Wonderland Tags

We are hosting my twin grandchildren’s first birthday party this coming weekend.  The theme is a take off on the beloved children’s book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  We’re calling it Harper & Sadi’s Onederland Party.

Planning this party has been so much fun, the story has so many characters and quotes to incorporate in the party decor, it’s hard to choose which ones to use.  It’s even hard to decide which version to use, the vintage images from the original book done by John Tenniel, the classic Disney images, or pictures from the recent movie starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.  For the most part we ruled the latter out as being a bit to “dark” for a children’s first birthday party and decided to use mostly Disney images and a few vintage ones.

One of the most memorable things from all the Alice books and movies are “Drink Me” and “Eat Me” tags which are the on the potion and cake that Alice consumes at the beginning of the story.  So of course we had to have those in our party.

We will be using them on bottled “potions” and cakes at the party as well as hanging them on tree branches.  But these tags don’t have to be limited to Wonderland themed parties; they’d be super cute for Halloween parties and even gift tags.

To make the tags I used the Avery App and printed them on Avery’s Printable Tags with Strings, Item #22802 (Amazon Affiliate Link) and used thin ribbon to tie them on.  You can print them out on plain card stock and cut out the tags, you don’t have to use special products, but I was pressed for time and didn’t really want to cut the tags by hand, I needed plenty of them.

I think these tags are too cute not to share, so here they are.  I’m sharing them as both pdf and jpg files.  Click on the link to download them.  Have fun with the tags!

Wonderland Tags

For pdf version click here!

For jpg version click here!