Hand CreamBy now, a week or so after Thanksgiving we’re all pretty much full on into our holiday activities.

I’ve already started my Christmas baking and cooking, not to mention crafting, I’ve decided to try candle and soap making this year, I’ll let you know how that turns out for me!  This means my hands are dry and sometimes itchy.

I’ve tried many different kinds of lotions and creams, I don’t really care for them.  They’re either too greasy, too thick, or have too much scent in them.  I hate walking around with sticky greasy hands and I can’t stand a cloying smell hanging around me.

I’ve been making my own versions of homemade scrubs and soaks for a while now, so I thought why not make homemade hand and body cream.  How hard can it be?  So I rounded up some of my favorite cream ingredients and literally whipped up this creamy light cream that I’ve been using on my hands, arms, feet, and legs.  I love it!

It took a bit of experimenting with the ingredients to come up with the final version.  Had to figure out the proportions, but even my “fails” were good enough to use, just not pretty enough to gift, if you know what I mean.  Anyway I came up with this final version and decided to scoop it into half pint jars and give out as gifts this Christmas, I’ll wrap it up with my Sugar Scrub and a crocheted wash cloth and BAM! I’ve got a cool gift for my girlfriends!  I’ll show you pictures when I’ve got it all wrapped up, hopefully with a candle and bar of soap in matching scents!

For this whipped cream I used organic coconut oil and cocoa butter, how wrong can you go?  I scented it with Rose Attar I found in my bathroom cabinet, I had purchased it from Egypt a few years ago.  But I know not many folks will have a bottle of Egyptian attar lying around so I tried it with lavender essential oil too, it works just fine.  So you can scent it (or not) using your favorite oil.
Citrus ones smell good too, or perhaps a combination of scents.  Have fun with this by mixing it up with your favorites and creating new ones by adding it to the basic recipe.  I’m going to be trying a Vanilla/Citrus blend soon.


1 cup cocoa butter
1/2 cup organic coconut oil – solid form do not melt
10 + drops essential oil of your choice (you can adjust this according to your preference)


Dump the cocoa butter and coconut oil in a bowl.

Hand CreamWith an electric mixer using the whisk attachment if you have it, otherwise the regular beaters will have to do, whip it on medium speed.  Whip until you have a creamy consistency like frosting.  Do not over whip as it will break down and become oily and liquid.

Add essential oil and stir at low.



Hand CreamScoop into jars for storing or gifting.

The best part is you get to scrape the bowl and use the left over cream right away.  I felt smooth and hydrated for the rest of the day.  I smelled divine too!

This recipe will fill 6 half pint jelly jars, a great size for gifting!