DIY Baby Super Hero Costume

DIY Baby Super Hero Costume

I saw this baby super hero costume on Pinterest and just had to have it for my newborn grandson, until I saw the price.  It’s available by special order on for at whopping cost of $46.  In my opinion it was too costly for a photo prop that he would really use only once, twice if it still fits on Halloween.

I was determined to find a way to make this costume for fraction of the cost.  But I didn’t want to haul out my sewing machine for such a tiny project so I went searching for a way to make it without a sewing machine.

I found a handy product by Ditz called Stitch Witchery, a fusible tape that attaches materials together.  It costs less than $2 at the Walmart craft department.  It’s a Godsend!

I “googled” cape and mask patterns and found many.  I made my own paper pattern by drawing a picture I found for the cape.  I printed out the mask pattern from
The mask pattern can be adjusted to different sizes when you print it by selecting the image size you need.  I crocheted the diaper cover from a free pattern I found on The Bradens blog.

With a bit of ingenuity and about 2 hours of work I made this reversible mask & cape, and crocheted diaper cover set for I estimate under $5.  The materials I purchased for a grand total of $10 will make a cape and mask for my 1 year old grandson as well.

You can use any color material and make your own design for the applique.  You can even use scraps you have on hand so it won’t cost anything.   I used left over yarn for the diaper cover.

Here’s what you need to make this costume for your kids.  The instructions are for newborn.  You will have to adjust them for larger sizes.


1/4 yd. each of Red Satin and Yellow Satin (or colors of your choice)
1/4 yd. Pellam Fusible Interfacing
1 roll of 5/8″ Coordinating Satin Ribbon
1 roll Super Weight Stitch Witchery by Ditz


Directions for Cape:

1.  Make your paper pattern and cut it out. You can also make your “applique” pattern.

2.  Pin pattern on to material and cut one of each color.  Cut out your “applique”

3.  Place wrong sides of cape together and slip the Stitch Witchery tape along the edges.  Iron on according to package directions.

4.  Iron on your applique to one side of the cape.

5.  Cut lengths of Stitch Witchery tape to fit half of the neckline to the edge of it.  Cut out length of ribbon for one side of tie.  Do the same for the other side.  Attach ribbon one side at a time making sure they overlap at the center of the neckline.

Your cape is done!

Directions for Mask:

1.  Print out the pattern and cut out the one you want.

2.  Cut rectangles that will fit the mask pattern.  1 of each color material and 2 interfacing.

3.  Attach interfacing to the wrong side of each piece of material according to directions on the interfacing.  Your rectangles will bit a bit stiffer.

4.  Pin mask pattern on to both material rectangles.  Cut out pattern.  You will have 2 masks.

5.  Place 3 strips of Stitch Witchery tape on the interfacing side of one of the masks.

6.  Place the interfacing side of the other mask on top of the Stitch Witchery tape.  Iron together according to package directions.

7.  Make small slits on either side of the mask.  Attach ribbon or elastic cord to each side.  Make sure cord/ribbon will go around your baby’s head comfortably.

Your Mask is done!


Images by Carmina Ahmed    

Use yarn to crochet the diaper cover in a coordinating color.  Sew the button on the finished cover.
For the Braden’s free Diaper Cover Pattern click here!

This set will make a cute photo prop for newborn pictures as well as a great Halloween costume.  Make it in any size you want, you can skip the diaper cover for older children.

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Crocheted Mermaid Costume for Infants – Free Pattern

Crocheted Mermaid Costume for Infants – Free Pattern

My Version

I saw this cute mermaid costume on Pinterest.  It was being offered for sale on for just under $50.

I really wanted one for my baby granddaughter but wasn’t will to spend $50 for it.  I knew I could make it myself if only I could find the right pattern.  I searched online and found several different free patterns.  None of them really worked for me.  I ended up using 3 different patterns and combining the pieces to make the version I ended up with.

I used one pattern for the tail, another for the fin, and yet another for the headband.  The flower I just crocheted on my own without a pattern and stitched on to the headband.

The Bra is just 2 flowers attached with 10 chain stitches and 20 chain stitches attached to either side and on the tops to tie on the bra.  The chain length can be adjusted to fit the baby.

For the tail I used the free pattern from  I made only the TAIL portion of the pattern and fastened off after the finishing step.  For tail pattern click here!

For the fin I used the free pattern from DaPerfectMix.  I made it exactly as instructed by the pattern and attached it to the tail.  For fin pattern click here!

I used one of the free patterns from for the headband.  You can use anyone you like and just stitch on any flower you can make.  For headband pattern click here!

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Turtle Photo Prop – Free Pattern

Turtle Photo Prop – Free Pattern

Turtle Photo PropTurtle Photo Prop

I saw this cute crocheted Turtle Photo Prop online and decided to make them for my twin grandbabies.  The pattern is for newborn size and I had to adapt it to fit the babies who were born 6 weeks premature and weighed barely 4 pounds each.  Both babies have gained weight rapidly and are doing great!

I also added the flowers for baby girl Harper.  Just make whatever flower you want and stitch it onto the shell and beanie.

The Turtle Photo Prop pattern on by Corina is very easy to follow with both written instructions and step by step images.  To make it larger I used a larger hook.

Turtle Photo Prop


Turtle Photo Prop

For free pattern click here!

Thanks Corina!