10 General safety rules that your child should know

10 General safety rules that your child should know

Children are but vulnerable to a lot of things, and often it is a result of carelessness that they land up in situations a parent wouldn’t want them to. While children learn and pick up things as they grow, there are certain rules that need to be imbibed within them at a rather early age – or let’s just say, the sooner they know these rules the better it will be.

As parents, it is only natural for them to worry about their kids, and if only there could be certain ground rules that they were made to follow, you’d be much more relieved yourselves!

Here’s our list of 10 general safety rules that your child should know!

1. Contact information!
It is mandatory for your kid to be well versed with his/her own name, your contact number and home’s address. In case any emergency crops up, or the kid might have lost his/her way, they should be capable enough to help someone elder track their way down to home. For starters, help them memorize the details, and once they are thorough with it, have a second number memorized too.

2. Their approach towards a stranger
Irrespective of how old one gets, parents always have instructions with regards to how one should deal with strangers. Set strict ground rules for this one. They shouldn’t let any stranger touch or hold them without consent, never eat something given by a stranger, or, never let them believe that they are here on behalf of you. Set safety words that ensure the kid can trust whomsoever is visiting them on your behalf, or, let them know who else would ever come to pick them up or to drop them off if not you.

3. No one but you as parents are allowed to touch them
Once the kid is old enough to understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, they should be made aware that no one can touch them and no one should touch their body unless it is you.

4. Say no to secrets
It is essential that the communication between you and your child is crystal clear, so as to even if there is something that they shouldn’t have done, they can confide in you when something goes wrong. It is important for them to know that you have got their backs.

5. When lost, stay still and do not wander
While it is only true that no parent would let their kid out of sight, certain circumstances aren’t all that simple. If in case the kid gets lost, you must instruct him from well before hand to not go wandering around. Or, at the most, go visit a cop/get help from officials.

6. Help them identify peer pressure
Kids are the most influenced by the company they keep, and hence it is essential that you teach them not to do something that they would regret, or something that they know you won’t approve of. Even if not doing it means stepping aside from rest of the peers, teach them to not let anyone force them into doing anything they don’t want to, or, are not comfortable in doing it.

7. Teach them a mantra: No fire play, or wandering alone or, going off the limits
Set certain borders beyond which your kid is supposed to take you along with him. Teach them to follow the boundaries created, and abide by it. Explain to them how fire is dangerous and that they need to be away from it.

8. Keep them safe while on the road
You could be driving or just walking, you must ensure that the necessary protection has been taken. Ensure the child locks are locked during your drive or don’t forget to watch both the sides while crossing the road and hold their hands firm.

9. Don’t give out personal information
It is necessary for the kid to remember the information you made him memorize, but he must also be taught that it isn’t for everyone to be taken and he shouldn’t be the one giving it out to random strangers or anyone he doesn’t want to.

10. How to call for help!
Not always can you come to their rescue, and so it is a must to teach them the basics of getting to a police official and when should he get to a police official. Tell them the probabilities, and explain to them how to get through it.

A Family That Works Out Together Stays Together

A Family That Works Out Together Stays Together

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that children aged between 6 and 17 years of age should participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day. However, research has shown that the typical child spends more than 7 hours a day on electronic devices. As a result, experts have warned that this must be cut back to a maximum of 2 hours for the sake of the nation’s heart health. Therefore, it’s time for parents to take charge by getting their family outdoors and getting fit.

Preparing for your new lifestyle

The great news is that you don’t need any special equipment or access to specific locations to work out together. Simply playing a game of tag at your local park, jogging up and down your street or playing hopscotch on the driveway is enough to get the blood pumping around your bodies. However, the one thing you must ensure is that you’re all dressed appropriately for the occasion. Lightweight, loose and breathable materials are a must and you should always opt for good quality footwear which supports your feet. If you are heading away from home, take a spare set of clothes so your walk home is more comfortable.

Physical and psychological benefits

A vigorous 60-minute workout daily can help you and your family to lose as much as 10 lbs each in just a month. And, while losing pounds and shaping up will leave you looking great, the resulting benefits are much more significant. By losing just 10 lb, you reduce your risk of developing serious conditions, including heart attack, cancer, stroke and dementia and your blood pressure will also be positively supported. Moreover, stress and anxiety levels within family members will reduce and you’ll see your kids sleeping better as a result of the additional energy burned off.

Strengthens the family unit

Health professionals state that parents who exercise alongside their children are healthier and have a stronger family bond. This is because their attachment, social development, and emotional management skills are boosted as a result of spending quality time together doing an activity which releases feel-good endorphins throughout the body. Exercise also shows your children that you are someone they can look up to, as research conducted by the University of Cambridge has revealed that children whose parents are physically active are 10% more likely to work out themselves.

Working out as a family promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle for your children. It also shows your kids that you’re a positive role model who is keen to boost your family’s physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as the family unit.

Kroger Cake Review

Kroger Cake Review

Image source: Pinterest

Cake is one of the most important thing when you are having a party or during a holyday. This is why you need to pick the right cake to light up the party. There are a lot of things you should take into consideration from selecting the cake to receiving it at your front door or picking it up from the store. Also, take into consideration the design, the ingredients, and of course, your budget.

In this article we are going to review Kroger in order to find out more about their products and the designs. If you want to learn more about how to order a cake from Kroger and about their prices, you can visit them in person or search for the fees online. Kroger cakes prices are going to help you decide if this store is the best one to order the cake your want.

A Cake for Every Occasion

Kroger offer cakes for every occasion. At this bakery you can find cakes for birthdays, a baby shower, graduation, and even a wedding. For every occasion they have different licensed cakes. They have a vast selection of models and designs to choose from.

Birthday cakes
When it comes to birthday cakes, this is the area where Kroger excels. They have a lot of models for kids and for adults. Also, they have licensed designs for boys and girls. Some of their designs include Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Frozen, and Spiderman. All of these are very interesting and your kid is going to love the bright colors and his or her favorite character on the cake.

They also have simple designs which are great for a birthday cake. You can select a simple white or chocolate cake with a few sugary flowers as decoration. These are suited for anybody and they can even be a great birthday gift. One of the best thing about these cakes is the price. They price range between $24 and $47.

Baby Shower cakes
As we mentioned, Kroger has different cakes for every occasion. What better occasion to have a cake then a baby shower. They have licensed special designs for this event. Some of their most known designs include Baby Special Delivery Stork and Baby Block. The price of these are almost the same as the ones for birthday cakes.

Wedding cakes
If you want to have the perfect wedding but you are on a tight budget, you should pick out a cake from Kroger. They have 2 options: a 2-tier or a 3-tier cake. The designs are going to amaze you. These cakes look exactly like the ones you find at a renowned bakery and they also taste amazing. Also, this way you save some bucks on your wedding cake.

Build-a-Cake Service

One of the best things about Kroger cakes is that you can actually build your own cake just the way you like it. It is a great thing for people who want something special or simply when they don’t find the exact design they were searching for. Also, the best thing is that you can select everything from the cake type to the frosting and the decorations.

This option is great for those who want to celebrate a different event than a wedding or a birthday. With build-a-cake option, they are allowed to make the cake just the way they want. You can customize the cake by selecting the type of cake (sheet or round) and then choosing the icing, flavors, and the decorations. Get creative when purchasing a personalized cake.

Getting the Cake

After you selected and ordered the cake the only thing you can do is wait until the cake is ready. One thing you should consider is to pick up the cake a day before the part or at least a few hours before to make sure that the cake is ok. Kroger cake also offers a delivery option but not all Kroger stores have this option.

Unfortunately, cakes need to be picked up from most Kroger stores. It is important to order the cake about 72 hours before the party to make sure that the bakers have time to make it. Also, if the party is during a holiday you will need to plan ahead.

All in all, Kroger cakes have a great quality-price report. Since the price of the cakes are a lot smaller than the ones you will find at a renowned bakery, you should also expect the cakes to have a good design not an amazing one. Kroger makes it simple for you to order the perfect cake from their licensed designs or to build your own model. Just choose the one you like and enjoy it.

Fun & Inexpensive Kids’ Summer Activities

Fun & Inexpensive Kids’ Summer Activities

It’s now the dog days of summer.  School’s been out for a couple of months and the  excitement is gone.  We’re now hearing the inevitable gripe “I’m bored! There’s NOTHING to do!”

Here are some fun and creative ideas to keep the kids entertained for the rest of this summer.  I know we’ll be trying a few very soon!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Growing A Jeweled Rose

Homemade Slime should keep them busy for a while.

Kids love gooey, sticky, disgusting stuff like slime.  My grandson Devon loves this stuff!  Even my adult son does, he’s already purchased a box of Borax to make his own for his 2 year old twins.

Most homemade slime recipes, like the one my son has, contain Borax.  Here’s a recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose that’s edible and Borax free.  It should keep the kids busy for a few hours; you get added time if you let older kids help make it!  For recipe click here! Click here for slime recipe without Borax!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Fun At Home With Kids

Another kid favorite is Play Dough, and they do like to eat it too.

Here’s an Edible Gluten Free No Cook version from Fun at Home with Kids.
We’re going to try to make some for my 3 year old grandson, Jett, who is allergic to many things.  For recipe click here!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Infarrantly Creative

Sidewalk chalk is a great thing, it keeps kids busy for hours and brings out their creativity; but it’s so messy.

After an afternoon of creative fun the kids not only need baths, but their clothes need washing and the walls need scrubbing too! (My grandsons somehow manage to get their chalky hands all over the doors and walls)

Here’s a neater alternative from Infarrantly Creative, Chalk Spray!  It uses corn starch, dishwashing soap, and washable tempera paints; you probably have at least 2 of the ingredients in you kitchen already!  For recipe click here!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer ActivitiesSand boxes will keep kids busy for hours!

You can buy one like this Little Tykes turtle sandbox or DIY like the one pictured here.  You can buy sand at the garden department of Home Depot or Walmart and dump it into a large shallow plastic storage bin, the ones that go under the bed are the perfect depth.  Which ever way you go be sure you always cover it after play.  We learned the hard way when we had a sandbox built in our yard, kids love them but so do the neighborhood cats!

Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Found on Amazon.com

We’ve since dismantled the sandbox and have purchased one one with a lid! (Affiliate links)[spacer height=”-20px”]

Inexpensive Kids' Summer ActivitiesMy grandson Jett loves his Little Tikes Pirate Water Table, his older cousins do too! (Affiliate links)
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Pink Oatmeal

You can buy a ready made water table or make your own like this one from Pink Oatmeal.  For instructions click here!



Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Child At Heart

Or better yet make a Sandbox and a Water Table.  Love this idea from Child At Heart!

It uses an old coffee table and plastic bins.  If you don’t happen to have an old coffee table laying around hit the garage sales and find a cheap one.  For instructions click here!
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Busy Kids Happy Mom

Kids young and old love bubbles.

Whip up these giant bubble with this recipe from Busy Kids Happy Mom.
For recipe click here!I love this idea of using a beverage dispenser for bubble refills.

Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

La La’s Home Daycare

I plan to keep it handy all summer long! It’s a great idea for kids’ parties too!  Here’s a regular bubble recipe!

Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

The 36th. Avenue

Keep the kids busy with these bouncy balls, better yet let them help make them first!

Where Imagination Grows

I love this idea of Glittery Frozen Water Balloons from Where Imagination Grows.  My grandsons love water balloons but hate cleaning up popped balloons; and clean them up they must because we can’t have the dog or cat eating it up.

 These frozen balloons are fun and there’s no mess to clean up or broken balloon pieces for the pets to eat.  They’re not for throwing at each other, ouch! Dump them in a water table and watch them melt.
If the kids must have water balloon fights, that’s fun too, but use regular water balloons, unfortunately you will have to sweep up the messy aftermath of an epic water balloon war. [spacer height=”-20px”]
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Sassy Style Design

Take the game of Twister outside with this homemade outdoor twister game.

All it takes is several cans of spray paint and a cardboard stencil.
Even teens and adults will get a kick out of it!
For instructions click here![spacer height=”-20px”]
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Making Memories with Your Kids

Kids love to play in the sprinklers.  Keep them cool and occupied this summer by turning your garden hose into a homemade sprinkler.

All it takes is a 2 liter plastic bottle and duct tape; you probably have everything you need already!
For instructions click here![spacer height=”-20px”]
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Pink Pistachio

Have the kids make bird feeders, they can make them any shape they want by using cookie cutters.

This should keep them busy for a while, and amused all summer long as they watch the birds’ antics when they come to feed.
Learn how to make them from Pink Pistachio, click here!
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Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

I Heart Naptime

Hold soap boat races, this should entertain the kids all morning!

All you need is bars of soap, a rain gutter, and a hose.
[spacer height=”-20px”]
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities


Turn the yard into a game field with pool noodles! You can have several stations including an obstacle course, target stations, and even a human ring toss.

Good Financial Planning Has Positive Effects on Families

Good Financial Planning Has Positive Effects on Families

We make financial decisions every single day – from planning a birthday party to setting aside money for the children’s college education, among other important life choices can affect the whole family. With debt per capita increasing from $51,810 in 2005 to $67,010 ten years later, healthy financial management has never become more relevant. According to the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families, financial planning and money management plays an important role in family relationships.

*Bad Spending Habits May Lead to Divorce*

When partners disagree on how the other spends money, conflict is inevitable, the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families says. Not getting the right loan or not studying the financial impact of a
particular loan, for example, can cause disagreements and resentment especially if the financial savvy of one partner is not of the same level as that of the other. Spending too much on unnecessary items can become a point of contention, too. This is supported by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts based on their 2013 survey. According to the organization, financial issues is the third leading cause of divorce.

*Financial Savvy, Happy Marriage, Happy Family*

Knowing one’s rights when borrowing money and determining if the loan is truly needed reflects good financial education but couples also need to understand each other’s attitudes towards money to ensure a healthy discussion about their finances. This does not only apply to loans but is also applied in other day-to-day decisions that affect the household’s financial standing or the financial education of its more impressionable members. According to the American Psychological Association, opening a dialogue about money is healthy and involving each family member is a good idea. The APA also stresses that choosing the right words can also inspire better spending habits. Instead of saying, “We can’t afford it,” parents are encouraged by the APA to say. “That’s not how we choose to spend our money.”

*Taking Care of Household Finances*

Families need to be comfortable with money discussions as each financial decision can affect not only their budget but their future. With money being a taboo subject in 36% of American families, according to the APA, changing our attitudes towards money matters is the first step to better financial management. Households who budget and plan together are also happier than those who do not talk about money.

Rainy Day Kids’ Activities – Fun Activities for All Ages

Rainy Day Kids’ Activities – Fun Activities for All Ages

kids' activitiesMany of us are ready for Spring.  Even here in Hawaii I can’t wait for Spring and the end of Flu Season.  We’ve certainly had our fill of the flu!  Although Spring ushers in warm weather and marks the end of flu season it also brings us rain; lots of rain. At our house the kids don’t mind the rain, it just means they can play video games all day.  It drives me crazy!  I’m always on the look out for rainy day kids’ activities to keep them off the video games and doing something more productive.

Sometimes it’s hard to find kids’ activities that will interest kids of different ages.  But I’ve found some rainy days kids’ activities that works for kids of varying ages; particularly activities that involve making stuff.  You’d be surprised what holds the interest of older kids!  By the way these ideas are for snow days too!

kids' activitiesBaking

One of the most popular kids’ activities in our house is baking.  Kids love to “play” in the kitchen.

Baking cookies, cupcakes or whatever is an activity kids of all ages can do.  The older ones can mix ingredients together and put pans in the oven.  Younger ones, even toddlers can help decorate or frost the baked goods.

Be prepared for the mess, kids in the kitchen can get pretty messy.

One of the easiest things to bake are Snowball Cookies.

Kids of all ages can roll the dough into balls then later roll the baked cookies in powdered sugar.


kids' activitiesHomemade Play Dough

Kids love play dough and there are several versions of homemade play dough.  Part of the fun is in the making!

Here’s a recipe for Edible Marshmallow Play Dough from One Little Project.  This  play dough doesn’t just look pretty and fun to play with, it’s yummy too!  Click here for directions.

You can also make play dough using flour.  Click here for Paging Fun Mums No Cook Playdough Recipe!

Or you can make Jello Playdough! Click here for Modern Parents Messy Kids playdough recipe!

[spacer height=”-20px”]



kids' activitiesHomemade Slime







Fluffy slime, stretchy slime, glitter slime, you name it kids love slime.

730 Sage Street has 10 slime recipes to choose from.  Make one or make them all, the kids will love it!

Click here for slime recipes![spacer height=”-20px”]




kids' activitiesPipe Cleaner Crafts

Here’s a classic kids’ activity, Pipe Cleaner Crafts.  This has been around for ever, even I remember making all sorts of things from pipe cleaners.

But these days pipe cleaners come in a host of colors!

Click here for In The Playroom’s Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts![spacer height=”-20px”]





kids' activitiesBird Feeders



The kids will love making these adorable bird feeders by Eighteen 25!  When their done you can hang them outside and watch the birds they’ll attract!

Click here to for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]





kids' activitiesBuild an Indoor Fort or Tent

Keep kids busy by building and playing in a tent or fort.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a sheet covering a table is good enough.  The kids’ imagination will do the rest!

Click here for indoor fort ideas from KidsActivities.com[spacer height=”-20px”]






kids' activitiesScavenger Hunt

Give the kids a list of things they can find around the house and send them on a scavenger hunt.  This activity will keep them busy and active for quite a while![spacer height=”-20px”]





kids activitiesEdible Sculptures

Building sculptures with candies and toothpicks is fun, educational, and creative.  Turn sticks, toothpicks, or straws into creative sculptures.   You can use any type of soft candies like jujubees or marshmallows to connect the sticks.

Click here for ideas from Kids Craft Room.[spacer height=”-20px”]







kids' activitiesPainting – with fingers , brushes, or sponges

Painting is always a fun activity!  Save money by making your own paints.  It’s easy, the kids can help too!

Click here for paint recipes from DIY Joy. [spacer height=”-20px”]






There are lots of kids’ activities to keep your kids busy on rainy or snowy days.  Do you have a favorite indoor activity?  Please share it with us!