Toddler & Allergy-Friendly Easter Eggs

Toddler & Allergy-Friendly Easter EggsJett, my 3 year-old toddler is allergic to eggs, dairy, and peanuts. The common Easter egg stuffers such as chocolates, won’t do.  I had to get creative.  The eggs had to be allergy friendly  and still be appealing to a 2 year-old.





Below are  Toddler & Allergy-Friendly Easter Eggs for that we used for our  Easter Party and  Egg hunt:

  • Mini race cars
  • Mini monster trucks
  • Fruit snacks
  • Big jeweled rings
  • Candy bracelets/watches
  • Soft pokey balls
  • stretchy bunnies
  • play dough (does contain wheat)
  • tattoos
  • stickers
  • bunny ring pops
  • Minion eggs (pre-filled with banana candy)
  • Money (quarters and dollars)
  • Jelly beans

Toddler & Allergy-Friendly Easter Eggs
Toddler & Allergy-Friendly Easter Eggs








Most of these products are found at the dollar store, Wal Mart, or Target.  Of course there are a lot more options of things to put in toddler and allergy-friendly eggs, however this was tailored to our guests at our Easter Party.

Toddler & Allergy-Friendly Easter EggsAnother great idea is to have one golden egg filled with something extra special.  Usually I would think to put a a good amount of money in it, but for a toddler that wouldn’t matter.  Instead I put a piece of paper in the golden egg that read “Redeem for Prize.”  The winner of the golden egg got a Peep stuffed animal that came with a couple boxes of marshmallow peeps.  I bought a yellow one so that it would be gender neutral, since I didn’t know who would win.  I was going to get a giant stuffed bunny, but I thought a toddler would be happy with a smaller stuffed bunny and a treat.    Another good idea would have been a gift card to a toy store, for a toddler this still might be a little questionable since toddlers want it right then and there.

A good suggestion that I got was to have 2 golden eggs.  One to hide and the other to show your Easter egg hunters before the hunt, so they know what they are looking for.

Whatever you decide to put into your Easter eggs this year, be mindful of your guests, someone may have allergies!

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