The top 3 small home tips

The top 3 small home tips

There is nothing wrong with owning a small home. But when you lack the knowledge and ability to keep it as organized and functional as possible, you might feel a little stuck. You may begin to think that because your home is small, you may need a bigger space. It does not have to be like that though. Living in a small home can also mean that you can live large depending on how you utilize your space. Even if you only have a small home, doing a few tweaks here and there inside it can help you get the most of the small space that you have. You can even live comfortably and never look for anything else. Even if you have a tiny home, it is possible to be comfortable and get cozy too.

Here are the top 3 small home tips to follow for a better quality of living in your tiny home.

1. Re-evaluate your possessions.
Once you decide to live in a small home, it’s the best time to actually do some evaluation of what you really want to have in your house. You get to have the opportunity to re-evaluate all your possessions and determine what are the things that you need to get rid of and what you should only keep inside your home. Distinguish all the items that you actually need and organize them accordingly. Getting rid of items that no longer bring value to your life will help you utilize all the space in your home and help you tidy it up. The less clutter there is, the easier it is for you to move around. Moreover, you don’t have so many things to think about.

2. Pick some furniture designs that have multiple purposes.
When you live in a small home, having multi-purpose furniture will definitely help a lot. This will allow you to maximize your storage space without having to buy another storage space. This could be a trunk that can be doubled as a coffee table or stairs that can be doubled as drawers. Multi-purpose furniture will allow you to style your home but at the same time, retain the important functionalities that every home needs. It’s a creative way to maximize your space without sacrificing the design and style. So the next time you shop for new furniture, consider getting ones that can be transformed into multiple purposes.

3. Maximize natural light.
When you have a small home, you can make it appear bigger if you know how to play with your lights. Make use of natural light and consider letting it in your home as much as possible to make your home appear bigger. You can do this by putting large windows or put a large mirror opposite your window so that when you open your windows and let the natural light in, it will multiply its effect all over your room. Maximizing natural light in your home will not only save you a lot on energy costs, but it will make the atmosphere in your home airier and light.

4 Tips to finding relief for hot flashes

4 Tips to finding relief for hot flashes

While hot flashes can be associated with some medical illnesses like hyperthyroidism, it is still considered the most common symptom for perimenopause and menopause. A hot flash is a sudden feeling of heat. Those who experience it can have a flushed face and a lot of sweat.

1. Find out what your trigger points are – There are different reasons why one can experience hot flashes. Once you identify what can trigger your hot flashes, you’ll be able to avoid or be prepared for it. Hot flashes can be triggered by a lot of things, from the weather, the food that you eat, or even stress. Try to see when you experience your hot flashes and pinpoint the activity or situation that caused it. Some women discover that eating spicy or sweet food can trigger it, while there are others that experience it when working out during a hot day. Avoiding the food can be easy, but if for example, you are someone who needs to exercise, instead of completely avoiding it, you just make sure you are better prepared by following the suggestions below for hot flash relief.

2. Bring cold water with you all the time – Staying hydrated is something that everyone should try to achieve, more so if you are experiencing hot flashes. Make sure that you always have water with you, better if it is cold water as it can help to cool your body quicker. If you are at home, aside from drinking cold water you can also take a cold shower in order to lower the temperature of your body. Another thing you can do is to keep the room cool. Get an air conditioner to help with this situation.

3. Try some herbal or prescription medicine – For some people, they opt for hormone therapy in order to treat their hot flashes. Check with your doctor to see if this is something you can do. If you are not sure with hormone therapy, there are alternative therapies you can try. There are many herbs that you can try. Some suggest licorice root and valerian root to help manage these symptoms. Another herb that you can look for is black cohosh. it has been around for a long time and has been used by some cultures as a medicine.

4. Dress in layers – One practical thing you can do if you are experiencing hot flashes is to dress in layers. You want to be able to shed clothes when the hot flash suddenly sneaks up on you. It would be hard to do that if you are only wearing one thick piece of clothes. Start with a light tank top, then you can wear a shirt or blouse over it. After that, you can wear a sweater, blazer or jacket, depending on where you are going. If something suddenly triggers your hot flash, you can easily lower your body’s temperature by shedding your outer clothes for some relief. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight as this can be a trigger as well.

6 Benefits of Clean Carpets

6 Benefits of Clean Carpets

Most homes embrace the use of carpets on the floor as a way to improve the appearance of a house by giving it a softer feel. These floor coverings also enhance safety because one can slip and fall on hard floors but not on a carpet. They act as a cushion and minimize breakage of items such as remotes, phones, and cups when they fall. Dust and allergens are trapped on a carpet until they can be removed properly which makes the home healthier as such contaminants do not spread around the house. It is therefore important to clean your carpet regularly by vacuuming it and having it cleaned professionally. Here are six benefits of clean carpets:

1) Prevents Growth of Mould
Humid conditions make the mold to thrive on carpets. Mold particles are usually found in the air, and they flourish once they land on moisture. When they start growing, it becomes difficult to get rid of them by yourself even by using antibacterial spray. Therefore, you should be careful not to spill any water on the carpet. It is also important to get professional carpet cleaners to eliminate any harmful microorganisms it might be hiding. Caution should be taken when removing the carpet to avoid the germs spreading into other places. For instance, when you are moving houses, carpets should not be placed haphazardly on items such as utensils and bedding. If you are in Australia, you should seek the assistance of responsible and experienced Perth removalists who will help take out your carpet safely.

2) Improves Appearance
A well-cleaned carpet makes your home look neat, which is appealing for your family and visitors. A dirty carpet is a turn off which will make your house not comfortable to be in. For your home to be conducive for your family and guests, you should make it a habit to vacuum clean your carpet at least once a week and an annual professional carpet cleaning service.

3) Improves Productivity
A well-cleaned carpet provides a friendly environment that motivates kids or workers to go about their tasks smoothly since it smells fresh and beautiful.

4) Extends the Carpets Life
Cleaning your carpet regularly by use of vacuum cleaners or getting it cleaned by professionals help to prolong the life of your carpet. A dirty carpet that is full of spots and stains will easily get old and become tattered. Cleaning your carpet regularly gets rid of stains, which gives a new look to your house. Cleanliness acts as a maintenance measure as it helps you to go for many years with the carpet.

5) Improves Air Quality
Contaminants that accumulate on the carpet decreases air quality and makes it hard to breathe. Vacuum cleaning will help a lot in improving air quality so that those who have allergies like asthma can breathe well. Cleaning will also help in reducing diseases induced by allergens.

6) Helps Remove Pet Hair
Cats and Dogs can leave their fur on the carpet as they lie or play on it. Pet hair can be dangerous if left there as it can cause breathing problems. It is difficult to remove such hairs, which necessitates professional carpet cleaning services.

How to Heal Your Chakras

How to Heal Your Chakras

Chakra is a word of Indian origin. It refers to each of the centers of spiritual powers in a human body. There are about 100 chakras in the body, but there are only seven main ones. These seven centers help to regulate all the processes in the respective organs. It also regulates the immune system and emotions. The seven chakras are namely:

  1. Root: found at the bottom of the spine and deals with the basic need for survival, food, shelter and clothing
  2. Sacral: found below the navel. It governs your sexual organs and imagination
  3. Solar plexus: it is found in your stomach and serves mental and spiritual purposes
  4. Heart: controls the circulatory system
  5. Throat: found in the throat and governs communication
  6. Third eye: the third eye is your mind, which is the source of insight. It is located near the eyebrows
  7. Crown: found on the head. This is a powerful chakra as it connects you to the world.

Importance of Chakra
The chakra centers are driven by energy, and so is the whole of your body. The optimal functioning of these centers is what gives you physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual stability. Stress, conflict, and illness can cause blockages and imbalance of chakra, which necessitates chakra healing. Here is how you can heal your seven chakras to attain mental and body wellness.

Physical Activities
A good way to clear off negative energy is through physical activities. Stress and anxiety can be calmed down by taking a walk, swimming, or dancing. Physical activity like walking should be done outdoors and solitarily. Be aware of the fact that you are walking. Paying close attention to the movements of your legs will provide relief. Another effective method of healing chakra is by doing yoga. It is advisable to start with the root chakra while healing your chakras because it affects the balance of the other chakras. The swimming activity takes care of your second chakra. Negative feelings that can harm your productivity can be washed away by immersing yourself in the water at the swimming pool, beach, or bathtub.

Chakra Cleansing Music
Music has a powerful effect on how we feel. Listening to good music makes us jovial. Chakra music is also engineered in the same way to bring about healing, especially when used during meditation. Special music such as Brainwave and Tibetan are infused into the healing of chakra to bring about powerful frequencies that not only heal chakra but also give the mind incredible calmness.

Meditation is by far a popular method that is included in some religions as a means of gaining happiness and health. This is because the body is connected to the mind and spirit in this process to eliminate negativity. Meditation is also an effective way to balance chakra. Chakra meditation is quite different because you can use chakra stones. There are seven chakra stones.

They are colored according to the chakra it represents. When meditating, place the chakra stone where the chakra is located as you sit in a cross-legged position. Inhale and exhale slowly and forcefully as you imagine the negative energy flowing out of your body. Focus on the meditation for several minutes for each chakra. By the end of this procedure, you should be feeling rejuvenated and happy with yourself.

Setting Boundaries To Enjoy Early Retirement & Time With Your Grandchildren

Setting Boundaries To Enjoy Early Retirement & Time With Your Grandchildren

The average cost of childcare for just one child is nearly $10,000 per year, according to Market Watch. As a result, The Huff Post reports that 74% of grandparents are taking on the role of babysitter to help reduce these costs for their own children. However, when you’ve worked and saved hard all your life so that you can retire early and go on a cruise vacation of a lifetime, it’s crucial that you set some childcare boundaries so that you can enjoy your extended retirement.

Have a set schedule

One of the biggest benefits of early retirement is being able to do what you want when you want. But, this freedom can be jeopardized if your children think they can call on you whenever they please to look after the grandchildren. By creating a schedule early on which stipulates you’ll only have your grandchildren one afternoon and one evening per week, expectations will be set. Best of all, if you want to go out for a spur-of-the-moment posh lunch with your partner or reinstate your passion for arts and crafts you can.

Ask for financial support

The average retired household has $2,000 leftover per year when their income and expenditures are taken into account. And while you’re sure to want to treat your grandchildren occasionally, keeping kids entertained on a regular basis can cost a significant amount. As your own children are sure to recognize this fact, it’s wise to discuss payment when you agree to a babysitting schedule so that you can recoup your costs. By doing this, it will ensure that your retirement finances remain healthy and will provide you with the funds you need for the years ahead.

Know when to say no

Early retirement provides ample opportunity to go traveling and explore all the countries and landmarks that you failed to visit while you were embracing your career. Baby Boomers take an average of six to seven trips per year, according to the AARP. And you shouldn’t let your babysitting duties put a halt to your travel plans. Where possible, discuss with your children when they plan to go on vacation so that you can organize your trips away around theirs. However, if, for whatever reason, that’s not feasible, don’t be afraid to say no to looking after your grandchildren for a week or two. Although, giving plenty of warning so that alternative childcare arrangements can be made is advisable.

Early retirement is a time to kick back, relax, and to indulge in all the things you’ve missed out on over the years. And while you’re sure to want to spend time with your grandchildren during this time, you shouldn’t let babysitting take over your early retirement plans.

Relaxing Bath Salts

Relaxing Bath Salts

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath at the end of a long day.  So why not make your bath more enjoyable by adding a handful of these Relaxing Bath Salts to the tub?

These Relaxing Bath Salts are made with lavender essential oil and have a wonderful soothing aroma when released into the warm bath water.  Lavender is said to have soothing qualities that help people who suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other ailments.

Now you can buy bath salts from most anywhere that sells beauty supplies, but why pay more for commercially packaged bath salts when you can make these wonderfully scented Relaxing Bath Salts easily and inexpensively? These bath salts have just 4 ingredients, epsom salt, 2 types of essential oils, and coloring.

Making it is easy peasy, just combine all the ingredients in a big bowl, mix well, then store in airtight containers like mason jars, and you’re done!  They make a great addition to your nightly routine and also make awesome gifts and party favors.

Before you start here are a couple of things you should know about using and working with essential oils:

Never apply essential oils directly on to your skin – always use a carrier oil like coconut, almond, avocado, or whatever you prefer – your choice will mostly be to the scent or scents you like

You can also dilute essential oils in water – this works well for mists and steams as oils mix better when the water is hot – in the case of bath salts the salts will be your carrier, oils dilute so much better when mixed into the salt

Never ingest essential oils without first consulting your doctor or health care professional

Test oils on a small patch of skin before you use it to make sure you aren’t allergic to them

Use metal or glass bowls when making things like salts, melts, soaps, etc.  with essential oils. Plastics absorb the scents which you may never be able to wash off.

So if you’ve got a little time, say about 15 minutes let’s go make some Relaxing Bath Salts!

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2 Lbs. Epsom Salt

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Coloring – soap or food coloring whichever one you have will work


Place epsom salt in dry large metal or glass bowl

Add essential oils and mix very well

Add color you want and mix very well

Place Relaxing Bath Salts in airtight containers like mason jars and store in a dry place until ready to use.