Pork Humba  one of the Filipino fiesta recipes. Simple and easy to cook. Yet very tasty and delicious traditional Pork humba cooked with soy based sauce flavored with star anise. Serve with a side of rice and your favorite vegetables.



1              pound pork (pork belly, pork hocks, and pork ham cut into adobo size)

5              cloves garlic, minced

3              tablespoons soy sauce

2              tablespoons vinegar

3              tablespoons brown sugar

1              teaspoon ground black pepper

2              tablespoons oil

3              pieces star anise

½             cup water

¼             teaspoon salt

¼             teaspoon msg or vetsin


Marinate pork in soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, msg or vetsin, ground pepper salt in a bowl.

Heat a large pan on the stove then add the marinated pork stir until it brown (cook under medium heat).

Add the star anise and brown sugar.

Add water then cover the pan and let boil on medium for 25 minutes (add water as needed) or until pork totally absorbed the sauce and produce its natural oil.

Transfer to a serving plate and serve the delicious Filipino fiesta recipes pork humba.


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Filipino Fiesta Recipes Pork Humba
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Filipino Fiesta Recipes Pork Humba
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