classroom valentineI love Valentine’s Day, don’t you?  It’s a great time to get creative, specially with the classroom Valentine treats you send to school with the kids.

Deciding what classroom Valentine treats to send is always difficult, there are so many cute ideas to choose from.  But before you choose the card design you need to decide what kind of treat you want to send.  In my case I have to decide if the treat should be candy or something not edible.

In past years we’ve sent non-candy classroom valentine treats like glow sticks, race cars, and plastic dinosaurs.  We prefer to send non-edible treats because of food allergies.  Sending non-edible treats eliminates the risk that a child might be allergic to the treat.

Classroom ValentineThis year my grandson Devon who’s in the 4th. grade wanted to give his classmates Blow Pops.  So I made up a card for the Blow Pops.

For my twin grandkids who are in pre-school we thought a non-edible treat would be best.  We choose miniature bottles of bubbles!  Everyone loves bubbles!

Blow Pops and miniature bottles of bubbles are very cost effective.  A box of  25 Valentine Blow Pops cost about $3 at Walmart.  A pack of 12 bubbles cost about $2.  Great prices when you have to buy for a whole classroom!

Of course each treat deserves an appropriate card.



classroom valentineSo for the blow pops I made a card that says “You make my ♥ Pop!”.

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classroom valentineFor the bubbles the card says “You blow me away!”

Each card is also personalized with the gift givers name.   I used a valentine rubber stamp I got from the dollar section of Target that says “Happy Valentines Day”.  Then I attached the treat to the card.

The blow pop stick is inserted in the front of the card and taped to the back.  I used a small hole puncher to make a hole.

The bubbles are tied on with yarn,  I cut 2 slits in the card and inserted the yarn thru them.

I love how they turned out!  So I’m sharing the cards with you! All you have to do is download the card you want and print  as many as you need.  I left the middle part blank so you can stamp it with whatever you want.  You’ll also have to write your child’s name.



classroom valentineclassroom valentineHere are the printable cards.  Just click here to download!

I hope you enjoy making these classroom valentine treats.  I’m sure they’ll be a big hit!