Teen & Tween Boys Party

Teen & Tween Boys Party

Here are 6 fun Teen & Tween Boys party themes that is sure to make your little man happy; of course he probably won’t admit it in public, just like he doesn’t want mommy’s kisses in front of his friends.  I’m sure he’ll let you know how much fun he had as soon as the last guest departs!

By the time boys reach the age of 10 they usually have very firm ideas about birthday parties, some may even say birthday parties are for babies and therefore they don’t want one.  To be sure they probably won’t want a Disney party of any sort, or even a Dino party.  They’re going to want a “manly” party,  I know my soon to be 13 year old grandson feels that way, specially when his buddies are around; but I also know if we didn’t celebratebirthday in some way he’d be very disappointed.

Teen & Tween Boys PartyA Boy Vs. Wild great theme for a Teen & Tween  Boys party.

Boys of any age love getting dirty and daring each other to eat disgusting things.


Teen & Tween Boys Party

Another great theme for a Teen & Tween Boys Party is a Comic Book Party!

A Comic Book Party is really a Super Hero Party in disguise.  If you call it the latter it sounds too grade school, but teens and tweens actually think comic books are cool.Sources:  Dimple Prints
Strange Case Collective
Catch My Party
The Hostess with the Mostess
Envato Market
Enchanted Expectations

Teen & Tween Boys Party

Teens & Tweens will flip for a Harry Potter Party.  Everyone want to go to Hogsworts Academy and study wizardry!

Sources:  The Hostess with the Mostess 
Spaceships and Laser Beams
A Typical English Home
Centsational Girl
Boxy Colonial



Teen & Tween Boys Party

A Myth Buster Party is right up a tweenies alley.

It has all the elements of fun,  who doesn’t want to see what happens when you drop mentos in a bottle of soda?



Random Stuff
Enchanting Beginings


Party Themes for Teen & Tween Boys

Take the kids to the neighborhood skate park then go home and have a Skate Boarder Party.

Sources:  Paper and CakeCupcake Cutiees Designs
Space Ships and Laser Beams





Party Themes for Teen & Tween Boys

If your child is a gamer then this is the party for him.  Center the party around your child’s favorite video game; Minecraft, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, or classics like PacMan.

If you have a Game Truck in your area you might consider hiring the truck for a couple of hours, it will run you $300+, but the kids will have a blast.  You can also turn the gang loose at a video arcade and host the party there, most arcades have a party room.  Or you can set up at least a couple of videos games at home and have the kids take turns, perhaps a tournament.
Another alternative would be to act out the video game, like Call of Duty or Modern Warfare, this gets active and away from the TV!


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Space Ships and Laser Beams
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