The Thanksgiving Turkey has come to town,
To abandon a few treats, I see you’ve found. In the event that you wish to make this a more joyful fall.

Proceed with this welcome, this ghost fall. To begin with, post this Turkey where it can be seen, What’s more, abandon it there yet don’t make a scene.
This will indicate different Phantoms who may happen to visit, Make certain to take part, you would prefer not to miss it.

Second, if capable, make two treats and duplicate this sonnet. Convey them to two different homes. Try not to give them a chance to see you, be subtle, doubtlessly.
What’s more, ensure they put their Phantom Turkey out.

Abandon it at entryways where the Turkey hasn’t hit, Convey at dim when there isn’t much light, Ring the doorbell and run and remain beyond anyone’s ability to see.

What’s more, last, however not minimum, come participate in the season, Try not to stress, be glad, you require no justifiable reason. This is all in great fun and we are simply attempting to state,

Have a superbly Happy Thanksgiving Day!