can munch on my Ultimate Movie Popcorn Mix!

Last week the grandsons and I went to the movies to see the latest Star Wars flick, Rogue One.  We enjoyed it and left trying to place this movie in it’s place in the Star Wars story.  This led us to decide we’d need to watch ALL the Star Wars movies in sequence beginning with The Phantom Menace and ending with The Force Awakens.

Ok, so we decided that on the next rainy day we’d have a Star Wars Movie Marathon and rent the movies from Amazon.  The weekend turned out to be cold and rainy, well cold by Hawaii standards (low 60’s).  The day was gloomy enough to keep the boys indoors in need of something to keep them occupied.  The perfect day for that marathon, or so we thought.

Well if you think you can rent all the Star Wars movies, think again!  We learned this that day.  None of the Star Wars movies are available for rent online ANYWHERE!  (If you have a RedBox or other type of DVD rental place you may find some of the movies, or maybe you can borrow them from your local library.)

The only way to see all movies at home would be to either wait for one of the cable stations to run a Star Wars marathon (which one of them did the other month, but there were commercials), or to buy the entire set, DVDs or digital downloads.  The complete set of Star Wars Movies (1-6) cost $57.99 for DVDs, or $99 for the digital download from Amazon.  The Force Awakens will cost another $19.99. (We already have this DVD)  Anyway, we were disappointed since I wasn’t ready to shell out $100 to watch them that day.

But we still wanted to watch a movie, mostly so we could munch on my Ultimate Movie Popcorn Mix!  So we ended up renting Guardians of the Galaxy.  The movie was fun and the popcorn mix was delicious.

So the next time you’re facing a snowy or rainy day that keeps the kids indoors, save them from boredom and save your sanity by calling it a movie day.  Plan ahead if you want to do the Star Wars Marathon if you don’t already own the DVDs.  But don’t forget to mix up a big batch of Ultimate Movie Popcorn Mix!

Here’s how: This recipe makes one big bowl – double or triple for larger batches

1 bag microwave popcorn – popped

1 cup Sweet & Salty Party Mix  click here for recipe

1 cup Arare Rice Crackers – available in Asian Markets

1 cup Reeses Pieces

2 Tbs. Seaweed Flakes – available in Asian Markets

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and enjoy!

This Ultimate Movie Popcorn Mix is sweet, salty, and crunch!