Awesome Shows to Watch in 2019

Awesome Shows to Watch in 2019

There are a lot of things to be excited about in 2019, but when it comes to entertainment, there are several titles that have us jumping for joy. I think you already know several of the shows I’ll mention, but some titles may be a surprise to some, so make sure to go through the entire list.

Game of Thrones Season 8
There is no doubt about it! This is the TV show the entire world is obsessing about since season 7 ended in 2017 and we were left hanging for two long years. Who will win the war and who will end up ruling in Westeros?

The answer is getting closer and closer as the show is scheduled to air on April 14th. Now, if you’ve lived under a rock and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you catch up. Game of Thrones is available on stream on HBO’s online platform.

Stranger Things
This Netflix series got the world by surprise with an interesting idea and a wonderful storyline. The show has everything that fascinates us, from dark governmental agencies to extremely bright kids and loving parents.

The show reaches season 3 in 2019 (release date: July 4th) and I am looking forward to continuing the adventure!

The Daily Buzz
This is a morning show that used to run on CW, with the vivacious and colorful Lance Smith and Kia Malone. The show was recently revived and runs on Pop (last year was the first season after missing from our homes for two years).

The Daily Buzz is a fun and entertaining show that airs each Thursday morning at 8.30 am EST, and I recommend you try it (if you’re not yet a fan). It brings news, finance, fashion, celebrities, and lots of other areas into focus and it’s quite delicious!

Avengers: Endgame
Marvel fans were left in complete despair after the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ wiped out half of their most favorite superheroes. Luckily, many of the fallen heroes are presumed to return in the final installment of the series, which is scheduled to air on April 26th.

I am one of these fans and I am looking forward to seeing my favorite gang of superheroes reunited for one last fight. After this, the studio will continue some of the stories, but some of the characters we love will be retired.

Good Omens
Following the story of two old friends, the Good Omens talks about an angel and a demon who try to stop the apocalypse. While the concept isn’t original, the novel that is at the base of this six-part series was written by Neil Gaiman and Terry

Pratchett so it’s only natural to expect big things.
So, if you’re into supernatural stories and enjoy watching divine forces clashing, this may be one of the shows you’ll enjoy this year.

Star Wars: Episode IX
The last few years have been generous with the Star Wars fans, and 2019 looks just as generous. Sadly, this is announced to be the last installment of the Star Wars franchise, ending the Star Wars sequel trilogy that started in 2015 with The Force Awakens.

The events in Episode IX are set one year after the adventures of the Last Jedi and should resolve the Skywalker saga that began with the young Anakin. However, fans will have to be patient, since the launch date is set on December 20th.

Chinese New Year Dinner Ideas

chinese new yearGung Hei Fat Choy!  Chinese New Year falls on February 5th. this year.  Why not ring in Year of the Pig with a Chinese themed dinner for your friends and family?

Chinese New Year also called the Lunar New Year or the Chinese Spring Festival is the most important Chinese festival of the year; it’s a time for merry making and also a time to go to temple to pray to the deities and honor the ancestors.  It’s a 15 day celebration filled with parades, lion and dragon dances, family reunions and parties, firecrackers and fireworks, gifts of money stuffed in red envelopes, wishes for a new year filled with joy, prosperity, and good fortune, and lots of wonderful Chinese food.

During Chinese New Year many of my friends head off to the Chinese restaurants for extravagant feasts of huge prawns, lobsters, dim sum, roast duck and pork, and other Chinese specialties.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to some of these gatherings and believe me you walk away pleasantly stuffed!

2019’s Chinese New Year ushers in The Year of the Pig.  The Pig symbolizes wealth and affluence in Chinese astrology so what better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than sharing a Chinese themed meal with your loved ones.  You don’t have to be Chinese to honor this very important festival nor do you have to splurge on a 9 Course Meal at a fancy Chinese restaurant, although that would be a great treat!  You can celebrate Chinese New Year at home with a bit of creativity and preparations in the kitchen.

chinese new yearFirst off you can decorate with red the traditional color for Chinese New Year decorations.

Red paper lanterns are the least expensive way to go.  You can order a set from Amazon or buy some at your local party store.

Add in some paper fans and you’re good to go!

You can set the table with red lacquer rice bowls and bamboo chopsticks.

To complete the look set us a nice centerpiece that includes red flowers!

But the most important thing is the food!  So here are some of our favorite recipes that you can try for your Chinese New Year celebration dinner!

chinese new yearAsian Fried Chicken


Click here for the recipe!



chinese new year
Salt & Pepper Shrimp


Click here for the recipe!



chinese new year

Beef Broccoli 

Click here for the recipe!




chinese new yearHoney Sesame Seed Shrimp


Click here for the recipe!



chinese new yearSpicy Eggplant with Minced Pork


Click here for the recipe!


chinese new yearSesame Tofu Side Dish


Click here for the recipe!



chinese new yearSweet & Sour Fish

Click here for recipe!





Peking Duck

Click here for the recipe!



Lobster Cantonese


Click here for recipe!




Plan Your Super Bowl Party – FREE Printables

Plan Your Super Bowl Party – FREE Printables

Super Bowl LIII is on February 3. It’s the largest televised sports event in America.   Millions will watch while consuming millions of pounds of potato chips and other snacks with friends and family.

Many people host parties around the Super Bowl, after all it’s more exciting when you watch the game with friends and family.  It gets really interesting when those present are rooting for opposing teams!  It certainly does at our house!

 If you’re planning a Super Bowl Party here are a few ideas to get you started.

 Send out invitations

It’s really a very informal event so you can text or email your Super Bowl Party invitations and ask for an RSVP via text or email.

You can create a simple invitation on  Just download a .jpg background and add borders, texts and more.  Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can share directly from the site.
Or you can download this free printable Super Bowl Party invitation I’m sharing with you and print it out on card stock and send to friends and family!



 If possible have 2 viewing areas.

Perhaps a media/game room and the family room, or better still your man cave and another room.  The die hard fans can watch the game uninterrupted (noise, kids, etc.) in one room, while the casual fans can watch in another room.  This should keep everyone happy!

Plan a menu of easy to make snack foods and set out a party bar or buffet.

For Super Bowl party bar ideas click here!   or if you must build a snack stadium.  For ideas and instruction on snack stadiums click here!

For fun Super Bowl snack recipes click here

Super BowlDecorate the party areas

Drape the table and around the rooms with pennants, flags, footballs, etc.  You can use either team’s  logos or generic football decor.
Here are some fun free Super Bowl Decorations I found around the web!

Super Bowl

Free Poster from (matte & frame not included)
For printable click here!

Plan a fun activity or game before the game begins, at half-time, and for kids during the party.

Keep the kids busy with coloring pages of your team.
Super Bowl
Free coloring pages from
Super Bowl
Free printables from click here!

Play game bingo free printable from click here!

Super Bowl
image from


Super Bowl
Purchase these printable photo booth props here!

A photo booth is fun for young and old.

You can use bunting, pennants, flags, etc. for your backdrop and set out props.  You can purchase downloadable printable props from

How ever you decide to spend Super Bowl Sunday have a great time!

For more party ideas follow my Super Bowl Party Bowl on Pinterest!



super bowl

DIY New Year’s Eve Bash on a Budget – FREE Templates and Printables

DIY New Year’s Eve Bash on a Budget – FREE Templates and Printables

New Year's Eve Bash

 Christmas is over, Santa’s come and gone, the last gift opened, and the Christmas feast eaten; it’s time to plan for a New Year’s Eve Bash!  Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan your last party of the year without blowing next year’s entertainment budget.

1.  Put away the Christmas stuff to keep the focus on New Year’s.

 You can re-purpose and re-paint some Christmas items to fit a New Year’s Eve theme.  Your decor should be black and white or pastels with metallic gold and silver sparkle.  Left over sparkly garland, tinsel, and ball ornaments make great additions to your New Year’s Eve decor. Balloons, and lots off it are inexpensive New Year’s Eve decor too!   Just think sparkle and glitter!  Remember if you’re not sparkling on New Year’s Eve you’re not really celebrating, so unleash your inner Diva and indulge in sparkle, glitter, bling, and tiaras!

New Year's Eve Bash

This Centerpiece from No Biggie is perfect and cheap!
Click here to learn how to make it! [spacer height=”-20px”]

New Year's Eve BashGive your cake stands and candle holders a new look by adding glitter![spacer height=”-20px”


Paint tins with metallic paint for centerpiece bases

[spacer height=”-20px”]






New Year's Eve Bash

Learn how to make these ornaments by A Lovely Lark here!table is a cute idea.[spacer height=”-20px”]


New Year's Eve BashMetallic balloons with photos of your year or glass ornamets above a buffet or drink table [spacer height=”-20px”]

New Year's Eve Bash

2.  Start your party late, around 9- 10 pm.

If you start too early guests may get tired and go home before the big moment.  If you are having kids at the party you may want to encourage them to take naps before the party so they won’t be cranky at midnight.  You should also have a quiet room ready for guests with kids to put them down to rest or sleep if they get tired, cranky, or over stimulated during the party.

3.  Plan for guest safety after the party, so that guests who have indulged make it home safely.

Make sure guests have designated drivers (you can serve designated drivers non-alcoholic drinks and perhaps give them a little Thank You gift for their service).  Have taxi service numbers on hand for guests who don’t have a designated driver and if possible have a spare room or sofa available for overnight guests.  Don’t be ashamed or afraid to take car keys away from guests who have over indulged; remember safety first, no one wants to start a new year with a tragedy that could have been avoided!

4.  Provide classic accessories like hats, horns, confetti, and noise makers.  What’s a New Year’s Eve Party without noise?

New Year's Eve BashMake these hats from The Girl Inspired.  For Free template and instructions click here![spacer height=”-20px”]

New Year's Eve Bash

Learn how to make this hat and favors from The 36th. Avenue click here![spacer height=”-20px”]

New Year's Eve BashEasy and cheap noise makers from Learning, Creating, Living.  Instructions here![spacer height=”-20px”]

New Year's Eve BashNew Year's Eve BashLearn how to make theses wands and noisemakers from Soho Sonnet here![spacer height=”-20px”]


Adult Halloween Cocktails

Adult Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is a time for kids, costumes, candies, and fun.  But who says it’s just for kids?  Halloween is loved by the big kids too!  Adults love to dress up and act silly too!  And we certainly enjoy the treats too!  My favorites are those bite sized chocolate bars, specially Snickers!  But if that spooky caldron  of Halloween Hawaiian Punch doesn’t quite do it for you, or you’re looking for something a bit boozy here are some fun Halloween Cocktails for you!

So get out your shakers and blenders and break out the booze to mix up some of these fiendishly yummy Halloween Cocktails!  They’ll be a spooktacular addition to your Adult Halloween Party.  Or you can whip some up and snuggle up with your partner once the kids are tucked in after a long night of trick or treating!  However you decide to imbibe please do so responsibly and don’t drink and drive!

halloween cocktailsThe Flavor Bender’s Witches Heart Halloween Cocktail looks ghoulishly lovely![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

halloween cocktailsWalking Dead fans will swoon over this Walker Blood Sangria from Cravings of a Lunatic. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]




halloween cocktailsThe Black Beard Cocktail from Honestly Yum will surely chill your bones.  It looks pretty terrifying but don’t be daunted!  It’s a sweet cocktail made with spiced rum and chocolate stout. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

halloween cocktailsWhip up Tammilee’s (from Tammilee’s Tips) Candy Corn Cocktail.  It uses whipped cream vodka, yum![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]


halloween cocktailsSmarty Had a Party mixes up this creamy concoction called Liquified Ghost. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

halloween cocktailsThis Witch’s Brew by Self Proclaimed Foodie is bewitchingly simple and tasty. [spacer

height=”20px” id=”2″] halloween cocktailsThe Tipsy Bartender’s Soul Reaper Cocktail is scary delish and packs quite a punch! [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

halloween cocktailsFor Rent’s Green Potion Halloween Cocktail is simple to mix.




Shop Halloween Party Supplies on

Kroger Cake Review

Kroger Cake Review

Image source: Pinterest

Cake is one of the most important thing when you are having a party or during a holyday. This is why you need to pick the right cake to light up the party. There are a lot of things you should take into consideration from selecting the cake to receiving it at your front door or picking it up from the store. Also, take into consideration the design, the ingredients, and of course, your budget.

In this article we are going to review Kroger in order to find out more about their products and the designs. If you want to learn more about how to order a cake from Kroger and about their prices, you can visit them in person or search for the fees online. Kroger cakes prices are going to help you decide if this store is the best one to order the cake your want.

A Cake for Every Occasion

Kroger offer cakes for every occasion. At this bakery you can find cakes for birthdays, a baby shower, graduation, and even a wedding. For every occasion they have different licensed cakes. They have a vast selection of models and designs to choose from.

Birthday cakes
When it comes to birthday cakes, this is the area where Kroger excels. They have a lot of models for kids and for adults. Also, they have licensed designs for boys and girls. Some of their designs include Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Frozen, and Spiderman. All of these are very interesting and your kid is going to love the bright colors and his or her favorite character on the cake.

They also have simple designs which are great for a birthday cake. You can select a simple white or chocolate cake with a few sugary flowers as decoration. These are suited for anybody and they can even be a great birthday gift. One of the best thing about these cakes is the price. They price range between $24 and $47.

Baby Shower cakes
As we mentioned, Kroger has different cakes for every occasion. What better occasion to have a cake then a baby shower. They have licensed special designs for this event. Some of their most known designs include Baby Special Delivery Stork and Baby Block. The price of these are almost the same as the ones for birthday cakes.

Wedding cakes
If you want to have the perfect wedding but you are on a tight budget, you should pick out a cake from Kroger. They have 2 options: a 2-tier or a 3-tier cake. The designs are going to amaze you. These cakes look exactly like the ones you find at a renowned bakery and they also taste amazing. Also, this way you save some bucks on your wedding cake.

Build-a-Cake Service

One of the best things about Kroger cakes is that you can actually build your own cake just the way you like it. It is a great thing for people who want something special or simply when they don’t find the exact design they were searching for. Also, the best thing is that you can select everything from the cake type to the frosting and the decorations.

This option is great for those who want to celebrate a different event than a wedding or a birthday. With build-a-cake option, they are allowed to make the cake just the way they want. You can customize the cake by selecting the type of cake (sheet or round) and then choosing the icing, flavors, and the decorations. Get creative when purchasing a personalized cake.

Getting the Cake

After you selected and ordered the cake the only thing you can do is wait until the cake is ready. One thing you should consider is to pick up the cake a day before the part or at least a few hours before to make sure that the cake is ok. Kroger cake also offers a delivery option but not all Kroger stores have this option.

Unfortunately, cakes need to be picked up from most Kroger stores. It is important to order the cake about 72 hours before the party to make sure that the bakers have time to make it. Also, if the party is during a holiday you will need to plan ahead.

All in all, Kroger cakes have a great quality-price report. Since the price of the cakes are a lot smaller than the ones you will find at a renowned bakery, you should also expect the cakes to have a good design not an amazing one. Kroger makes it simple for you to order the perfect cake from their licensed designs or to build your own model. Just choose the one you like and enjoy it.