Pre-schoolersJudging by our pre-schoolers, aka my grandchildren, 4 year old Jett, and 3 year old twins Harper and Sadi, pre-schoolers love parties.  Any party!

Our pre-schoolers love birthday parties (specially their own), Halloween parties, Christmas parties, and what ever other party they are invited to.  Of course I’m pretty sure they got their love of parties from us.  We love throwing parties!

First Birthday Parties are always a big deal.  It’s probably one of the few, if not the only one,  kids’ party you have control over the theme.  I mean really one year olds will not argue about that!  But after the first birthday party many pre-schoolers have definite ideas about what they want their party theme to be.  If you’re lucky you’ll get away with choosing a party theme one more time.  But once they turn 3 pre-schoolers will definitely tell you what they want.  At least that’s how it was with my older grandsons, by the time they were pre-schoolers they most definitely choose their own part themes.

Having said that, even though pre-schoolers can have very determined ideas they still might need guidance or suggestions.  Sometime they have so many characters that they love it’s hard to choose just one.  So I’ve decided to share 5 tried and true party themes your pre-schoolers will love!

Mickey Mouse Clubhousepre-schoolers

What’s not to love?  This party theme based on a beloved Disney channel show has all the characters pre-schoolers and everyone loves.

You can really go to town with all the vivid colors, funny phrases, and fun characters.  You won’t have to choose just one, unless you really prefer just one!

This theme also has different variations because there are so many episodes!  There’s the Mickey Farmhouse,  Dino Mickey, Fairytale Mickey, and so many others!

pre-schoolersSesame Street

Just like the Mickey theme the Sesame Street is colorful and has many different characters.

Focus on one or all either way it’ll be fun!

Check out our Sesame Street Cookie Buffet party!  Done in honor of you guessed it,

Cookie Monster![spacer height=”-20px”]




Team Umi Zumi

Another great theme for pre-schoolers is Team Umi Zumi.  Again very colorful with lots of different characters.  And they have cool vehicles!

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pre-schoolerspre-schoolersThomas the Train

All pre-schoolers love trains and Thomas and friends are a favorite.  Lots of colorful characters and railroad signs for decorating.

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Peppa Pig

Here’s another pre-schooler favorite, Peppa Pig.  My grandsons and granddaughter all loved her!

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