Cold Soothing Bath Salts

Cold Soothing Bath Salts

Yup!  Cold and Flu Season is definitely upon us.  We’ve been battling winter colds at my house since December!  We’ve all had our flu shots but they don’t exactly protect you from cold viruses, so we suffer with stuffy noses, scratchy throats, and in some cases fevers and chills.  That’s why I’ve made jars of these Soothing Bath Salts; they’re a great alternative or even addition to the Vaporizing Shower Melts I make.

Like the shower melts  these Soothing Bath Salts help clear your sinuses.  They are great way to relieve stuffy noses caused by colds and allergies.  Just toss a hand full or two of these Soothing Bath Salts into your hot bath, sit back, relax, and breathe in the soothing aroma of mints and eucalyptus.  Trust me your stuffy nose will clear up pretty quickly.

Soothing Bath Salts are so easy and inexpensive to make; the most expensive ingredients would be the essential oils, but a small vial of these oils go a very long way!  If you don’t already have essential oils you may want to consider investing in a small bottle of  basic oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass.  By the way treat oils as you would medication and keep them out of reach of children and pets; some oils are harmful to them; so do your homework before you use any oil.  Also never apply essential oils directly on to your skin; always use a carrier such as coconut, jojoba, or avocado oils, or dilute them in water.

I like to color my salts so that they coordinate with the shower melts and bath bombs I make.  I use gel based food coloring but you can use soap coloring or any kind of food coloring you have.  Or you can just leave them white.

Once you make these Soothing Bath Salts store them in airtight containers until ready to use.  They last for a pretty long time, but I wouldn’t keep them longer than 6 months to be sure the scents haven’t faded.  I like to store my salts in mason jars.

These bath salts also make great hostess gifts, holiday gifts, and party favors!

Another tip use metal or glass bowls when mixing your bath salts.  Plastic bowls and utencils will hold smells which may not wash out.

So having said all that here’s how to make these Soothing Bath Salts!


2 Lbs.  Epsom Salts

8 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

8 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

4 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Food or soap coloring


Place Epsom Salts in a large metal or glass bowl.

Add essential oils and mix very well.

Add food color

Place in airtight containers and enjoy!


Vaporizing Shower Melts

Vaporizing Shower Melts

Cold and Flu season are in full swing and even if you have took the flu shot (which you should have) you can still get the flu and winter colds.  I know!  I got the flu 3 times last year even though I had taken the flu shot as soon as it was available.  I know the flu or a cold is no fun.  You feel yucky, you’re tired, your skin and mouth can feel dry, and worst of all your nose is stuffy.  That’s where these Vaporizing Shower Melts come in handy!

Think back when you were a kid and had a stuffy nose.  Remember your mom or dad sitting you in the bathroom with the hot water running and the steam building up?  They probably even put a dollop of Vick’s Vaporub or Mentholatum ointment in a bowl of hot water.  Or perhaps they used a vaporizer in your room.  Which ever one they used the idea was to create steam that released the caphor and other ingredients in the Vaporub or Mentholatum, these days we call it aromatherapy!

Well so far since last Christmas everyone in my family has has a winter cold.  I swear no matter what I do or what medication I take my nose is still stuffy.  That’s why in desperation I turned to my parents’ stuffy nose cure, the good old fashioned vicks in a steamy bathroom.  But to bring it into this century I made these Vaporizing Shower Melts.

Vaporizing shower melts work on the same general idea, Vicks + Steam = stuffy nose relief!  Only it’s a bit more PC in that you’re not wastefully running water down the drain whilecreating steam.  It actually works with the water you’re  using to take my shower.  Talk about multitasking!

But best of all these Vaporizing shower melts really work!  Yes, they will clear your sinuses.  So they’re not just good for winter colds they’re great during allergy season as well.  Whenever your nose is stuffy these Vaporizing shower melts will definitely help out.  Now I’m not saying they’ll cure whatever ails you; they definitely won’t!  But they will make you feel just a little bit more comfortable for a little while.  In my case it clears my sinuses just long enough so that I can at least get to sleep.

My daughter told me that a while back these vaporizing shower melts were sold in stores but she hasn’t been able to find any recently.  Why bother to find them when you can easily make them.

Really these vaporizing shower melts are super easy to make and use 4 ingredients you probably already have.  All you have to do is mix them up, stick them in molds, freeze for an hour and they’re ready to use.  Seriously it’s that easy!

I used silicone molds to make mine, they’re really ideal for making these vaporizing shower melts because you can push the finished melts out of the molds so easily.  Not to mention there’re lots of cute molds out there and using them make the melts look so pretty.  But don’t worry if you don’t have any molds you can use ice cube trays!

I also decided to color my melts a teal blue, you can color yours any color you want or leave them white.  It’s totally up to you!

Once you’ve made the vaporizing shower melts you just have to store them in air tight containers, mason jars work well, and use them when you need them.  They should last for about 3 months, so you may have to make more to take you thru both the flu and allergy seasons.  By the way they make great gifts when you visit friends suffering from winter colds or allergies, they’ll love them!

To use them just place a Vaporizing Shower Melt in the shower with you when you’re taking your shower.  Place it somewhere out of the way like by the drain so you don’t step on it and slip.  The floor gets a bit slippery as it melts so be careful where you step.

Now again these melts are there to provide soothing relief from runny noses.  They do not treat colds, the flu, allergies, or other ailments.  If you have fever, sore throat, aches, pains, chills, and other cold and flu symptoms seek medical attention  from your doctor or a health care professional.  You definitely need to take care that a winter cold or flu do not develop into something more serious and only your doctor or health care professional can tell you what needs to be done and prescribe the correct medications you might need to get better.

So here’how you can make Vaporizing Shower Gels to help soothe your stuffy nose!  If you’ve got a stuffy nose when you make this you’ll find that the scents will clear your sinuses as you mix!  That’s an added bonus!

By the way use a metal or glass bowl to mix ingredients in.  Plastic will absorb the smells and will more than likely you’ll never be able to get the smell out.

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1  3.53 oz. jar Vick’s Vaporub, Mentholatum, or other similar ointment

2 Cups Baking Soda

8-10 Tbs Water

Food Color (I use Wilton Gel based colors)


vaporizing shower meltIn a large metal or glass bowl mix the ointment into the baking soda.  This make time some time for the ointment to mix well with the baking soda but keep mixing.

Add 4-6 tbs spoons water and continue mixing.  If mixture is too thick add water 2 tbs at a time until you get the consistency you want.  I ended up using all 10 tbs.  Mixture should be like fine sand to the touch but should be pasty and be able to hold its shape if you form a small ball.

Add your food color and mix well to distribute color evenly in the mixture.  You can add more color until you get the color you want, but if you’re using liquid color you don’t want to add t much as it will make your mixture wet.  That’s why I prefer the gel based coloring.  When you’ve achieved the color you want you’re ready to mold your melts.


Press mixture into your mold or ice tray.  The amount you need will depend on the size of your mold or tray.  I got 4 large hearts and 8 small ones from one batch.  You don’t want to double the batch as it becomes harder to mix.  If you need lots of melts make one batch at a time.

Place in the freezer to dry for at least one hour.  Then unmold and store in airtight containers.

They look pretty good in Mason Jars, specially if you’re gifting them to a sick friend.  Just add a tag with instructions on how to use them and you’re good to go!



5 Bed Shopping Tips to Get the Best Sleep

5 Bed Shopping Tips to Get the Best Sleep

A good night’s sleep helps us rejuvenate and wake up feeling energized to face the day. It’s also critical to staying healthy. But what determines whether or not we will have a good night’s sleep? Well, there are some factors that can affect the quality of sleep that an individual gets, and one of the most important one is the bed. That’s why when shopping for a bed, you need to ensure that you get the best. To help you get the best bed, here are 5 shopping tips that will help you get a bed that will allow you to get the best sleep.

1. Check the quality of the bed frame

The bed frame is an important component to your bed, and plays a huge role in giving you a good night’s sleep. That’s because, when it’s weak and keeps on making noise whenever you turn, then your sleep cycle will be interrupted. To ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, make sure to shop for a good quality frame. You can easily access information about quality bed frames through online reviews. One of the best reviews when shopping for a good bed frame is Wife knows. This site gives detailed information about different bed frames, and their prices. Check for some of their reviews.

2. Get a bed that is appropriate for your room’s size

It’s not just the bed that helps you get a good night’s sleep. The environment in your bedroom matters too. The more spacious and aerated your bedroom is, the better the quality of your sleep. That’s why when shopping for a bed, go for one that doesn’t take up all the space in the room. This way, air can comfortably circulate in your room, and give you the calm mood needed to get the best sleep possible.

3. Get a bed that matches the color scheme and bedroom furniture

As stated above, when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it is more than just about the bed itself. Even the color scheme, and furniture design theme matters, in bringing about calmness and a nice sleep. That’s why when buying a bed, go for one that matches your bedroom design theme. Let it be a bed that entices you to lie down, and fall into a deep relaxed sleep.

4. Shop with your partner

If you are a married person or just living with someone, shop for a bed with them. That’s because, they too want a good sleep, and can bring in new insights into what makes for a good bed. By putting your ideas together, you can find a bed that meets your tastes, and that’s perfect for a good night’s sleep. But even for single people, asking a best friend for help can come in handy.

5. Get your budget right

While a costly bed may give you a sense of class, don’t stress yourself buying one. After all, if you spend all your money on a bed, you definitely won’t have good sleep. That’s because, you will be stressing about where to get money for your other needs. To get a good night’s sleep, shop for a bed whose cost is within your budget range. The peace of mind you get from that will help you sleep nicely all night long.

4 Tips to Finding the Best Love Advice

4 Tips to Finding the Best Love Advice

One’s love life can be challenging, especially when the spark between you and your partner is not as vibrant as it once was when the relationship was just beginning. From time to time, you need advice to help keep your relationship afloat but most of the time it is hard to get a dependable source of this advice.

That is why we put up a list of 4 of the top tips to finding the best love advice. Read on to find out what they are.

Consult a dating expert

You can never go wrong by consulting a dating expert if you want the best kind of relationship advice. There is a large number of dating experts out there ready to help your relationship and give you the advice you need. It doesn’t matter whether relationship has hit rock bottom or not, a dating expert will offer top-notch advice to help you and your partner get back on track. Dating experts like Dating Advice Guru are usually well-versed with love and relationship matters since their work is purely professional. Make sure to do your homework well to ensure that your prospect is reliable and skilled in what they do.

Do your research

While a relationship and dating expert may not completely bust your pockets, carrying out thorough research on the internet is a great way to find love advice without spending a penny. Unless you will end up buying relationship guides online, all you need is good internet and a computer or smartphone and you are good to go. Bear in mind that too much information may be useless, so be careful with the sites you choose to trust. Give it a shot and you will be surprised by how much you can gain from doing simple research.

Read relationship advice books

You can also get exceptional love advice from reading books written by professional relationship experts and other marriage therapists. You can find these books in online stores or even in bookstores in your area. A great way to identify great books is through the authors. Most of these authors have profound understanding on issues concerning love and relationships. Before buying your book, find out who the author is and how much experience they have as well as how recommended their books are by other readers. A book with a lot of positive reviews and a huge number of following and readers is likely to have the kind of love advice you seek for.

Ask other elderly couples

As hard as it seems, consulting other elderly couples who have been married for a long time is a great way to acquire all the love advice you may need. Although love languages are different and what may work for another couple may not work for you, elderly couples that have been married for a while have enough experience to know what will and will not work in a relationship. The trick is to find two or three elderly married couples as they have the most experience.


5 Things you should know about getting out of an unhealthy relationship

5 Things you should know about getting out of an unhealthy relationship

A relationship is meant to be great for both partners, helping them to be happy and grow together. Trouble is that some people find themselves in relationships that make them miserable rather than happy. Because a lot of people are afraid of being alone, most people are involved in unhealthy relationships that end up draining their strength and self-esteem. Here are 5 things you should know about getting out of an unhealthy relationship.

Give yourself some breathing space

Whether it is a relationship with your friends, family and even spouse break away from an unhealthy relationship is more beneficial to you compared to being stuck in an unhealthy relationship. During this moment do not spend your time with people who make you feel bad about yourself.

Instead spend your time with people who make you feel good about yourself and who are always reassuring you that you will be fine and that everything will work out in the end. Find the type of people who can support you since it won’t be easy.

Plan your daily activities

Having moved out of an unhealthy relationship you will need time to recover. There are so many activities and plans that you might have made with your partner that will require some changes. The best suggestion is for you to make lasting changes and implement them straight away.

Once you have decided to move on, do so and stop questioning your decision, especially if you are coming out of an abusive relationship. Create a plan that you can use to avoid the temptation of going back to the same unhealthy relationship. This will not only help you to meet your health goals but it will also strengthen you as an individual.

Make a firm choice

Sometimes relationships are all about making choices that are beneficial to you. If you notice that you are not happy in a relationship or are getting abused, you need to make up your mind and end it. Do not attempt to end things in little steps since this only prolongs the process and makes it harder. Yes, the process won’t be easy and you might be single and lonely for a while but that is not the end. In due time you will find a partner who values you.

Do not bring friendship into the picture

Once you have ended an unhealthy relationship, give yourself some time away and try not to bring friendship between you two until you are sure there is nothing you feel towards the person, especially if at some point you have been intimate with the person. Deal with your anger and hurt feelings and give them time to heal.

Own your decision

Take a step back and carefully plan what you want in life. This might include making a list of activities that you can engage in that will keep you busy and going without the hustle and bustle of thinking about the other person. Just make the decision and own up to it.

If you know in your heart that the relationship you are in is not right, you don’t have to keep holding on. Try and fill the void at all times giving you lots of time following the breakup. In addition, give yourself both comfort and encouragement. Here is a guide from the law firm Anaya McKedy to help you start off.

5 Steps to unlocking your full potential

5 Steps to unlocking your full potential


We are all going through an ongoing and lifelong journey. Some of us may already have a goal or destination in mind, while others are still in the process of knowing what they truly want in life. But whichever state you are right now, it is important that you get to unlock your full potential so you can take a leap and get nearer to where you should be heading. That being said, you need to discover how you can unlock it because it is something that you might not discover early on.

Here are 5 steps to unlocking your full potential.


1.    Examine yourself.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to unlock your full potential is to examine yourself. If you are currently too preoccupied with a lot of things going on in your life, take a pause in between the chaos. It’s good to pause for a while. And then examine who you are right now and who do you want to be in the near future. Since unlocking your full potential is an ongoing journey, you will have to constantly ask yourself to get nearer to your goal.

2.    Know your ideal self.

In the same way that you examine yourself, your next step to unlocking your full potential is to determine what it really is your ideal self. What are you actually aspiring to be? When you have this solid idea of your ideal self, you can now start gearing towards that direction by doing things that are in line with that. Spend more time into doing the things that will lead you to who you want to be.

3.    Train yourself to continuously learn new things.

If you want to unlock your full potential, you must train your mind to try new things all the time. And if you ever get to a point of uncomfortable circumstances, learn how to embrace them. It is through trying and learning these new things despite the struggles that you can reach your full potential.

4.    Believe that you can do it.

A lot of people will serve as obstacles in your path and will make you feel like you can’t achieve the things that you aspire. You, of all people, are the only one who can get to your dreams because it is you who dreamed it in the first place. You can do all the things that you want to do if you strongly believe you can do it. People will always have something to say about you, but let all of that go so you can unlock your full potential.

5.    Start small.

You don’t have to go big immediately. You have to start setting small goals and from there, by doing and changing your habits little by little, you can achieve anything. In order to be fully transformed to whoever and whatever you want to be, starting small is important since by slowly achieving little goals, you will be better at what you’re doing.