Move Like a Pro With These Moving Hacks – Savvy Nana’s

Move Like a Pro With These Moving Hacks – Savvy Nana’s


Moving into a new house is exciting, but the physical act of moving your belongings can be a drag. Professional movers have the tips and tricks down to a science but those of us who don’t do it for a living can find it more difficult.


These moving hacks from our friends at Simply

Self Storage will help you move faster,

easier and more efficiently.

They cover 50 essential moving tips, tricks and hacks to help you move like a pro.

Here are some of my favorites:




Moving Hacks for Your Kitchen

Fill a pot or crock pot with spices when you pack it. It saves space and keeps them safe during the move!

Put your stemware and glasses inside of clean socks to keep them from breaking.





Moving Hacks for Your Bedroom


Slide clothing on hangers directly into garbage bags,

then secure them with the ties.

It will keep them together and you can simply rehang them in the new house!




Keep shoes organized while moving by putting them in wine boxes with dividers!



Moving Hacks for Your Living Room


Keep cords together with toilet paper rolls. Label them and arrange them by room for further organization.

Moving Hacks for Your Bathroom

Put your jewelry in egg cartons so that they don’t tangle. Tape the carton shut so that it doesn’t open in transit.

Moving Hacks for Your Home Office

Put all of your important documents in plastic bags to protect them, then separate them in file folders or boxes so you know where they are at all times.


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8 Healthy Benefits of Sleeping on a Foam Bed

8 Healthy Benefits of Sleeping on a Foam Bed


Yes, we all know sleep is essential part of life, of everything! We all hear about how sleep is beneficial for the body and mind and overall health, right?


I log into my social accounts and read news and different posts on health and beauty – I am a bit obsessed with such things. Why? Well because I never get enough sleep. Every night I toss and turn and that causes chain of reactions.

Lack of sleep is the start of all problems. When I’m tired I can’t work, I look like a mess and I am really nervous. Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind even – that kind of nervous!

Not to mention that I eat all day long to regain some energy from lack of sleep and end up munching unhealthy foods.

So, something had to change. First of all, the obvious solution was getting a new bed or mattress. Thank God we have internet and with a little bit of research I found what I need on and finally I was feeling like myself again. It was Memory foam mattress.

Amazing durability of memory foam

This type of mattress is a great investment and worth the money. After all, I wanted something that would last for a long time and not something that needs changing every year or so.

On average Memory foam will last a bit less than a decade which is pretty great! If you invest even a bit more, the lifespan can even be 10 years or more.

For all of you suffering from allergies

These days allergies are a common thing. Sometimes it’s the food we eat and sometimes pollution or other things. But, I thought to myself – do I need to put my face and body on a mattress that gathers bacteria or mold locked in?

Memory foam is hypo-allergenic and perfect for everyone and especially those with sensitive skin or other allergy types. Manufacturers make sure to use the best materials in this case.

It is money well-spent this time.

Speaking of allergies, I have to mention some things about dust mites…

These little creepy things are all around us, yet we can’t see them. Ugh!

Trust me even the cleanest homes are full of these mites. And where can you find them the most? Get ready for the creepy answer: the bed mattress!

Basically, every mattress can ‘attract’ these little mites, but with Memory foam don’t worry about this.

And for all those that move a lot during the night

I’m one of those. Of course I don’t fall out of bed on the floor, but I toss and turn and need a lot of space to feel comfy in any way.

I prefer sleeping on every side – back, belly, sides. Everything is ok with me as long as my body feels nice on the bed.

This foam is so awesome it feels like it’s made especially for you. This just means it adapts to each unique type of body. It follows every curve and every body part.

Say bye to the pain

There’s literally nothing worse than feeling aches all over after you wake up. With my old mattress I was so grumpy and nervous in the mornings just because I felt sore all over.

Now, with this great new bed any pain I have is gone. And the best thing is that other pains can be prevented because I sleep on this bed every night!

Best night’s sleep you will ever have

Because this is such a great mattress that is invented for the best sleep ever, expect the best sleep ever!

Amazing materials are used and the foam adapts to you just perfect. Every day I’m thrilled for the bedtime hours – sleeping like this is heavenly. I even stopped with my Netflix addiction to go to bed earlier!


Your spine and back will thank you for this!

All the time we spend countless hours at our desks and computers. At my office I forget that all day long I’m in a crooked position and wonder why my back and shoulders hurt.

Another reason for these pains is of course a bad quality mattress. That was it. I invested my money in this new mattress and bed. I really don’t want to crack my joints each day.

It adapts to body temperature too!

The best part maybe, my favorite part! I tend to sweat a lot even in winter times. This wakes me up all the time and it is awful to change whatever I wear for sleeping every night.

The materials used for Memory foam are perfect for all of us sensitive to body temperature changes. My skin breathes and touches a hygienic material at the same time.


A perfect investment for healthy sleeping!





Putting Christmas Away- Cheap Storage Ideas

Putting Christmas Away- Cheap Storage Ideas


That’s it Christmas is over, the last carol sung, the last gift unwrapped, and the last cookie eaten; it’s time to put away Christmas.  Ugh!  I hate putting lights, ornaments, and all the Christmas stuff away, not as fun as taking them out of storage!


I thought I was clever when years ago I bought a dozen large plastic bins from Walmart to store everything in.  Still a good idea, but somehow every year I need more bins.

I don’t know why the same ornaments won’t fit back in the bins they came out of.  Of course there’s the new stuff I got at the after Christmas sales, they need to be stored too.

Then there’s the lights, no matter how I store them they mysteriously shift so that the next year I end up spending hours untangling them, or getting frustrated and replacing them with new ones.  This year will be better, I hope!

I’m not looking forward to the chore, but it must be done.  With a few new storage ideas and taking a few extra steps to organize everything I think I can do this.  Here are a few tips I found around the web, cheap organization tips that use  re-cycled and re-purposed items most of us have at home.

The bins are still handy, get the ones you can see thru so you know which bins to pull out next year. Assorted bins can be purchased at Walmart, Home Depot, and other discount stores.  There are “special” bins such wreath storage bags and ornament storage boxes, they are more expensive and I’ve always thought don’t store much and take up too much room, there are easier and cheaper ways to organize and store all the ornaments, the cheap large rectangular bins work best to keep smaller containers organized in one place.

Before you begin gather your supplies:

Clear sided large plastic bins
Cardboard squares
Egg cartons, fruit cartons, take out drink caddies, plastic cups, empty water bottles, or ziplock bags – you can use any of these containers or a combination of them – depending on what you have available
Sharpie Marker
Large trash bags (for the tree, and other large odd shaped items)
Clothes hangers (for wreathes)
Masking Tape

1.  Wrap lights to keep them from getting tangled.  This will save you the frustration of untangling them next year.

LightsBefore placing them in a bin wrap them around a hanger  or piece of flat cardboard (cut slits on each end of the cardboard, they will hold the light plugs in place
Or wind them around empty coffee cans.  Use masking tape and markers to label the lights – indoor tree lights or outdoor ones

2.  You can use the same technique to store garland or you can store beaded garland in empty water bottles.[spacer height=”-20px”]





3.  There are several ways to store ornaments depending on the type of ornament as well as what supplies you have on hand.

BinsLearn how to make this inexpensive hanging bin to store ornaments from Craptastic.

OrnamentsUse the plastic fruit containers from Costco to store large fragile ornaments.  It’s easy and FREE.

Store smaller ones in egg cartons.

Recycle cardboard drink caddies and stack them in your plastic bin.

Glue plastic cups on to cardboard and stack them in your bins for fragile and odd shaped ornaments.


Use Ziplock type bags to store ornaments, you can organize them by type, color, etc.  This would work well for the shatterproof balls, if you store fragile ornaments this way you will need to use old towels and linens to cushion them and keep them from breaking.[spacer height=”-20px”]





4.  Wrap fragile ceramic pieces from your Christmas Village, hurricane vases, candle holders, etc.  in old linens before placing them in your bins.  Better yet re-purpose hurricane vases, cake stands, and candle holders and use them when you decorate for other holidays through out the year.

5Wreath storage.  Hang wreathes and holiday linens to hangers and cover them in large plastic bags or trash liners to keep them clean, dry, and wrinkle free.


Candles6.  Slip holiday candles in old stockings to keep them dust free and wrap them in tissue to keep them from being dented before putting them in boxes or bins.[spacer height=”-20px”]

7.  If you have the space don’t take apart artificial trees, instead throw a large trash bag over it, secure it at the bottom and place in storage.  Next year your tree will be ready to go without too much work.
 Christmas tree storageOr store them in 2 8-in diameter concrete form tubes for easy compact storage.
Once you’re done putting Christmas away you’ll be ready to plan your winter getaway!  Call Savvy Nana Travel for all your travel
Easy Steps to House Cleaning for the Holidays

Easy Steps to House Cleaning for the Holidays

Free Holiday Design  Printable Schedule from Viva Veltoro click here!

The Holidays are fast approaching, many of us will soon be very busy.  We must add planning, shopping, cooking, baking, and entertaining to our list of daily chores and responsibilities. I know this time of year house cleaning often takes a back seat until the last minute when we find ourselves frantically vaccuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning the guest bathroom and kitchen.  It’s all we can do to make the common areas guest ready.  Cleaning the rest of the house seems impossible.    I often shut bedroom doors and declare the rooms off limits just so I don’t have to spend hours cleaning and organizing them.

This year I’m going to try something different.  I found these cleaning tips and cleaning schedule on  Blogger Ruth V.  teamed up with Merry Maids and has posted some great tips and a printable cleaning schedule to help folks have homes holiday ready by spending a mere 30 minutes a day cleaning for 7 days.

The schedule starts the week before guests arrive.  Everyday targets a specific room or rooms in the house, beginning with rooms that can stay clean and neat the longest and ends in the rooms that need to be sparkling clean when guests arrive.  It’s logical and practical!

I love the idea of spending just 30 minutes a day cleaning.  You tune out everything for 30 minutes and focus on the daily tasks.  They suggest using a timer to stay on schedule and focused.

The post also offers some great ideas for organizing toys, cleaning shower heads and more.  To read the article click here!

I’m hoping that following the tips and suggestions will get me on a year round routine and make housecleaning more manageable.

For FREE  Fall Design  Printable Cleaning Schedule click here!

Buy Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths from


Tips on Cleaning Small Kitchen Appliances

Tips on Cleaning Small Kitchen Appliances

Now that school’s back in session it’s time to clean house and transition from the lazy days of summer to the fall season.   While we’re all busy cleaning the big things; bathrooms, kitchens, windows, and more we tend to forget about the the small stuff.

It’s a good time to check all your small kitchen appliances and give them some TLC too, after all you invested lots of hard earned money purchasing them and we tend to use them more in the months ahead.  Here’s  some tips on cleaning and maintaining your small kitchen appliances; mixers, blenders, toasters, etc.

Before you begin, a couple of safety tips:

1.  Never submerge your small appliance in water.
2.  Unplug appliance before you start cleaning, except when you descale a coffee maker or electric kettle, clean blender blades, coffee grinders and other appliances you actually  have to run  to get them cleaned.  But do unplug them when you are cleaning the exterior.
3.  Remember to clean UNDER your small appliances that are on your counter tops, you’ll be surprised what’s hiding under them.  Unplug the appliance, move it, clean the counter, and replace it after you’ve cleaned it.

Standing mixers like a Kitchen Aid, cost a pretty penny.  Protect your investment and keep the mixer functioning smoothly by keeping it clean and greased.

For cleaning tips from Food Folks and Fun Click here!

*This post contains affiliate links.

Cleaning Small Kitchen AppliancesBlenders can be another costly small appliance, Ninjas and Vitamix, etc. that can get very dirty.

Learn how to clean them easily and safely from The Bold Abode.  Click here!

You can use this same method to clean your food processor.

Cleaning Small Kitchen AppliancesDrip coffee makers, including single serve ones like the Keurig need to be cleaned every few months specially if you have hard water.

The hard water leaves limescale deposits and will clog the tube and holes the water goes thru. The cleaning process to un-clog the hose and holes is called de-scaling.

It’s quite simple really, fill the reservoir with white vinegar and run the machine until the reservoir is empty. You may want to repeat this process one or two more times to make sure it’s clean.

If the reservoir is removable like in the Keurig, rinse the reservoir in clean water to get rid of the vinegar, if not then continue to the next step;  fill the reservoir with fresh water and run it until it’s empty; repeat with fresh water one or two more times to rinse out the vinegar in the reservoir and the tube.

Clean the filter holder or for single serve machines like the Keurig the k-cup compartment with warm soapy water.  Be careful cleaning the k-cup compartment, it has a very sharp spike that pierces the k-cup to brew the coffee.

Wipe the entire machine, including the electric cord, with warm soapy water.  Dry with clean paper towels or microfiber cloth to make it look like new.

For a picture tutorial check out A Few Shortcuts’ post “How to Clean Your Keurig”

Cleaning Small Kitchen AppliancesClean electric kettles to get rid of limescale.

1.  Fill kettle with white vinegar; bring to boil.
2.  Dump contents and rinse with fresh water to get rid of the vinegar

Cleaning Small Kitchen AppliancesClean coffee and spice grinders as needed.

This handy appliance is great for grinding coffee beans and spices but grinds can gather along the edges and affect the taste of future grinds, so clean them as needed.  It might be a good idea to have a grinder just for coffee and another for spices.

To clean grind up a slice of plain white bread with a teaspoon of baking soda, or you can use uncooked white rice & baking soda.  When it’s done, dump the contents and wipe the interior clean.

Cleaning Small Kitchen AppliancesToasters can get really dirty, specially when you pop in sugary foods like pop-tarts; the sugar or filling ooze out and get on the racks and heating element, not to mention the bottom pan fills up with crumbs that get toasted every time you use the toaster; that’s the burning odor you smell in morning.

Here are great step-by-step instructions for cleaning your toaster from Clean My Space.

Cleaning Small Kitchen AppliancesWe all love the smell of fresh baked bread and bread machines make baking them easy.  Keep your bread maker in tip top shape by cleaning them after each use to keep dough from hardening.
Be aware that not all of the bread maker’s removable parts are dishwasher safe, consult manufacturer’s instructions to see which are.

Don’t clean the machine right after baking, wait for it to cool down.  Wash not dishwasher safe parts in warm soapy water, dry before replacing.  Wipe the inside with warm soapy water to get clean off any spilled dough.  Wipe the outside with an all purpose cleaner to make it sparkle like new.

Cleaning Small Kitchen AppliancesAt our house an electric rice cooker is a must have, we eat rice almost daily.

The inner pot must be washed each time it’s used, but the lid and inside of this handy appliance can get pretty nasty and needs a thorough cleaning every month or so.

Open the pot, turn upside down and shake off any dried up rice and other debris.  Wipe the inside wall and bottom with warm soapy water.  Wipe inside the lid and in the seals.  If it has a small clear plastic cup on the outside, pull that out and wash in warm soapy water.

If your model has vent holes on the outer lid use a soft brush to clean it.  Wipe down the outside with warm soapy water.  Dry the cooker inside and out before you plug it back in.

Electric can openers can get sticky and crusty, specially the small blade, arm, Cleaning Small Kitchen Appliancesand gear.  Lift the arm, or remove if possible, wipe with warm soapy water.  Wipe the gear and blade carefully, the blade is sharp, after all it opens metal cans.

For more cleaning tips check out my post  How to Deep Clean Major Kitchen Appliances and 12+ Tips on Cleaning Your Bathroom.

For pantry organizing tips click here!

12+ Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

12+ Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Anyone Can Decorate

It’s spring time which means many of us are in spring cleaning mode.  The best way to tackle such a big task is one room at a time. I like to start in the bathrooms.  Here are some tips on cleaning your bathroom and so they will sparkle all year long.

Toilet Bowls

For me getting rid of hard water rings in the toilet has always been a challenge.  I usually resort to scrubbing it off with a pumice stone, nasty!

Here are a couple of things that may make the job easier, depending on how much build up you have, you may have to still scrub with the pumice stone or better yet a Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover.

Once you’ve got the ring removed you can keep it off with one of these methods.

*Clicking on linked product names i.e. Pumie is an Amazon affiliate link that will take you to the site making it easier for you to purchase that product if you wish to. 

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Anyone Can Decorate

Anyone Can Decorate uses unsweetened Kool-Aid to get rid of the ring.  She also uses it to get rid of hard water and soap scum buildup in the dishwasher.

Click here to find out how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Buttoned Up

Use denture cleaner, like Polident, to remove toilet stains without scrubbing.  Just drop a couple of tablets in, let it dissolve, and flush.  This tip came from Molly Maids via Buttoned Up.[spacer height=”-20px”]









My next biggest issue is the tub/shower.  I’ve always used harsh products to get rid of stubborn mildew, they don’t always work as promised and seem more harmful to my health.

Here are a couple of tips to make your tubs and showers look fresh and new.  Some do use bleach so be sure you work in a well ventilated bathroom, wear old clothes, gloves, and a mask or respirator when working with anything that contains bleach; also read labels before mixing bleach with other chemicals, you may end up mixing something toxic that will emit fumes that can make you sick.  Use tips containing bleach with extreme caution and proper safety/protective gear!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of This Blessed Life

This Blessed Life uses bleach soaked CelluCotton (that cotton coil the hairdresser puts around your head when you get a perm or hair coloring, you can get a bag on Amazon or a beauty supply store like Sally’s) to get rid of the mold in the grout around her tub.  She soaks the cotton in the bleach than lays it over the grout.  Let it sit overnight and removes the next day.

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Practically Functional

Get rid of mold on shower walls using this homemade cleaner by Practically Functional.  All you need is bleach, baking soda, and a toothbrush (or any other brush).

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of The Craft Patch

Clean tubs and get rid of bathtub rings without bleach and no scrubbing with this homemade cleaner by The Craft Patch.  She uses a mixture of Dawn and Vinegar, spray on, let sit for an hour, and wipe off.  No scrubbing involved!

Click here to learn how!

*Tip:  For easier application pour mixture into a soap dispensing dish cleaning wand, like the one pictured.  You can get it at any discount store or on Amazon.  To maintain the clean tub/shower keep the wand by the tub/shower and wipe on while you shower and let it do it’s magic.  That’s multi-tasking!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Finely Ground

For more stubborn dirt and grime in your tub/shower floor use Finely Ground’s method, 20 Mule Team Borax and a stiff brush.   You can get both at Amazon or most discount and grocery store.

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Giraffe Legs
Slow drains?  Your drains may need cleaning.

Before you call a plumber clean them by using this method by Giraffe Legs, it uses vinegar and baking soda which costs less than hiring a plumber.  This method unclogs drains from hair build up, if your drains are still clogged you may have something else plugging up your pipes or a number of other issues.  If cleaning the drains don’t work, you may still have to call a plumber, but at least you tried!

Click here to learn how!

Clogged shower head?  Unclog it and remove hard water stains too using this method by A Real-Life Housewife.  She uses vinegar!  (Vinegar really does have many household uses!)

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of First Home Love Life

Clean shower doors using this method by First Home Love Life.
She uses a paint brush to “paint” on Weiman Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Click here to learn how!

*Tip:  Once you got the shower doors keep them clean by rubbing on Rain X Water Repellent you can get some on Amazon or at the automotive department of any discount store.

For everyday cleaning wipe shower door with a dryer sheet like Bounce.

Another method for getting rid of stubborn soap scum is using the Vinegar and Dawn Mixture mentioned above for cleaning tubs/showers.

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Found on Listotic

Clean bathroom fixtures by rubbing a lemon on it then wiping with a Microfiber cloth.

*Tip:  Consider using Microfiber cloths to wipe all bathroom fixtures, surfaces, and mirrors.  They absorb well, leave not streaks, and clean easily.

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Family Handyman

Instead of vacuuming your air vents blast them with canned air like Dust-Off Compressed Air Duster.  Learn how from Family Handyman.

You can get canned air at Amazon or at any hardware or discount store.

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Rifles and Ruffles

Mix up some of this All-In-One Magic Bathroom Cleaner by Rifles and Ruffles.  It cleans, polishes, deodorizes, and disinfects everything in the bathroom.

Click here to learn how!

Counter Tops & Mirrors

Don’t forget the counter tops!  After you remove the clutter you can really deep clean your counter tops.  Here’s a great article from Tipsbulletin on how to clean and seal your counter tops!  Click Here!

Last but not least the mirrors.  You can use any type of glass cleaner they all work pretty much the same.  It’s not the cleaner that’s important, it’s what you use to wipe!

For streak  free mirrors make sure you have plenty of dry material to wipe them with.  The best wipes to use are newspaper pages!  They’r large and dry, perfect for wiping windows.  It’s also a great way to use old newspapers!