Plan Your Cool Christmas Photo Cards Now!

Christmas Card PhotosDo you love to send Christmas Photo Cards like we do?  You know those personalized cards with pictures of your and the family?


We love to send Christmas Photo Cards, it’s a great way to give family and friends updates.   I love to receive them too!  It’s always a pleasure to see how everyone is doing and wonder how much the kids have grown from year to year.

But many folks tend to make Christmas Photo Cards at the last minute donning  Santa hats and calling it a day.  Then they wonder why their cards didn’t turn out awesome.  Well, not so in our family!

Sure you can pop a Santa cap on everyone’s head, and maybe even dress them in Christmas T-shirts or frilly dresses. Then you all can stand together by a Christmas tree and have someone snap a photo.  Or hop over to the photo studio at Walmart or Target and have them take your photos.  Yes, you’ll have Christmas Photo Cards to send, but will they be awesome?  Probably not, they’ll be just like everyone else’s family picture in front of a Christmas tree or fireplace, in short, mundane and possibly boring.

Christmas photo cardsBut with a little bit of thought and planning you can send out awesome Christmas Photo Cards this year.  It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, you probably already have the props; it just never occurred to you to use them in your Christmas family photo.

And yes you can take your own photo at home, have a friend or family member do it, go to a photo studio, or hire a photographer.  Do whatever feels comfortable for you and your family and what fits your budget.

Here are some ideas and tips on how you can take send out the most awesome Christmas Photo Cards this year!

christmas photo cardsThink & Plan

Think about how you want your picture to be.  Formal, fun, scenic, or whatever fits your family’s personality.

Think about where you want your photo taken.  Sure you can do it at home or at a studio, but think outside of the box.

How about outdoors?  If you live by a park or green area you can do a photo shoot there.  Or maybe an ice skating rink,  playground, or a nice block in your neighborhood.

Once you decide where you want to take your photo you plan on the time to take it.  If you’re going to a photo studio then book your appointment as soon as possible.  If you decided to shoot outside then you may want to wait until Christmas decorations are out, usually by Thanksgiving, so you have plenty of time to take your photos.

Decide on your wardrobe.  PJs are great if you’re going for a Night Before Christmas look.  Sweaters are a must if you’re shooting outdoors in cold weather.  If you don’t already have the outfits you can buy or borrow some.  Don’t forget to check out thrift stores and resale shops for kids’ Christmas outfits, they’re generally worn once and outgrown; you may find some treasures at a resale shop!

Gather your props.  Gift boxes, ornaments, gift bags, and even strings of lights make great props.  Best of all you probably have them tucked away in your closets!  If you need cool Santa Hats check out my crocheted ones here!

christmas photo cardsGet it done!

Once you decided on place, time, wardrobe, and props all that’s really left to do it to get it done.

On the day of your appointment be sure the kids are well fed and dressed comfy on the way to the studio or photo location.  You don’t want cranky kids in scratchy clothing grumbling and crying before you take pictures.

Remember to bring your wardrobe and props.  If you’re going to a studio or have hired a professional photographer you may not need to bring your own props, but check with them before hand.

When you arrive at the studio or location get everyone dressed and ready to go.  Then smile!

You’ll want to take several poses, and even different groupings.  That way you’ll have  lots of photos to choose from!

And remember have fun during the photo shoot!


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