I happened to be in Walmart when they marked down Halloween items 75% off.  I found rolls of mesh in black and brown for $1.36 along with other Halloween themed decor, costumes, and trinkets.  It was a great time to stock up for next year.

I decided to use the brown mesh to make a Fall or Thanksgiving Wreath using extra ribbon and dried foliage I had left over from my Easy Fall Decor with Pumpkins project.  I also used the button ornament I made earlier.   All I needed to buy to make this wreath were the wire form and pipe cleaners.


Wire Wreath Form  $3.24
Pipe Cleaners              .97
Mesh                         1.36
Left over stuff               0

Total                        $5.57


Twist 12 pipe cleaners around Wire Wreath Form

Arrange mesh around the form.  My roll of mesh was wide and long so I cut the mesh into 3 foot lengths and cut the lengths into 3 long strips each.  This just made the mesh easier to work with.  If you have thinner mesh you may not have to cut it into strips, but you may want to cut it into lengths to make arranging it on the form easier.  I arranged the mesh strips around the form using pipe cleaners to secure them.  To hide the pipe cleaners I wound more mesh strips around the frame working from the inner ring out towards the outer rings.  You can add as many layers you want as long as the pipe cleaners will twist around them to secure them.

You may have to weave mesh in and out of the rings to get the arrangement you like.  Secure ends with pipe cleaners.  Middle sections of the mesh strip will also be secured by pipe cleaners.

Once you’re satisfied with the wreath decorate it with ribbons, bows, dried foliage, etc.  You’re only limited by your imagination!

I used wired ribbon to make a large bow and dried leaves and cat tails.  I secured them with more pipe cleaners.  I tied the ornament to the back of the frame with ribbon.

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