We all know that Super Bowl Sunday is not just about football, in fact for many it a day to gorge on all sorts of snacks.  It seems that no Super Bowl Party in recent years is complete without a Snack Stadium, what better way to combine the love of football with the love of snack foods?

 Snack stadiums can be as simple as a pan of guacamole dip surrounded by tortilla chips and veggies or as elaborate as the 2 story creation pictured above complete with hoagies, hot dogs, twinkies, and more!

Here are some ideas and instructions on how you can make your own snack stadium for your Super Bowl Party.


snack stadiumHere’s a simple snack stadium of dip surrounded by fresh veggies.

Instructions here!














snack stadiumThey don’t have to be huge either!

Here’s a small version from Christine’s Kitchen Chonicles.

Instructions here!





snack stadiumFor a healthier alternative here’s The Sweet Life’s version.

Instructions here!





snack stadiumHere’s a larger snackadium by Home and Heart DIY.

Instructions here!








snack stadiumHere’s a huge stadium as seen on Good Morning America.

Instructions here!






snack stadiumHere’s the ultimate snack stadium that has twinkie cars, sausage men, and more.

See how this ultimate snack stadium was constructed here!






Learn how to build this stadium from BS Brewing here!







Instructions for this snack stadium from Life Tastes Like Food here!














Or if you’d rather eat booze than lunch meats how about this Vodka Gummy Bears stadium by Young Soul Photography?

Learn how to make it here!



For more Super Bowl Party  ideas follow my Super Bowl Party board on Pinterest. 

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