3 Easy Homemade Halloween Treats

3 Easy Homemade Halloween Treats

Nothing says Halloween than sweet treats.  Sure you can buy bags and bags of candy and have at it, but you can turn that candy into special treats in just a few easy steps with these easy homemade treat recipes.  You can even let the kids help out!

Here are 3 recipes for Homemade Halloween Treats I found on the web.  Each really cute and super simple to make.  Enjoy!

Homemade Treats

Courtesy of Pillsbury.com

Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies use store bought ready to bake cookie dough. So easy!  Let the kids make them, they’ll have a blast!

For a variation use different cookie doughs; I’m sure you’ll find various fun Halloween themed cookie dough in your local supermarket.
Recipe click here.

You won’t be able to stop eating these salty sweet treats.  These Pretzel Hugs by Sally’s Baking Addiction really are addictive!

We made several batches, they disappeared quickly!

Recipe click here.


Homemade Snacks

Courtesy of Just A TasteThese frightfully cute Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops by Kelly Senyei on justataste.com will be a hit at your Halloween Party.  You can make them ahead of time and store in your fridge until you need them.

Recipe click here.


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Caring For Your Aging Relative

Caring For Your Aging Relative

It’s not something we like to think about, but every one of us are getting older by the day. Some people do need some extra care as they get older, and others just don’t. You need to consider if your elderly relative is going to actually need, care or not. However, even if it isn’t necessary, we should think about ways in which we can help our elderly relatives, purely because they deserve it and it’s the right thing to do. Not every elderly relative needs dementia care or nurses visits, but they will have no doubt helped you at some point in the past, so it’s only fair you give back. 

Everyday tasks can actually become a little bit more difficult the older we get, just popping to the shop or even just pottering around the garden can become tiresome. So visiting your elderly relative with a pair of garden shears, or offering to do the weekly shop for them can actually make a massive difference to their lives. You may We met with some resistance, as independence is very important. But also just offering lets the relatives know that we care, and that’s sometimes enough.

Depending on your personality we don’t always make time for entertainment or “fun“ so arriving with a board game, or something entertaining for your relative to do is Going to break the day up quite a lot. Many elderly people are happily arranging their own activities during the week, such as walks or cinema visits. But if not, then it will make a big difference to your relative to know that you want to spend some time enjoying an activity together.

Technology can be a fantastic tool for any of us at the best of times. But someone who isn’t as active as they used to be will have a whole range of new information, resources, and services at their fingertips. A simple laptop or tablet device attached to the Internet will ensure that your relative has access to all of these things. Spending time going through everything and asking and answering any questions that they may have regarding these new tools, Is also very helpful, and will improve their day significantly.

Just because we get older, doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to stop seeing our friends and family. It does, however, mean there are extra challenges in the way at times. So just asking your elderly relative if they would like a lift to an event that you’ve been invited to, or arranging a get together for your family is easy to do. Even just a weekly or monthly visit to your relative seems like not a lot, but can also mean the world to your relative.

Being a decent person extends far beyond holding the door for someone occasionally. We all have relatives, neighbours and friends who may struggle in certain aspects of life, due to ageing or other factors, so helping these people when we can is essential.


Creative Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Creative Kids’ Halloween Costumes

You know Fall’s arrived when you walk into Walmart or other discount store and are greeted with racks of Halloween costumes and piles of treat sized candies.  Yes, there are lots of costume choices out there, ranging from the classic witch costume (I always seemed to be a witch for Halloween when I was a kid) and the newest popular cartoon characters.  And this year there are of course those frightful masks of the politicians running for President.

In our family those generic store bought Halloween costumes just won’t do.  We don’t like running into the same exact costume while we’re trick or treating on Halloween night.  Ever since my kids were young I’ve always made them homemade costumes, now I make them for the grandkids.

Here are some Creative Kids’ Halloween Costumes I’ve made over the last few years.  I hope they inspire you to get creative and make something cool for your kids this year!

creative kids' halloween costumesIf you haven’t heard already Pokemon is big this year!  Thanks to the recently launched game Pokemon Go you’ll be seeing a bunch of pint sized Pikachus this year.

When we asked my 3 year old grandson Jett what he wanted to be this year he immediately said Pikachu!  So instead of buying a generic Pikachu I hauled out my Singer and started sewing.  In fact we took it a step further.  I made Pikachu costumes for Jett and my 2 year old grandson Sadi, and a Jiggly Puff costume for his twin sister Harper.

This picture shows the twins trying on their costumes, it was hard getting them to stand still long enough to take pictures.  I’ll post Jett’s picture as soon as I have one, I had to send his costume to Colorado.

I used Minky Fleece material I ordered from Fabric.com for these costumes.  I lined it with a coordinating cotton blend fabric.  For a bit of fluff I used heavy cotton batting in between the outer fabric and the lining.  The ears, tail, and curl are stuffed with polyfill.  The shoulder straps have snaps for easy on and off.

I made my own patter by tracing the twin’s onesie and Jett’s romper.  I just made my tracing an inch more all around.  I also deleted the sleeves.  I found a hood pattern from the web, there are many you can use.  The stripes on the Pikachu costume are appliqued on using brown fleece.  I cut the strips freehand.

This costume requires sewing skills and a sewing machine.  It took me about 4 hours to make each one.

creative kids halloween costumesLast year Jett was “Eye Candy”.   I crocheted this Candy Corn Hat and sweater and attached crocheted “eyes” on both.

He won first place in 3 Halloween costume contests with this one!

I posted the pattern for this costume last year.  Click here for the free pattern!

This Creative Kids’ Halloween Costume doesn’t require sewing skills, but you must know how to crochet.






creative kids' halloween costumesLast year the twins were Minions.

This was pretty simple, most beginner crocheters can make this beanie.  It’s a basic beanie pattern appliqued with crocheted eye or eyes, and a bow for the girly Minion.  The costume is completed by denim coveralls with a “G” pinned on the front.  You can either crochet the “G” or use felt.

Click here for the Minion Hat crochet pattern, it’s free!






creative kids' Halloween costumesA couple of years ago Jett was a “Chick Magnet”.

This costume requires no sewing skills!  All  you need are felt, scissors, and hot glue.  The “feathers” are glued on to a pair of sweat pants and sweatshirt.   The chick cap does require basic crochet skills.  Again it’s a basic beanie with the beak appliqued on.  The eyes are large wiggly eyes you can find at most craft stores.

Click here for free instructions and pattern!





creative kids' halloween costumeOne year Devon was Noisy Boy, the fighting robot from the movie Real Steel.

This costume require absolutely no sewing or crocheting skills!  It’s made by cutting shapes out of a cardboard box and gluing them together.

The pieces are then spray painted purple and the symbols were painted on with craft glue.

Just before heading out to trick or treat the makeup was applied on Devon’s face.  We worked from a picture of the robot to make this costume.



creative kids' halloween costumesNot to be out done that year, Dion was Two Face, a movie villain.

This costume was made by literally destroying the Tuxedo he wore to my daughter’s wedding that spring.  The “logic” being he was outgrowing the tux anyway and this was a good way to use it one more time.

Half the tux was singed using a lighter, my son had the honor of doing this.  Be careful you don’t burn the house down.  We did this outside in the back patio.  All you have to do is touch the material of the tux with a hot lighter, the long ones used to light barbecue grills, the polyester material will shrivel up and burn.

Then just before heading out for trick or treating the textured makeup was applied to half his face.

This costume requires no skills, just lots of caution!

halloween cards

Halloween Decorating With Glow Sticks and Other Inexpensive Stuff

Halloween Decorating With Glow Sticks and Other Inexpensive Stuff

Halloween is tomorrow!  Many yards are decked out in their spooky glory.  In my daughter’s Sierra Vista neighborhood there seems to be a competition among neighbors.  Last year we saw some very creative Halloween decor, from growling monsters lurking in the bushes to ghoulish creatures dangling from tree branches.   Awesome displays that I’m sure came with a hefty price tag.

A trip to the Halloween store showed us just how expensive some decorations can be.  Fog machines, life size monsters, animated zombies, gobo lights and stencils, and other high tech gadgets can cost well over $200 a piece.  It’s great that there are folks out there who take the time and spend money to decorate their yards for everyone to enjoy, to them I am grateful.  But what about the rest of us who don’t have the time or a big budget?  Are we doomed to a lonely pumpkin sitting on our doorstep?  I say “NO”!

Here are some cool idea that are easy to make with dollar store items and stuff you probably already have at home or can get a hold of for little cost.  You may not win the best Halloween decor contest, but your yard will look pretty awesome without breaking the bank.

HalloweenHide spooky eyes in the bushes.  Learn how to make these eyes you using glow sticks and toilet paper rolls from The Connection We Share  here.




HalloweenHave ghostly heads coming “thru” your front door. This is a great idea from Sherri Foxman.  Activate your glow stick and put it in the balloon.  Inflate and tie a knot.  Using a black marker draw the face.  Tape to your front door and turn off the lights.



Halloween Hang ghost from tree branches.  Same steps as ghostly heads but make sure the knot is on top of the head. Cover with cheese cloth, add a string and you’re done.  Spooky idea from Simply Creative Insanity



HalloweenGlowing hands in your pond, in the bushes, hanging from trees, or anywhere you want.  Activate glow stick, insert in a latex glove, inflate and tie knot at end of glove.  Place where you want, if you are hanging them on a tree add a string, fishing line works well, to the knot.



HalloweenGlowing monster heads found on Sassygirlz.net.  Learn how to make these using plastic disposable cups, markers, and tea lights, (you can use glow sticks instead if you prefer).




HalloweenHang spooky balls from trees.  Put a glow stick in a balloon, you can use any color glow stick and balloon.  Fill with water.  Put water balloon in a stocking and hang.  Instructions from Fun Holiday Crafts here.




Line the driveway with glowing jack-o-lanterns or ghost.  You can use dollar store plastic pumpkins or make your own ghosts using empty plastic milk jugs.  Insert glow sticks and you’re done.  You can also use strings of lights or tea lights.  I prefer glow sticks, it’s easier, no need to worry about plugs or batteries.



Dress up as a witch and stir your bubbling caldron.  You can use a witch cut out instead if you prefer.  Buy a plastic caldron from Walmart, put dry ice in it (use gloves and tongs when handling dry ice).  When you’re ready to “bubble”  fill with warm water.  You can use this idea to serve punch at a party, but DO NOT put dry ice directly      into the punch.  To learn how to use dry ice safely with drinks click here.  Add a green glow stick for an eerie glow.



Use dry ice to create spooky scenes.  To learn how to safely use dry ice and how much you need click here.


To learn how to make your own dry ice here’s a YouTube video.   I wouldn’t recommend you make your own, you can buy dry ice from some grocery stores and propane companies.  Find out where to buy it in your area soon, you may have to reserve dry ice, it’s in high demand during Halloween.

Shop Halloween Party Supplies on Zazzle.com


The Top 4 Reasons to Use a Heat Press Machine At Home

The Top 4 Reasons to Use a Heat Press Machine At Home

The success of a t-shirt printing process at home depends on the equipment used or the printing method applied. Some t-shirt printing methods can be tedious and time-consuming, but heat press machines are becoming much better with benefits. These heat press machines help to print designs using modern techniques, as well as creating intricate artworks effortlessly. The heat press machines come in different models. Therefore, you will need to do your research while having your preferences in mind to help pick a model that provides quality printing and longevity. Here are four reasons to use a heat press machine at home.

1) They Are Easy To Use

The heat press machines are simple equipment that can barely take much time to learn. Those who are prone to mistakes when printing t-shirts can enjoy the simplicity of the heat press machines. The models available in the market may be quite a bunch, but each one has unique characteristics that make the printing process much easier for the user. Heat Press Hangout products make printing easier even to beginners. Their heat press machines play a crucial role in creating original designs. One can also get to learn how to use the heat press machine after simple training.

2) They Are Versatile

Besides making the printing process effortless, the heat press machine can be used on different fabrics and still perform well when it comes to quality. This equipment can manage the heat that is required to print artworks on different materials to produce elegant designs. Unlike other t-shirt printing techniques, the heat press machines can is customizable to provide the right heat amount for the printing process.

3) Speed

Speed is essential when it comes to t-shirt printing, especially when a home has many family members. This machine helps to print t-shirts at a fair speed compared to other printing methods. Home users can print at a rate that they are comfortable with depending on their experience level or the number of t-shirts to print.

4) They Produce Quality Output

When it comes to t-shirt printing exercise, quality is a top priority. The heat press machine will ensure that the artworks are even and that they are placed accurately on the intended location. Quality also may mean reducing wastage, and that is what most people appreciate these days. These machines are becoming a game-changer because the complex designs can be done correctly. Also, the machine does not constrain the quality of the t-shirt. You can work on most fabrics.

The heat press machines are becoming common. Most people are considering this method over other methods to print t-shirts. With the simplicity of this machine, a beginner will not have difficulties working on any t-shirt. Currently, the heat press machines are accessible in most homes because of the fast advancement. With the advancement of modern technology, the heat press machines are now getting more features with sophisticated functions to make the printing process more manageable.

Halloween Treats for ADULTS

Halloween Treats for ADULTS


Who says Halloween is just for kids?  After the kids have returned from Trick-or-Treating and they’ve wound down for the night put them to bed it’s time for some adult fun.

Whip up some adult treats ahead of time, hide them from the kids, and take them out for a bit of spooky fun with your friends, or snuggle up with your significant other for drinks and nibbles as you watch a scary movie.

Here are a few recipes for Halloween treats and drinks for adults.

Black CocktailThe Blackbeard cocktail from Honestly YUM is made with chocolate stout.  It looks lethally YUMMY!

Recipe click here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]


Pumpkin cheese ballWhip up this Nacho Pumpkin Cheese Ball from Cincy Shopper, it’s creamy, crunchy, with a bit of spicy!

Recipe click here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]

Spiderweb DipDip the nigh away with this zesty south-of-the-border dip from Mr. Food.com

Recipe click here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]

Mummy BrieAdd a bit of sophistication to your Halloween with this Mummy Baked Brie found on Babble.com.

Recipe click here! [spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]


Smoking MartiniHere’s a lovey Smoking Martini created by Thomas Johnson from Cocktailatlas.com

Perfect for Halloween!
Recipe click here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]


CocktailThe Grave Digger Cocktail is a concoction of hard cider, whiskey, and ginger ale designed by Boulder Locavore.

Recipe click here!  [spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]