Chakra is a word of Indian origin. It refers to each of the centers of spiritual powers in a human body. There are about 100 chakras in the body, but there are only seven main ones. These seven centers help to regulate all the processes in the respective organs. It also regulates the immune system and emotions. The seven chakras are namely:

  1. Root: found at the bottom of the spine and deals with the basic need for survival, food, shelter and clothing
  2. Sacral: found below the navel. It governs your sexual organs and imagination
  3. Solar plexus: it is found in your stomach and serves mental and spiritual purposes
  4. Heart: controls the circulatory system
  5. Throat: found in the throat and governs communication
  6. Third eye: the third eye is your mind, which is the source of insight. It is located near the eyebrows
  7. Crown: found on the head. This is a powerful chakra as it connects you to the world.

Importance of Chakra
The chakra centers are driven by energy, and so is the whole of your body. The optimal functioning of these centers is what gives you physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual stability. Stress, conflict, and illness can cause blockages and imbalance of chakra, which necessitates chakra healing. Here is how you can heal your seven chakras to attain mental and body wellness.

Physical Activities
A good way to clear off negative energy is through physical activities. Stress and anxiety can be calmed down by taking a walk, swimming, or dancing. Physical activity like walking should be done outdoors and solitarily. Be aware of the fact that you are walking. Paying close attention to the movements of your legs will provide relief. Another effective method of healing chakra is by doing yoga. It is advisable to start with the root chakra while healing your chakras because it affects the balance of the other chakras. The swimming activity takes care of your second chakra. Negative feelings that can harm your productivity can be washed away by immersing yourself in the water at the swimming pool, beach, or bathtub.

Chakra Cleansing Music
Music has a powerful effect on how we feel. Listening to good music makes us jovial. Chakra music is also engineered in the same way to bring about healing, especially when used during meditation. Special music such as Brainwave and Tibetan are infused into the healing of chakra to bring about powerful frequencies that not only heal chakra but also give the mind incredible calmness.

Meditation is by far a popular method that is included in some religions as a means of gaining happiness and health. This is because the body is connected to the mind and spirit in this process to eliminate negativity. Meditation is also an effective way to balance chakra. Chakra meditation is quite different because you can use chakra stones. There are seven chakra stones.

They are colored according to the chakra it represents. When meditating, place the chakra stone where the chakra is located as you sit in a cross-legged position. Inhale and exhale slowly and forcefully as you imagine the negative energy flowing out of your body. Focus on the meditation for several minutes for each chakra. By the end of this procedure, you should be feeling rejuvenated and happy with yourself.