Fun Party Games and Activities for Kids’ Parties

Party gamesI love throwing parties, specially kids’ parties.  Kids’ parties are fun and easy.  Children are so much easier to entertain, all you really need for a successful kids’ party are a cake, ice cream, party games. and  activities!

Of course party games and activities must be age appropriate and coordinate with your party theme.

Many party games and activities can be adapted to the children’s age and party theme.

Here are some classic party games and activities we’ve adapted for our parties.  Perhaps you’ll find one or two that you can use for your child’s next party.

party gamesBounce Houses

Renting a bounce house is probably the easiest party activity you can have.  The vendor takes care of the set up and breakdown, and best of all kids of all ages love them.

These days bounce houses are available to coordinate with most party themes.

We’ve rented one for a Thomas the Train Party  and one for a Football Themed Party.

party games

The only down side of renting a bounce house is the cost to rent one.  The cost depends on the size and type of inflatable you rent.  Some can cost upwards of $500 to rent for the day.

Check several companies and compare prices if you plan to rent one.  Some companies may offer party packages that include tents, tables, chairs, and even a popcorn machine!  Find out which one works for your party and budget.

party gamesArts & Crafts Activity

Sometimes party games can be too competitive, specially for younger children.  Instead of a party game you can keep the children, and adults, busy making some kind of craft.

For a Planes Themed party this sand art activity worked well, specially when the sand containers were shaped like airplanes!

Arts & Crafts activities are easily coordinated with any party theme.  You can make feather headbands for a Thanksgiving party or masks for a super hero party!

Arts & Crafts activities can be many things and can use different media; play dough, paints, markers, colored paper, and more!

Don’t be surprised to find older kids at the arts & crafts table, they love it too!


party gamesLawn Games

Anyone up for a game of croquet?  This party game is great for an Alice in Wonderland theme or a “Onederland” first birthday party!

Other lawn games you can play are Twister, Bocce, mini golf, and even bowling.

party games Click here to learn how to make this giant twister game!

party gamesTreasure or Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt, older kids might prefer a scavenger hunt.  Either party game will  be a hit.  The hunt can be coordinated with your party theme.

When we had a Pirate Party the Treasure Hunt clues were written in Pirate Lingo!  Again these hunts can be adapted to suit your party theme.

How about a nature scavenger hunt for a camping themed party?



party gamesRaces

Let the kids run off all the sugar they ate at the party with races.  These party games will definitely coordinate with any party theme.

For our Pirate Party we had a Pirate Ship race using boxes that were turned into “ships”.  But the racing vehicles can be anything like a fire truck for a Fireman Themed Party or a carriage for a princess party!

Or if you don’t want to make cardboard vehicles then have them do a sack race or a three legged race.  Any kind of race will do, kids love to run!

Of course races are best played outdoors unless you have a very large empty space indoors.



party gamesDonut Eating Contest

This is one of our favorite party games, a donut eating contest.  It’s very easy to set up.  Just thread donuts on a long piece of twine, rope, or clothesline, secure both ends so the donuts are hanging at kid level, then let the kids eat the donuts off the line without using hands.  First one to finish is the winner!

This game can get messy and is best played outdoors.  I don’t think you want to be sweeping crumbs off the floor during the party.


party gamesPin the ____ on the ____

Ok everyone’s played Pin the Tail on the Donkey right?  Well this game can be adapted to any party theme!

How about Pin the Tail on the Pig for a farmyard party, or Pin the Nose on the Clown for a circus or carnival themed party?

Really the possibilities are endless!




party gamesMusical Dots

Another classic party game is Musical Chairs.  Well  you may not have enough chairs or just don’t want to rearrange your furniture, so instead of chairs use cardboard dots!

You can decorate the dots with images that match your party theme.  Easy peasy!


party gamesPunch Box

The beloved Pinata has been deemed too violent by many folks.  I can’t really blame them, I’ve always questioned the wisdom of giving a blindfolded child a baseball bat.

So instead of a Pinata make a Punch box.

Click  here for instructions on how to make a punch box.



party gamesCandy Ball

Here’s a game I recall from childhood parties. a prize (candy or whatever) wrapped in plastic wrap.  There are several variations to this party game.  The one I played was when the kids sit in a circle and pass the ball around while music is playing, when the music stops whoever has the ball can tear off plastic layers as much as she can until the music starts again.  This continues until the all the layers have been peeled off and whoever does it last gets the prize inside.

Click here to learn how to make a candy ball!

Do you have a great party game you play at your parties?  Please share it with us!

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