It’s Easter time again, and one of my favorite Easter crafts is making Easter Baskets for my grandchildren.  I know there are many plastic and metal baskets out there, and they’re all very inexpensive.  But I like to make them baskets that a different from those you can buy at Walmart.

Sherbet Easter BasketThe other day I went to our local craft store and found this pretty yarn by Red Heart.  It’s color is called Sherbet.  When I saw it I just knew I had to turn it into a Sherbet Easter Basket.

This basket is very simple to make.  It would be a perfect project for a beginner.  It does however use foundation single crochet for the handle.  So it’s a great way to learn one of my favorite techniques if you aren’t familiar with it.

Foundation single crochet is a technique that combines the foundation chain with the first row of any project.  Instead of making a row of chains, something I find tedious, and going back to make the first row of single crochet, or any stitch for that matter, this technique is initially worked vertically and you have the chain on one the left side and the single crochet on the right.  Using it for the basket handle is a great way to learn it!

To make the basket a bit sturdier I used 2 strands of yarn held together for a thicker strand.  To do this it’s easier to use 2 skeins of yarn, but you can roll a skein into 2 balls and work with that.  The Basket doesn’t use a whole skein.

To make the sides of the basket round 5 is worked in backloops only.  This brings the sides up from the bottom of the basket.

The handle is also made with 2 strands of yarn.  You make 2 separate handles which are then twined together.  If you want it to be stiffer you can twine the bands around a pipe cleaner.

The basket is worked in rounds that are joined at the end of each round.  The beginning Ch 2 if each round counts as the first stitch of that round.

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Here’s the pattern!  You can make it any color you want and even use bulkier yarn and a larger hook if you prefer.

If you want to print the pattern Click here to download the free PDF version.


Ch = Chain

Sl St = Slip Stitch

FSC = Foundation Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

Backloop DC = Backloop Double Crochet

DCdec = Double Crochet Decrease



Hook size I (5.50mm)

#4 Worsted yarn in Sherbet


Ch 5, join to first Ch to form ring

Rd. 1:  12 HDC in ring, Sl St to first HDC (12HDC)

Rd. 2:  Ch 2, DC in same st, 2 DC in each st around, join to top of Ch 2.  (24DC)

Rd. 3:  Repeat Rd. 2.  (48DC)

Rd. 4:  Ch 2, DC in same st, DC in next st, *2DC in next st, DC in next st*, repeat **around, join to top of Ch 2.  (72DC)

Rd. 5:  Ch 2, Backloop DC in each st, join to top of Ch 2.  (72DC)

Rd. 6-8:  Ch 2, DC in each st, join to top of Ch 2.  (72DC)

Rd. 9:  Ch 2, *DC decrease over next 2 sts, DC in next st* repeat ** around, join to top of Ch 2.  (48 DC)

Do not fasten off.  You will now make the first band of the handle.

Make 45 FSC, fasten off.  Leave 6” tail for attaching to opposite side.

For the second band of the handle attack a double strand of yarn to the DC next to the first band and make 45 FSC, fasten off.  Leave 6” tail for attaching to opposite side.




Foundation SC: Its basically worked in 2 parts – the chain part which you make first, and the SC part made right after it.

Ch 2, insert hook in 2nd. Chain from hook, yarn over, pull up loop, you will have 2 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull thru 1 loop, (you just made the chain part of the FSC and you will have 2 loops on your hook),  yarn over and pull thru 2 loops, (this is the SC part of the FSC and you will have 1 loop on the hook).  You’ve now completed the first FSC.

Now insert hook between the chain st you made in the first part of the st and the SC you made in the second part.  Yarn over, pull up loop so you have 2 loops on hook.   Yarn over, pull thru 1 loop, you now made the chain part and have 2 loops on hook.  Yarn over, pull thru 2 loops, you made the SC part and have 1 loop on the hook.  Continue this pattern until you have the length you need.

Click here for a FSC photo tutorial by Craftsy!

Or watch this video tutorial from

Sherbet Easter Basket
This is what your 2 bands of FSC should look like. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]




Sherbet Easter BasketHolding both bands together make a knot at the base by the basket’s rim.  You need the knot so that when you twine the bands together it will stay twined and not unravel.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]






Sherbet Easter BasketStarting by the knot you just made twine both bands together .[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]






Sherbet Easter BasketWhen you reach the unattached end of the bands make a knot.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]







Sherbet Easter BasketInsert the 2 tails of yarn from each FSC band into 2 stitches on the opposite side of the basket.  Make sure it is positioned evenly with the other side of the handle.  Knot both tails together and trim ends.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]





Sherbet Easter BasketYour basket is done!  You can fill it up with all sorts of Easter goodies.  I filled this one up with Pom Pom Bunnies and Chicks.  Click here to learn how to make them!





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