Photo Centerpiece

We hosted my mother’s 80th. Birthday Party  in her Texas home the other year.  3 rows of retangular tables were set up in her driveway between the main house and the guest house.  We decided that the simplest and easiest way to decorate the tables was by placing groups of Mason Jars in 3 different sizes along the center of each row.

Mason Jars are so versatile, they come in several sizes, can hold almost anything, and can be decorated to fit your theme and color scheme.  For our event we filled each jar in the grouping with different items;  the smallest jelly jar held a battery operated tea light, the quart sized jar was made into Citronella jars to repel mosquitoes, and the gallon sized jar was our photo jar.

We loved the idea of displaying photos of my mother taken through the years, it’s a great way to celebrate 80 years.  We choose photos of all her milestones; baby pictures, graduation, wedding, and so on.  The guests had a great time looking at the photos and guessing what year they were taken.

The centerpieces were so easy to make and were quite inexpensive.  We filled the jar about half way with mini Christmas balls in her theme colors, it was a 1950’s themed party.  The balls held white branches in place; we’d gotten the branches from Walmart last Christmas, but you can use branches or twigs from your yard.  We choose white branches to fit our color scheme, you can paint your branches any color or just leave them natural.  We hung mini ornaments we got from the Dollar Store last Christmas to give the arrangement some sparkle, but you don’t have to hang any at all.   We printed out photos and hung them on the branches with thin ribbon also in her theme colors.  Each photo jar cost less than $5 and were put together in less than 15 minutes.

Here are directions to make your own jars.


Gallon Sized Mason Jar

Mini Christmas balls, marbles, moss, or whatever you prefer to use to hold branches upright

2-4 Branches or twigs

Spray Paint (if branches aren’t pre-painted)

Mini Christmas ornaments

Wallet sized or 4×6 photos

Thin Ribbon

Hole Puncher


1.  Fill jar half way with your choice of filler

2.  If your branches aren’t already painted spray paint them in your choice of color.  Allow to dry.

3.  Insert branches into the jar.  Arrange them how you like.

4.  Decorate branches with ornaments.

5.  Punch hole in the center of each photo.

6.  Thread ribbon in to the hole and tie into a bow.

7.  Hang photos on the branches.

Photo Centerpiece
Photo Centerpiece