A Sweet Strawberry Costume for You and Your Pup

A Sweet Strawberry Costume for You and Your Pup


Strawberry costume and hat for dogsHalloween may be over, but a cute costume pattern that works equally well for you and your pup is something that’s just too cute not to see! The team at Shari’s Berries crafted three wonderfully simple strawberry costume tutorials that can be whipped up in just six steps for an easy outfit that can be customized to fit any one and any dog.

Ready to get sewing? After making these sweet strawberries, you’ll be looking for excuses to get your pooch dressed up (a strawberry for the Santa parade? Why not!) for some adorable photos.



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Strawberry costume and hat for dogs


Dog costume:

DIY strawberry costume adult



Adult costume:

DIY strawberry costume adult



Toddler costume:

DIY strawberry costume



Headpiece tutorial:

DIY strawberry costume adult

DIY Dog Treats – Healthy, Inexpensive, Easy!

DIY Dog Treats – Healthy, Inexpensive, Easy!

Recently we went to Petco to buy more dog treats, we usually buy the bulk biscuits from the treat bar. The price had gone up to over $6 a pound.  The pre-packaged ones were more expensive, even those on sale.  The “organic” treats were in my opinion ridiculously priced, over $10 for a 6 oz. bag.

It was time to DIY dog treats for my Siberian Husky, Cannoli, who is very treat motivated.  After a bit of online browsing and experimenting I came up with this recipe for dog biscuits.  It’s very simple to make out of organic ingredients, and best of all Cannoli loves them.

You can make a batch of these treats and store in airtight containers for about a week.  To keep store in refrigerator, it will stay good for about 3-4 weeks.  Freeze in ziplock bags to keep up to 3 months.

DIY Dog Treats

Here’s my recipe for DIY Dog Biscuits, it makes 3 Dozen!


1/2 Cup Organic Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 Cup Flax Seed Meal

1  4oz. Jar Organic Strained Baby Food, any flavor as long as it doesn’t have onions or garlic



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Measure the flour and flax seed meal to equal 1 cup.

Mix dry ingredients with one 4 oz. jar of baby food in a mixing bowl.

Knead until you have a ball of dough. If it’s too loose add flour a little bit at a time until you have the right consistency.  If it’s too dry add water a bit at a time until you have the right consistency.

Form into ball

Place ball of dough on lightly floured surface and roll to about 1/4″-1/2″ thickness

Cut into desired shape with a cookie cutter or use a pizza cutter to cut squares

Place on to parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for 20-25 mins.

Remove from oven and cool. Store in airtight container.




Healthy Dog Treats
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
3 Dozen 15 Minutes
Cook Time
25 Minutes
Servings Prep Time
3 Dozen 15 Minutes
Cook Time
25 Minutes
Healthy Dog Treats
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
3 Dozen 15 Minutes
Cook Time
25 Minutes
Servings Prep Time
3 Dozen 15 Minutes
Cook Time
25 Minutes
Servings: Dozen
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Measure the flour and flax seed meal to equal 1 cup.
  3. Mix dry ingredients with one 4 oz. jar of baby food in a mixing bowl.
  4. Knead until you have a ball of dough. If it's too loose add flour a little bit at a time until you have the right consistency. If it's too dry add water a little bit at a time until you have the right consistency.
  5. Form into ball
  6. Place ball of dough on lightly floured surface and roll to about 1/4"-1/2" thickness
  7. Cut into desired shape with a cookie cutter or use a pizza cutter to cut squares
  8. Place on to parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for 20-25 mins.
  9. Remove from oven and cool. Store in airtight container.
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Natural Homemade Flea Remedies

Natural Homemade Flea Remedies

Natural Homemade Flea Remedies

Natural Homemade Flea Remedies are the least expensive ways to rid your dog of fleas.

As you can see we have a furry Siberian Husky so it’s very important that we keep her from being flea infested.

When we brought Cannoli home from the breeder when she was just 8 weeks old she was flea infested.  I hate fleas!

I went into overdrive and spent days desperately trying to get rid of fleas.  I first turned to natural homemade flea remedies, some of which worked immediately, other’s take a bit longer and in my opinion more work to see results.  My obsessiveness and absolute disgust with fleas led me to the vet’s office for a prescribed flea treatment a few days later.
Cannoli is now on a monthly flea regimen of Frontline Plus, but I still use some of the natural home remedies, just to be sure.  Like I said I’m obsessive.

*Clicking on linked products names/pictures will take you to an Amazon Affiliate Link making easier for you to purchase that product if you wish.

Here are some of the home remedies I use:

 Flea shampoo

  Mix 1 cup Dawn, 1 cup white vinegar, 1 quart water.  Use this to bathe your dog.  Remember to start by forming a good lather around your pet’s neck, fleas will flea to higher ground when you bathe your pet.  The lather acts as a barrier that will prevent them from gathering on your pet’s head and face.  Keep this barrier well lathered as you wash the rest of the body.  Lather up the legs, paws, and tail.  I like to wet my finger in the soap and dab it on the head and face to get fleas that were there before you started.  Be extra careful not to get soap in the eyes and nose, it will burn.  Keep the soap on for about 10-15 mins. before rinsing.

Home Made Remedies to Rid Your Dog of FleasDawn dish soap is a de-greaser and will instantly kill fleas, you will literally see them die.  But Dawn also washes off the natural oils that keep your pet’s skin from drying up.  It will also wash off any topical treatment you may have applied to your pet.  My vet advises against using Dawn in your normal pet bathing routine.  If you must use it do not use it more than once a month, that is what the vet told me.  I would only use this flea shampoo as an emergency treatment, when you see a flea marching across your pet’s face. [spacer height=”-20px”]

Home Made Remedies to Rid Your Dog of Fleas Flea collar:  

Immerse a pet collar or bandana in a mixture of one tablespoon water and 1-3 drops of lavender essential oil.  When it dries put it on your pet. Lavender is a natural insect repellent, you’ll not only repel fleas, your dog will look spiffy and smell good too!

 You can use this on dogs but NOT cats. Essential oils are harmful to cats.   [spacer height=”-20px”]

 Natural  Oil Rub  

1 tablespoon Olive Oil, 1-2 drops lavender essential oil.  Rub this on your dog’s skin between the shoulder blades and at the base of the tail.  Again you will repel fleas and your dog will smell good!  

DO NOT use this on cats![spacer height=”-20px”]

Natural Homemade Flea Remedies  ACV Spray

 1 cup Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 quart water, 3 drops lavender essential oil.  Fill a spray bottle and spray it on your pet, avoid the face.  Use a damped cloth on the head, face, and ears.  Spray pet bedding and the surrounding area. 
DO NOT use this on cats.  [spacer height=”-20px”]
Natural Homemade Flea Remedies

 Citrus Spray

 Slice a couple of lemons and place in a heatproof bowl.  Boil a big pot of water.  Pour the boiled water over the lemon slices.  Let sit over night.  Fill a spray bottle and spray your pet, avoid the face.  Brush your pet to work in the lemon spray.  Use this to spray couches, carpets, anywhere fleas can hide.  You can use it on cats and dogs. [spacer height=”-20px”]

 Flea Repellent Garden

 Plant flea repellent plants in your yard or in containers.  Be very careful when planting herbs and plants as some of them are harmful if not lethal to pets and children.  True mints (mentha – peppermint, spearmint, etc.), sage, rue, lavender, catnip, lemongrass, and rosemary are some herbs that safely repel fleas.  Avoid planting Pennyroyal, also know as flea bane, anywhere around children and pets, the leaves are toxic when ingested.
I have many of these plants in my yard, I use them as borders.  I also have container herb gardens and have them in the patio and front porch.  I group my plants according to their purpose, keeping none edible ones separate from herbs I use to cook.  My herbs have multi-purposes; flea repellent, for cooking, etc.  
These natural remedies kill adult fleas, they do not prevent eggs, larvae, and pupae from hatching.  In my opinion you still have to use an insect growth remedy from your vet to make extra sure your pets don’t get fleas; but I have friends who swear by the natural remedies and their pets seem flea free.  
For more information about prescribed flea treatments click here to read my post Rid Your Dog Of Fleas.  
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Rid Your Dog Of Fleas

Rid Your Dog Of Fleas

Rid Your Dog Of Fleas

Now that warm weather is upon us it brings with it one of my most hated pest, fleas!  Having battled fleas on my pets, both cats and dogs, I know how hard they are to deal with.  I hate fleas!

As you can see we have a fluffy Siberian Husky, the last thing we need are fleas.  Last summer when she was just a puppy she came home from the breeder infested with fleas.  My battle with them was epic, I couldn’t have the fleas infest our very hairy Tonkalayan cat as well.  I tried every kind of home remedy I could find on the internet before I finally threw in the towel in took her to the vet for a dose of Frontline.  Read about my epic battle with the fleas last year click here.

Really the best way to keep fleas in check with by treating all your pets with a monthly flea remedy, I had used topical Frontline Plus  drops for flea and tick control initially. I switched to NexGuard chewable bites, it’s a bit pricier but it’s easier to administer, I don’t have to dig thru 2 layers of fur to get the drops on her skin.  I still use Frontline Plus for the cat.  Another brand I’ve used is Advantix II and Sentinel.  Both Frontline Plus and Advantix II are available at Amazon.com, but do far I’ve not found NexGuard and Sentinel on Amazon, but they may be on other sites.  There are many other brands out there, but check with your vet before you give your pet any of them.  You also must know your pet’s weight as the dosage will vary according to size.

Other products out there include sprays, powders, and collars.  I’m not a big advocate of any of them, I find them either ineffective or too messy and we can’t have any of them in our house as my grandkids are allergic to many things.

There are also homemade remedies you can try. For natural homemade flea remedies click here. First you may need a bit of info about fleas and what to look for before you can begin to get rid of them.

First off understand that fleas have a life cycle: egg, larvae, pupae, and adult.  In order to get rid of them you must eliminate all the stages in a flea’s life cycle.  In many cases by the time you see the fleas marching across your pet’s face they’ve already laid eggs which is why it’s so easy to have a flea infestation before you even know you have a flea problem.  This is why prevention is really the key and initial treatment must address all the stages of a flea’s life.

If your pet is indoors you will also need to treat your home as fleas have a nasty habit of jumping and hiding in carpets, furniture, etc. and the first thing they do is lay eggs.  Pupae can lie dormant in your carpet for months, even years until conditions are right for the adult to come out.  Vacuuming carpets and furniture specially the areas your pet frequents (bedding, blankets, etc.) is a must.  Remember to dispose of the vacuumed debris in a sealed bag immediately after you vacuum.

Having said that how you may ask will you know if your pet has fleas.

Here are the signs to look for:

1.  Scratching – flea bites are very itchy, if your pet has fleas your pet will constantly scratch, this could be an indication of flea bites

2.  Black Specks on the pet’s fur – usually found by the hair shafts or on the skin these specks are actually flea “poop” or flea dirt- they are composed of the blood meal the flea has consumed.  Comb your pet’s fur regularly and look for these gross specks, they sort of look like pepper.  If you’re not sure that the black dots you see are flea dirt wet a paper towel or cotton ball and dab it on a spot, if it turns reddish brown as it dissolves then you more than likely got fleas.

3.  Adult fleas – at times, specially if your pet has a lot of fleas you will actually see the nasty things crawling or jumping on your pet.  Usually they are more visible around the face area or the legs and paws, your pets generally have shorter fur in those areas.

What do you do if you find fleas?  Take action at once!

*Clicking on a linked product name/picture will take you to an Amazon Affiliate Link making it easier for you to purchase that product if you wish.

1.  Get rid of the ADULT fleas and their eggs that are on your pet!  Capstar tablets will kill adult fleas in about 30 minutes, you will literally see dead fleas fall off.  NexGuard, Advantix, and Frontline Plus will kill adult fleas within 12 hours.
Capstar kills only adult fleas and can be given daily, but it will not kills eggs, larvae, or pupae.  I’ve used this on my cat, it works perfectly, but you still have to get rid of the eggs, etc. I only use it for immediate results and administer one of the other treatments as well.  I wouldn’t recommend using it daily as I’m not sure what effects long term use would have, and also it can get very expensive. *NexGuard does not kill eggs, but they claim that they will kill adult fleas before they can lay eggs.
I didn’t start using this until my dog had been on Frontline Plus for a few months and had no fleas, so I don’t know how it would work as an initial treatment.
*Frontline Plus and Advantix  kill fleas in all stages of life.  When I found a flea on my Husky I chose to use one of these.
*Sentinel kills eggs before they hatch, it also protects against heartworm; but it does not kill adult fleas.  When I use this product for initial treatment, when I find a flea, I use it in conjunction with Capstar and a homemade flea bath.  I want to kill adult fleas immediately, but I’m very obsessive about fleas.

You should treat all your pets for fleas even if you only see fleas on one of them.  If it’s on one pet it will more than likely infect all the others.

Consult your vet before you administer any of the above products as there are age restrictions on them and dosage will depend on your pet’s weight and health.

If you use a topical treatment you will not be able to bathe your pet for about a week.  Bathing will wash the treatment off.

2.  Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!  Vacuum carpets, baseboards, couches, and everything in your house that could be safe harbor for fleas and eggs.  Empty vacuum bags and canisters after every use.  Seal all the debris you remove from vacuums in airtight bags before you throw them away to prevent fleas, eggs, and larvae from falling or jumping out and re-infesting your home and pets.  Flea eggs, larvae, and pupae can lie dormant for a very long time, the vibration from anything passing can awaken them and they will hitch a ride on you or your pet.

3.  Wipe down and mop hard surfaces including plastic pet toys, to pick up any eggs or larvae that may have gotten on them.

4.  Wash pet bedding, towels, stuffed toys, and all fabrics where fleas can hide.  If possible wash them in hot water and dry them in the dryer.  High heat will kill all eggs and larvae.

5.  Don’t forget your car, even if your pets haven’t ridden it, fleas could have hitched a ride on anyone who rides the car.  Vacuum and wipe down carpets, seats, consoles, and the trunk.

6.  If you have a major infestation you may have to hire a professional extermination company to fumigate your home and yard.  Be sure to ask them what chemicals they use and how they will affect your family and pets.  If possible find a company who uses environmentally safe products, these are usually toxic to fleas but safe for humans and animals.  Should you choose to use a professional exterminator they will advise you to treat your pets and clean and vacuum your house to ensure that the infestation is cleared up.  For extreme cases fumigation may have to be redone to get rid of all the fleas.

7.  Once you have gotten rid of the fleas be sure to put your pets on a monthly flea regime.  You do not want to go through the first 6 steps again!

I’ve also used some homemade remedies, some of them work immediately, others I’m not so sure.  If you’d prefer to try natural homemade remedies click here to read my post Natural Home Remedies to Rid Your Dog of Fleas.

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The Big Fix – Sterilizing Your Pet

The Big Fix – Sterilizing Your Pet

Sterilizing your petI know sterilizing your pet can be a big agonizing decision for some of us. Many factors can come into play, not the least of which is the cost for the procedure.

Sterilizing your pet refers to the neutering of male animals or spaying of females.  Both procedures effectively render the animal unable to reproduce.  Sterilizing your pet means they will undergo surgical procedures done by a vet while the pet is under general anesthesia and intubated (a breathing tube is inserted in the animal’s throat).   During the surgery the pet’s oxygen levels and heart rate are monitored and they are kept on a heating blanket.

Neutering a male pet is fairly quick (5-20 minutes) and is less expensive (about $50 – $150 depending on where it’s done), an incision is made then his testicles are removed.  The incision is closed with stitches that will dissolve.

Spaying is a bit more invasive and costly.  It takes anywhere from 20-90 minutes or more depending on the animal’s age, size, and heat cycle.  Spaying can cost close to $500 depending on where it’s done.   During this procedure both ovaries and uterus are removed thru an incision made just below the belly button into the abdomen.  The incision for spaying is quite a bit larger than the one from neutering.

Your pet will generally be sent home about an hour or so after either procedure.  They’re sent home with pain medication to keep them comfortable, and an E-Collar (cone) to prevent them from licking the incision. Activity is generally restricted for a few days, but they should be fully recovered within a week to 10 days.

Why you may ask should you sterilize your pet, and why can it be an agonizing decision.  Let’s begin with the why you should sterilize, it’s more clear cut.

Sterilizing your pet has many health and behavioral benefits.  Spaying cats and dogs means no more heat cycles.  So no messy doggie sanitation pads, and no male dogs sniffing around your pet.  This means no unwanted litters!  But most importantly, to me at least, it helps your pet live longer and healthier lives.  Spaying your pet reduces the risk of mammory gland tumors, ovarian and uterine cancers, and basically eliminates the risk of developing pyometra a serious and life threatening uterine infection.  Spayed cats and dogs also have less desire to roam keeping them close to home and hopefully away from moving cars and trucks.

Neutering cats and dogs reduces the pet’s desire to roam therefore keeping them safe from injuries from car accidents and fighting.  It also reduces or eliminates the animal’s need to spray or mark his territory.  Neutering also decreases aggressive behavior including biting.  Neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the incidence of prostate disease.  In short it will help your male cat or dog live a healthier longer life.  It will also make him a better pet!

The health benefits are awesome, so why can sterilizing your pet be such an agonizing decision? I can’t speak for everyone, but I can certainly tell you why it was for me.

It took me 2 years to finally decide to have my Siberian Husky, Cannoli, spayed.  I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to mate her or not.  Cannoli is a purebred Siberian Husky with AKC Papers.  She comes from a long line of champions.  Her father Smitty and mother Lyric are both champions as were their sires and dames.  But more importantly Cannoli, like her parents, is a very good dog.

Unlike most Siberian Huskies who are known to be escape artists and jumpers (they can easily clear a 5′ fence) Cannoli, her parents, and siblings do not jump over fences or try to escape at all.  Cannoli is very smart and trainable, we’re currently working on her Good Citizen certificate.  I really did want to breed her one time just so I could have one of her pups not because I wanted to sell her pups.  But finding a desirable mate for her, one who met my criteria, was proving difficult.

Then her breeder had been suggesting I enter her in dog shows like he does with her mother and sibling.  But then I don’t really have the time to devote to showing a dog as beautiful as Cannoli is.  I didn’t buy her to show, I got her to be our family pet after we lost our beloved Doberman Portia.  The reason I mention this is because show dogs must be intact, they can not be altered.

What really made me stop waffling was the unfortunate incident my daughter Jaime had with her French Bulldog, Snooki, the other month.  Poor Snooki developed pyometra a week or so after her last heat cycle.  Luckily Jaime rushed her to the vet who was able to save her by performing emergency surgery.  The cost for her hospital stay and surgery was close to $4000!  Worst of all the worry it caused all of us!  This was not something any of us wanted to go thru again.  Before Snooki was discharged from the pet hospital I had an appointment to spay Cannoli!

Once I decided to spay my dog I had to find an affordable vet.  I’d gotten many pets sterilized over the years so I knew the basic costs.  In our state it’s somewhere between $150 to $450 for just the procedure depending on the animal’s age, condition, and the vet.  My vet was charging $325 plus take home meds and e-collar.

I looked into pet insurance, I have a plan that covers emergencies, but not sterilization.  Some insurances cover sterilization with their health maintenance plans.  Mine does, but to upgrade our plan was rather costly.  In fact when I added the plan cost and deductible it would have ended up costing more than just paying out right.

Then I checked the local Humane Society, they used to have spaying/neutering certificates that were honored by vets who participated in the program.  The spaying certificates for dogs could be purchased for $150.  You would then take your pet to one of the participating vets for the surgery.  Sounds easy and inexpensive, right?  Well it doesn’t quite work out that way.

The last time I purchased a certificate it entailed some hidden costs.  First of all you must bring the pet in for a pre-surgery check-up and blood work.  This cost $150+ and is not included in the certificate.  The certificate only covers the surgery.  Then you must purchase take home meds, this can run anywhere from $25 – $50, and an e-collar about $18 for a medium sized dog.  So the cost ends up being over $300, not such a deal after all!

I was ready to make an appointment with my vet, at least he already had her records and didn’t require additional blood work or pre-op check-up.  But then I stumbled upon The Big Fix!

sterilizing your petThe Big Fix is a fully equipped mobile surgical unit by Poi Dogs & Popoki.  Their licensed veterinarians provide affordable spay and neuter services on our island. They don’t require pre-op check-ups or blood tests.  The only thing they require is an appointment and their fee.  Spaying cost $150 and that includes the take home pain meds and the e-collar!

I took Cannoli to the Big Fix clinic last month and everything went smoothly.  We had a morning appointment so we checked in around 8:30.  She was done and ready to be picked up by noon.

She was not a happy camper when I picked her up, in fact she was quite upset with me.  The staff sent us home with post-op instructions, pain meds for 4 days, and an e-collar.  She was loopy for the rest of the day, and part of the next day.  By evening of the next day she had regained her appetite, by the second day she was up and about, a bit loopy after I gave her pain medication, but fine none the less.  By the third day she was her normal happy self and was ready to go out for a walk.  We didn’t take her, which annoyed her to no end, but by the next week we back to having a sweet and happy dog who loves to take long walks with us!

I don’t know if all states have a similar clinic, but I’m pretty sure most areas will have one.  Check with your local ASPCA, vet, or humane society.  Click here to find a clinic near you!

Sterilizing your pet is a decision most pet owners face.  My best suggestion is to find out more about the procedure including the cost in your area.  Then list the pros and cons.  There really are no cons unless you want to breed or show your pet.  But the health benefits are many and the health problems you could face should you not spay or neuter your pet are costly, both emotionally and monetary.  So be a responsible pet owner and at least consider sterilizing your pet!

Thinking about becoming a pet owner?  Why not consider adoption?  There are many dogs, and cats, just looking for a home.  We adopted Zeppoli, a terrier mix puppy from the Hawaii Humane Society.  She’s a great dog and is a wonderful friend to Cannoli!

If you’re considering adopting a pet check out Homeoanimal’s Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption, it will help you make an informed decision!


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What’s a Bark Box? – Super Fun Doggie Stuff!

What’s a Bark Box? – Super Fun Doggie Stuff!

What is a Bark Box?  Why it’s a box of super fun doggie toys and treats delivered monthly to your door!

My daughter Jaime has been getting these boxes for her 2 French Bulldogs for a while now.  She’s been telling me about them for months.  She said her pampered canines loved them.  They now inspect every box that’s delivered to her door; just to make sure it’s not their monthly delivery!

Our friend Jowanna gets Bark Boxes too for her 2 dogs.  She tells me they KNOW when the box arrives and get so excited!

Well it took me a while, but last week when I was waiting for my daughter Jenny at the DMV I was browsing on Facebook and say this ad for Bark Box.  Better yet they were offering a deal to new subscribers, $1 for the first box! Wow, what a deal!  So I decided to give it a try.

First of all Bark Box is a subscription, you can choose 6 or 12 month subscriptions which you can cancel at any time.  I choose the 12 month of course, my Cannoli is pretty spoiled!   We got our first box in 7 days!  By the way shipping is free if you live in the continental US.  I live in Hawaii so I pay $5 shipping.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  When you subscribe you choose what size pooch you have, small, medium, or large. I’m sure this helps them pack just the right size toys and treats for your pet.  I ordered the medium, Cannoli is a Siberian Husky and weighs 42 pounds.

Then you decide on the subscription length, put in your shipping and billing info and you’re set.  Now all you got to do is wait for the Bark Box.

When I got the Bark Box I was excited to see how Cannoli would react.  I popped the box open and took it out to her.  You can see from the video she was a bit reluctant at first, but when she sniffed out those treats she got the idea!

In our first Bark Box we got:  The boxes are themed, can you guess what our theme was this month?

bark boxLady Liberty Ball




bark boxPretzel Rope Plush




bark boxRoasted Duck NYC Jerky Chews




bark boxHunder’s Crunch Minis




Etta Says Bison Chews – don’t have a photo, she ate it as soon as she got it!

Cannoli loves her Bark Box and so do I!  Not only are they fun to receive, I think they’re a great buy as well.  I know I got my first box for a buck, but I will pay $21 each month.  (Prices vary depending on dog size and subscription length).  That’s a great deal!  Have you seen the prices for good quality dog treats and toys lately?  The monthly price is equal to a bag of treats and maybe a toy from your local pet store.  Dog treats can cost $15 or more and toys they’re pricey too, $20+ for a Kong Ball!  So really Bark Boxes are a great deal!

If you don’t have your own doggie pal you can send Bark Boxes as gifts to friends and family too!  It’s a great gift idea for the dog lover’s in your life!