It’s finally getting to that time of the year.  Fire up those grills & smokers – it’s time to get outside & do some cooking!True BBQ is so AN art and in no manner am I master of it. i like BBQ – i like smoking – I’ll decision myself a “hands on” enthusiast .I picked up a stunning beef cut of meat on sale. the majority consider the value tag of an enormous hunk of meat and move into sticker shock. Really, though, after you calculate what percentage individuals are going to be fed from that 10+ pound hunk of meat you notice however very little you’re truly payment.

Depending wherever you reside, you may not have abundant of a cut of meat choice. It’s usually same to shop for grass fed beef or the most effective grade cut of meat, however there aren’t invariably decisions. I’m positive if you planned ahead, your butcher or merchandiser would be happy to order you a alternative cut of meat, however arrange I failed to. I went with a “USDA Select” cut of meat and it clad fantastic. There are “corned” briskets. You’re not reaching to wish that for smoking. cured briskets square measure brined – save the cured briskets for cabbage & potatoes or maybe a boeuf. I even have found smaller 3-4 pound items of “trimmed” cut of meat at my foodstuff. Sounds nice till you consider the value – they were averaging $30 usd. Eeeek – no thanks! very, I didn’t pay an excessive amount of a lot of for a full ten pound “packer” cut of meat.

When it involves smoking, temperature trumps. Use times as reference, however you’re keeping an eye fixed on the temperatures of your smoker and also the meat. There square measure plenty of things that may and can impact temporal order. Beginning temporary worker of meat, size of meat, your smoker & setup, outside temperature and also the quantity of times your jabbing around in your smoker square measure many common examples.

Hope you all love this Smoked BBQ Brisket recipe!  Enjoy yourselves, your company and cooking out!  I adore Heinz Kansas City BBQ Sauce and can’t wait to check out their whole line of regional BBQ sauces!


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Click here Smoke bbq Beef Brisket for recipe!!

10 – 12 pound beef brisket
4 tablespoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon Hungarian paprika
1 tablespoon garlic powder
additional salt & pepper
Heinz Kansas City BBQ Sauce approx 2 – 3 tablespoons per slice of brisket
Additional supplies – charcoal wood chunks or chips, aluminum foil, digital thermometer


1. The day/night before:
2. Dress brisket. Trim fat down to about 1/4″. Remove any silverskin.
3. Mix together salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder in a bowl.
4. Rub meat down with spice mixture.
5. Wrap brisket in saran wrap and refrigerate. Do this at least the night before – 24 hours prior.
6. The day of:
7. About an hour before smoking remove brisket from fridge and let rest at room temp.
8. About half an hour before cooking – get smoker going and up to temp. You want to cook at about 225°.
9. My smoker has a water pan so i fill that with a 50/50 mix of water & apple juice.
10. Sprinkle a bit of kosher salt and pepper on brisket.
11. When smoker reaches temp, throw brisket in, fat side down.
12. I start with a handful of soaked mesquite chunks and add a chunk every hour of cooking.
13. Smoke until brisket temp reaches about 150°-160° (approx 3 – 5 hours) Carefully remove brisket, wrap tightly in a few layers of aluminum foil, and return to smoker.
14. Continue to smoke at 225° until brisket reaches 195° – 205° (approx 4 -8 hours)
15. Remove brisket from smoker and rest for an hour before cutting.
16. Cut meat against the grain (pay attention – there’s two different muscles on a packer brisket – so the grain will run different directions on each side) Cut just before before serving.
17. Slather cut slices with LOTS of Heinz Kansas City BBQ Sauce, serve and enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than this 😉
18. *NOTES*
19. Cooking times will vary greatly. Monitor smoker temp and meat temp – use a good digital thermometer.
20. Estimate about an hour smoking for every pound. Expect to add about 10-15 minutes to cook time every time you remove the lid off the smoker.
21. I use mesquite wood chunks for smoking – use whatever you prefer and follow bag instructions (soaking time etc) I added a handful of chunks when starting and added a chunk every hour until I wrapped the brisket in foil. After the brisket is wrapped, there is no need to add any more wood.
22. If you’re new to smoking you’ll find a wealth of information online. Spend a few hours researching & reading – it really makes all the difference!


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Basic BBQ Beef Rub

Basic BBQ Beef Rub

Ever wonder how those barbecue joints make such delicious barbecued brisket and ribs?  If you’re trying to make it at home by slathering your meat with barbecue sauce it’s not going to be the same.  Yes sauce matters, but the secret’s in the rub; the BBQ beef rub!

Of course you can buy all sorts of meat rubs from the supermarket, some are even pretty good.  But if you want something outstanding nothing beats homemade.  Oh and if you you’ve been rubbing dry spices on your meats try this little trick.  Stir 2 tablespoons of rub into a tablespoon of olive oil then rub it on your meat.  It makes a world of difference!

With summer in full swing it’s time to step up your grilling with this yummy BBQ Beef Rub!  Use it on brisket, ribs, or even steaks!

Couple more tips before I give you my BBQ Beef Rub recipe.

Rub the olive oil mixture onto your meat and let it rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Remove seasoned meat from fridge and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes before grilling this brings meat temperature down to room temperature.

Grill covered until it almost reaches desired “doneness” then brush on BBQ Sauce.  Grill until it’s almost to your desired doneness and place in covered pot. You see even if you remove the meat from the grill or oven the meat continues to cook for about 5 minutes.  That’s why you want to remove the meat from the grill BEFORE it reaches the doneness you want.  If you don’t remove the meat until it reaches the doneness you want you end up with over cooked dry meat.

Let meat rest in pot for 5 minutes before serving.  The resting period seals in the juices and allows the meat to reach the desired doneness.

Having said that scroll down for my BBQ Beef Rub recipe!  Happy Grilling!






Basic BBQ Beef Rub
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Basic BBQ Beef Rub
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  1. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl
  2. Move to a sealed container like a mason jar and store in a cool dry place
  3. To use mix 2 Tbs BBQ Beef Rub with 1 Tbs Olive Oil and rub all sides of the meat.
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Instant Pot Beef Shawarma

Instant Pot Beef Shawarma

A Beef Shawarma sandwich or plate!  Yum!  It’s one of my favorites.  It’s one of the things I always order when I find myself at a Middle Eastern restaurant anywhere in the world.

Shawarma is sort of like the Greek Gyro or Turkish Doner Kebab; it’s a cone of seasoned meat or meats that’s cooked on a vertical spit.  Typically beef, lamb, and chicken are combined to form the large hunk of meat which is slowly grilled as it turns on its axis on the vertical spit.  Pieces of cooked meat are shaved off and stuffed in a pita with sauces, veggies, and pickles or placed on a plate with a serving of salad, hummus, rice, and pita bread.

I believe Shawarma started out as Middle Eastern street food where the sandwiches can be taken to go and eaten on as you go.  But these days you’ll find mixed meats, beef, and chicken shawarma on fast food and restaurant menus throughout the Middle East and beyond.

We love this tasty dish so much that we make it at home since there really aren’t any good Middle Eastern restaurants where we live.  Recently I’ve started making Beef Shawarma in my Instant Pot!  It’s the easiest and fastest way to make it!

We usually make Beef Shawarma sandwiches but we’ve also made Beef Shawarma plates and bowls.  We also use the leftover meat to top hummus, assuming we hav leftovers that is!

But really the secret to this Beef Shawarma that tastes like you got it from a Middle Eastern restaurant isn’t in the way it’s cooked, the secret’s in the spice mix that’s rubbed on the meat!  Marinating the meat overnight ensures that the meat is infused with the exotic flavors of the spices.  Cooking it in the Instant Pot just makes the cooking process faster, but you can actually make it in the oven or on a grill if you don’t own this handy dandy electric pressure cooker.

Once you make the Beef Shawarma you can make it into a sandwich and top with your favorite toppings such as hummus, tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, and I love it with Tzatziki sauce! (I know I’m mixing Arabic and Greek foods, but who cares?  It tastes great!)

To make Instant Pot Beef Shawarma you’ll first need to make some of the Shawarma Spice Mix, so click here for the recipe!  

Then scroll down for the Instant Pot Beef Shawarma recipe!

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Instant Pot Beef Shawarma
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Instant Pot Beef Shawarma
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Beef Shawarma
Sandwich Toppings
  1. Using a small knife drill 12 holes all over your roast
  2. Stuff a garlic half in each hole
  3. Mix Shawarma Spice Mix with 2 Tbs. ACV and 1 Tbs. Olive Oil
  4. Rub this spice mixture all over the roast then place the meat in a covered dish or ziplock bag and let rest in the fridge for at least 8 hours and up to 24 hours. I find that overnight works well.
  5. 30 minutes before cooking set the meat on the counter and let the temperature go down to room temperature
  6. Place remaining olive oil in instant pot and set pot to saute
  7. Sear the meat on all sides for about 5-8 minutes per side
  8. Add beef broth and remaining ACV to the pot
  9. Cover making sure the valve is set to sealing
  10. Set pot on Manual and adjust time to 60 minutes
  11. When pot turns off allow pressure to release naturally
  12. When pot is completely depressurized carefully open the lid and remove the meat
  13. Shred the meat and place in a bowl or baking sheet. At this point you can use the meat to make sandwiches, plates, or bowls. Or if you prefer you can crisp the ends by sprinkling a bit of the broth over the meat and popping the pan in the oven to broil on high for 10 minutes or just until the ends turn darker brown. If you are crisping it keep a close eye on the meat as it will burn quickly in the broiler.
  14. Store any leftovers with a bit of broth to keep it from drying out. Reheat in the microwave or in the over, drizzle some of the broth over the meat before reheating.
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Savory Beef Roll Ups

Savory Beef Roll Ups

The initial instruction for these Savory Beef Roll Ups used beefsteak, however I favor to use skinny beefsteak. Pounded out skinny, unfold with associate herb cheese paste, lemon zest, piece of prosciutto and rolled – this are therefore delicious.

I love recipes that bring back recollections, either from my mom’s preparation, like this one here, or an evening out celebrating, a definite party or occasion. Food brings US all nearer and could be good thanks to share.

This instruction is not any exception and one i favor from my ma that I switched up a touch. i take advantage of pounded skinny roast rather than flank. Back within the day flank was super cheap and these days it’s obtaining up there in price, besides I favor to grill it myself. This uses those very little “breakfast steaks” as they’re typically referred to as here within the States. Roast cut of meat that’s cut skinny and pounded works dead.

A tasty herb and cheese paste get a kiss of lemon peel and a pleasant salty piece of prosciutto. Al this is often rolled up and secured with toothpicks. Feel free to use skinny cut bacon if you wish; I do if prosciutto isn’t obtainable, works dead, too.

Then a dusting in flour and a pleasant pan sear to caramelize and seal it all for a slow cook stovetop or, like here associate updated methodology victimization my favorite room tool, my Instant Pot. The moment Pot could be a fantastic sterilizer, slow cookware, rice cookware with four alternative choices I actually have not even tried yet! This is merely softened in your mouth delicious!

Be sure to remove the toothpicks and serve the Savory Beef Roll Ups rolled steaks and the beautiful sauce it makes over pan roasted red potatoes and peas, or steamed rice or barley with a side salad.


Click Savory Beef Roll Ups for more recipes enjoy!


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2 lbs thin round steak (See Note 1)
3 garlic cloves , minced
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1 lemon , zest
3 tbsp olive oil , divided
4-6 slices prosciutto (See Note 2)
1/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1 onion , medium, diced
1/4 cup Sherry
1. Cut the steak into 8 pieces. Pound the meat out until thin and almost double in size.
2. In a small bowl mix the garlic, red pepper flakes, cheese, parsley, lemon zest and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Spread this on the surface of the steaks.
3. Cut the prosciutto or bacon in half and place a 1/2 piece on each steak. Roll these pieces of steak and secure with a toothpick.
4. Dust each filet roll with the flour. In a skillet over medium high heat brown in remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil, turning on all sides. See 2 cooking methods below. Instant Pot pressure cooker method saves 1 hour cooking time.
5. Stove Top Method: When steaks rolls are completely browned add the water and onion. Cover and cook on low heat for 1 1/2 hours.
6. Remove steak rolls from sauce, discard toothpicks and keep warm. Bring sauce to the boil and add sherry. Reduce to thicken and serve sauce over steak rolls with pan roasted potatoes and peas or over steamed rice or barley.
7. Instant Pot Method: Add browned steak rolls to pressure cooker add the water and onion. Deglaze skillet with sherry and scrape up browned bits on bottom of pan and pour over meat. Cover with lid and choose Meat/Stew setting. Remove toothpicks. Serve sauce over steak rolls with pan roasted potatoes and peas or over steamed rice or barley.
1. I often times buy “breakfast steaks” or the thin round steaks that have been tenderized by the butcher, pre-packaged.
2. Feel free to use thin cut bacon slices to substitute for the prosciutto if you prefer.
3. FYI –
If you’re converting meat from a slow cooker to an Instant Pot, follow this rule: if the meat dish cooks in eight hours on low or four hours on high in the slow cooker, it will cook in 25-30 minutes in the Instant Pot. Make sure the Instant Pot setting reads “sealing” and not “venting” to ensure it’s cooked properly.


Savory Beef Roll Ups
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Savory Beef Roll Ups
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Butter Steak  Cubes Keto Friendly Recipe

Butter Steak Cubes Keto Friendly Recipe

butter steak cubesI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that my husband has embarked on a Keto Diet plan which pretty much means I either make something Keto friendly just for him or find keto friendly recipes for the whole family to enjoy.  Since I’m not particularly fond of playing short order cook it is so much easier to make something that we can all have for dinner.  And so I’ve come up with this Keto friendly Butter Steak Cubes.

Butter Steak Cubes are real easy to make and they are really delish!  Everyone loves them!  I serve them with a tossed salad for hubby and sides like mashed potatoes, corn, and veggies for the rest of us.  My husband likes them so much I sometimes double the recipe so he can have leftovers for the next couple of days.

One thing though, if you want leftovers for lunch or whatever don’t over cook the steak.  In fact I usually cook them just until they turn slightly pink in the middle.  That way they can be reheated later.  If you over cook the meat they end up like jerky when reheated.  You definitely don’t want that!


4 NY Strip Steaks cut into 1″ cubes

1/2 Tbs. Cayenne Red Pepper

1 Tbs. Garlic Powder

1 Tbs. Onion Powder

1 Tsp. Sea Salt

1 Tsp. Ground Black Pepper

1/2 Tbs. Lemon Pepper

1 Tsp. Oregano

1 Stick Butter

3 Tbs. Olive Oil

1/4 Cup Fresh Parley Chopped


Combine Spices in a small bowl and mix well

Melt Butter in Olive Oil over med high heat

Add cubed meat and sprinkle spices over it

Toss meat in frying pan and cook until it almost reaches your desired “doneness”

Toss in chopped parsley and cook until done.

Serve right away with desired sides

butter steak cubes
Butter Steak Cubes
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butter steak cubes
Butter Steak Cubes
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  1. Combine spices in a small bowl and mix well
  2. Melt butter in Olive Oil over med-high heat
  3. Add cubed meat and sprinkle spices over it
  4. Toss meat in frying pan and cook until it reaches almost your desired "doneness"
  5. Toss in chopped parsley and cook until done
  6. Serve right away with desired sides
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