Back in the days when using coupons meant cutting them from newspapers and magazines and using them at the cash registry, people used to judge you. But nowadays, most of us won’t click that Submit Order button if the site doesn’t jump in with a discount!

I’m not sure if the change is owed to a different type of shopper or the fact that no one can see you when you buy online, but I like it. I also like that the competition in the online market is so fierce that discounts are a common occurrence.

But does this really mean we’re saving our hard-earned money? Is the online coupon business in our benefit or is this just another marketing scheme to keep us shopping?

I decided to take a closer look to online shopping and coupons and see if they are as amazing as we’re told.

They are A Marketing Strategy
Online coupons are indeed a strategy to attract more buyers towards different products. However, this doesn’t mean that the discounted products come with problems or defects. It may just mean that they are out of season or that the producer is preparing to launch a new line.

This usually happens with technology (smartphones, tablets, TVs, and so on), fashion, and other areas where new products are constantly being created. So, if a producer is about to launch a new design, they will try to get rid of the old ones by offering coupon codes.

You Don’t Waste Time
Besides the obvious benefit, online coupons also save time. Standard coupons need to be discovered in magazines, cut, and carried around until you can redeem them. Online coupons don’t require that much effort and are easily accessible on your phone.

Not to mention, there are lots of free apps that will notify you on a deal, so you won’t waste time browsing.

Bigger Discounts
Most online coupons offer a discount between 5 and 10% (sometimes even more), which is a lot compared to the ‘75 cents off’ printed coupons!

Furthermore, if the discounted product is a significant investment, such a coupon can get you a very sweet deal. For instance, if you find a coupon code that gives you 5% off a mattress (sites like tend to have deals like this), this can amount from $50 to $100 off!

You Can Get the Most out of It
One thing I found about online coupons is that you can pair them with a sale. This way, instead of getting 5% off the full price, you’ll get 5% off the sale price, which has already been discounted once. In the end, you get to keep more of your money and get the product you want.

True, you need to be patient to find such occasions, and you may have to do some research, but it is all worth it in the end (especially for expensive products).

In Conclusion
In my opinion, online coupons are a great way to save money, and you do without anyone judging you. Even more, by using a coupon app or site, you may find new products and brands that have better prices and deliver the same quality as your favorites. The market is in a continuous change, and it is our duty, as customers, to make sure we get the best possible price.