Construction Themed Boy’s Birthday Party

constructionI just love a themed birthday party!  Don’t you?  Having 5 grandchildren and a client base of party loving people keeps me pretty busy planning and designing birthday parties.  One of my favorite boys’ party themes is a Construction Party!

I recently designed party stationary and decor for Misty one of my most enthusiastic clients.  We designed construction theme items for her son Myalz’s second birthday party.  I just love the construction themes, there are so many possibilities.  From Construction signs, vehicles, equipment, and even gear, there are so many things you can incorporate in a construction themed party.

constructionIf you’re fortunate enough to live by Diggerland USA, a construction themed amusement park in West Berlin, New Jersey you can have the ultimate construction party and be crowned parent of the year!  My cousin and her hubby hosted their twins’ birthday party there last year.  Everyone had a blast!

Seriously, what’s not to like?  Huge construction vehicles to ride, dirt to dig in, and pizza; it’s every male’s dream come true; and I mean males ages 2-100!

But for those of us who don’t have Diggerland in our neighborhood we’ll just have to settle for a DIY Construction themed party.  Here are some ideas to inspire you!

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constructionEvery party starts with an invitation.

Set the stage with a themed invitation.  DIY or have us design it!

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constructionsSigns keep the guests flowing where you want them to go or are just out right cute!

Misty had to have this Caution sign, it was so her 2 year old!  But we also made directional signs for the bathroom and for the food and beverage tables.




constructionCupcake Toppersconstruction

These are fun additions to a sweets or dessert table.

If you want we can even add cupcake wrappers.  Misty didn’t want to hassle with wrestling 3 dozen cupcakes into wrappers, she just dropped them into black and orange paper cupcake cups from Walmart.


constructionDrink Bottle Labels

Wrap around water resistant bottle labels are a staple at all our events.  They make any party special!





Haul out those Tonka dump trucks and use them on the dessert table!  I know you have them if you got boys!

Anchor balloons to plastic cones for an easy centerpiece then go to town with construction tape.  Super cute and super easy!

Don’t forget to color coordinate partyware – cups, plates, napkins, and untensils!  Banners are also a great part of the decor!

constructionGames and Activities

Ring toss using a plastic orange cone is a great game for kids to play.

If you’re crafty and want to go all out let them paint their own tool boxes.  Remeber the boxes double as favors!

And don’t forget to gear the kids up in these cool hard hats!  You can grab some from Amazon, $14 for a pack of 24 hard hats!

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constructionFavors and Tags

Last but not least don’t forget the send guests home with a party favor and thank you tag.

Browse your local discount stores’s aisles for many inexpensive ideas like mini toy construction vehicles, plastic buckets and shovels, stickers, and other cool stuff!

Ready to play your next birthday party?  Let us design the perfect party stationary and decor for you!  Contact Savvy Nana Crafts and let’s start designing your party today!


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