Everyone who has kids and grandkids I’m sure have run into the same problem my family and I have, what to do with all those expensive outgrown clothes.

I have 5 grandchildren ranging in ages from 1 month old twins to a 12 year old grandson.  Everyone single one of them grow like weeds and we literally have stacks of clothes ranging from premie to big boy sizes.  Many of them very expensive designer brands like Juicy Couture, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and more.  Some have never been worn.

Yes, we do the hand-me-down thing, but my children live in 3 different states and shipping outgrown clothes around the country can get pretty costly, not to mention the age gaps are fairly significant; the handed down clothes would end up in someone’s closet until the next child grows into it.

We’ve explored several ways to deal with outgrown clothes:  giving them to friends with kids, donating them to charity, having a garage sale, taking them to a flea market or consignment store.  We do give and donate, but don’t have the time to have a garage sale or sell them at a flea market.  We looked at local and online consignment shops and did not like their policies nor the prices they offered, they name the price and we would get 35% of what THEY SAY they can sell it for.

We’ve found an alternative way to clean out the closets and earn money as well. We sell them online, on this new marketplace, Tykemart.com. The site is free to join and free to post, most importantly unlike ebay or craigslist they offer an end to end platform to buy and sell strictly kids’ and maternity clothing and accessories.  For a small commission they take care of everything once an item has sold;  payment acceptance, shipping, and tracking.  All we have to do is post items, name our own price, and negotiate directly with buyers.  Once an item sells the buyer pays the shipping, we get a postage paid addressed label, stick that on the box, and wait for our earnings to post to our online account.  We can request those earning at anytime.  It’s easy,  they even have a premium service where they will post items and negotiate for you, all you really have to do is send of the item when it sells.  You sell outgrown clothes straight from your computer or mobile device.  Best of all you name your own price and earn 80% of what you sold it for.

Here’s how you too can clean out your kids’ closets and convert those outgrown clothes to cash.

1.  Clean out closets and drawers, remove everything that your has outgrown or no longer wears.

2.  Sort out grown clothes.  Make stacks of:

  • High-end designer brands in excellent/good condition:  True Religion, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, etc.
  • Name brands in excellent/good condition:  Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Old Navy, etc.
  • Other brands in excellent/good condition
  • Clothes that show more wear but aren’t torn, stained, or ripped
  • Clothes that are torn, stained, ripped, and very worn – include in this stack all items you wouldn’t let your child wear.

3.  Toss out all items that are in the last category, if they’re too nasty for your child to wear no one else will want their child in them either.  If you’re crafty perhaps you can find use for some of them, like make a quilt or something.  But in my opinion it’s best to just get rid of them, they take up storage space.

4.  Decide what you want to do with items in the 4th. category.  Clothes that show some wear but can be enjoyed by another child.  Best thing to do in my opinion is donate them to a homeless shelter, or other such organization.  Main thing is get them out of your house!

5.  The remaining items will be your inventory.

  • Wash and iron clothing to make them look nice.  Don’t do this if the item is brand new with tags!
  • Stage the items you want to sell and take photos.
  • Create a vendor account on Tykemart.com.  Create listings:  upload photos, add description, and name your price.
  • Negotiate and communicate with potential buyers.
  • When and item sells wait for the shipping label, it will be emailed to you.
  • Box sold item and mail.
  • Sit back and wait for your earnings to be posted to your online account.

I know it seems a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you will surely be able to turn outgrown clothing into cash.   Who can’t use the extra cash these days?

Happy Selling!

Savvy Nana

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