Decoupage Coasters

Father’s Day is coming up this year it’s on June 21!  Make Dad a special gift this year.  This decoupage boxed photo coaster set took about an hour an a half to make and was very inexpensive.

The boys had already made gifts for Dad, Grandpa, and Uncles, (Comic Strip Frames & Boxes), but I ran into a sale on wooden boxes at our local craft store that was just too good to pass up and we had lots of  Mod Podge, spray paint, and photos left over from other craft projects, so really this project cost  a whopping $3 for the box and coaster set.  It will make a perfect gift for my husband, it has photos of all the grandkids.  I made it just before we went to the blockbuster movie, Jurassic World, it was dry by the time we got home; from start to finish, including drying time in between coats of Mod Podge it took about an hour and a half.

Do ditch the tie this year and give Dad or Grandpa something they’ll love and use!  Here’s how!


Decoupage Coasters

1 Wooden boxed coaster set – you can get this from most craft stores, they’re very inexpensive, the regular price at our store was $5.99, but we picked it up on sale for $3!

Mod Podge Matte – I prefer to use matte finish when working with photos to reduce the glare

Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer Matte Spray

Sponge brush

Spray paint – I used red gloss I had left over from another project

Black & White Photos Matte finish

Masking or painter’s tape


1.   Cover metal hinges & lock with tape as best as you can.

Decoupage Coasters

2.  Spray paint box and coaster edges.  I found the easiest way to spray the coaster edges was to stack them on top of each other and spray.  Don’t worry if you get paint on the coaster itself, the photos will cover them up.

3.  Wipe off any paint that seeped on to the hinges and lock if you want to.  I started to but decided it wasn’t that bad and actually looked good so I didn’t put too much effort in to wiping off the paint.

4.  Let paint dry about 10 – 15 minutes or until it’s no longer tacky to touch.

Decoupage Coasters

5.  Remove tape from hinges and lock.

6.  Place coaster over section of photo you want to glue to the box.  Turn it over and trace the coaster on to that section.

7.  Cut photo INSIDE the lines you just made – cutting outside or on the line will make it too big.  Place photo on to the coaster to check the fit, you may have to trim photo closer to the coaster edge.

8.  Repeat step #7 for the other side of the coaster and for both sides of all the coasters.

9.  Brush a light coat of Mod Podge Matte on to one side of the coaster and the back side of the photo.  Be sure you brush Mod Podge all the way to the edges.  Keep brush strokes in the same direction, it looks neater on the finished product.  Allow to dry for 5 minutes.  while you are waiting for the coaster to dry do the same to the other photos and coasters.

10.  Place photo on to the coaster.  Adjust photo so it is matched up to the coaster edges.  Light press down on photo and smooth out any bubbles.

11.  Brush a coat of Mod Podge on the photo from edge to edge.  Apply a good amount of Mod Podge, but don’t soak the photo.  Repeat with all the coasters.  Allow to dry about 10 minutes.

12.  Brush 2 – 3 more coats of Mod Podge on coasters allowing them to dry 10 minutes between coats.

13.  While waiting for coasters to dry cut out photos you want to glue to the box.  Trim photos to fit around the hinges and lock.

14.  Repeat steps #9 – 12.

15.  Turn dry coasters over and paste photos on them like you did in steps #9 – 12.

16.  When coasters and box are dry spray them with 2 coats of the sealer, allowing them to dry 10 – 15 minutes between coats.

17.  Let the box and coaster dry for at least an hour before placing coaster in the box.  You may have to lightly pry the box top open as some sealer may have lightly glued it together.

Decoupage Coasters