Making Math Fun For Life

Making Math Fun For Life

Spending time with your children or grandchildren can be a real joy, but it’s also a golden opportunity to help them learn without even realizing it. With the latest exam data showing that just 42% of Hawaiian public school students are reaching proficiency targets in Math – the same percentage as in the previous two years – helping your child to be confident in numeracy is really important. Whether they’re following a delicious pancake recipe with you or working out how to make their Lego pieces fit together, kids need numbers. Thankfully there are lots of fun ways to support your child at home and build strong math foundations for life.

Laying fun foundations

Teaching professionals have found that simple math games can help to introduce your kids to mathematical principles in a fun way. Card games like Uno can teach them about matching colors and numbers, and counting the cards you need to pick up. Classic board games such as Monopoly help them learn to count numbers on dice, move spaces and count money; you could even get the Hawaiian edition to brush up on their local knowledge too. These traditional games are also wonderfully sociable and easy to play with less active members of the family too.

Math on the move

In a recent vacation survey, 64% of families were planning road trips as an affordable, easy way to travel. If you need something to keep the kids entertained, having some simple math games to hand can really help. Counting cars of matching colors is a nice easy game for all ages. You could also prepare colorful flash cards to test each other on your times tables as you travel.  

Mother Nature’s math class

For a really easy way to make math part of everyday life, simply step outside. As a local study finds that the average Hawaiian youth spends 3 hours a day on video games, make it your mission to step away from screens and get out into nature. Children can learn to spot shapes in nature, count petals, birds or study the shapes of different types of leaves. For a fun craft project, teach them to make a kite.

Math doesn’t have to mean sitting at a table with sums; you can use it when you bake together, make crafts or visit the park. By making numbers fun, approachable and relevant, you can remove some of the barriers which may make children feel less confident about the subject. Whether the child in your life is going to be an astronaut or sell their own paintings, math is at the core of life; help them find a little joy in it.

Plan Your Super Bowl Party – FREE Printables

Plan Your Super Bowl Party – FREE Printables

Super Bowl LIII is on February 3. It’s the largest televised sports event in America.   Millions will watch while consuming millions of pounds of potato chips and other snacks with friends and family.

Many people host parties around the Super Bowl, after all it’s more exciting when you watch the game with friends and family.  It gets really interesting when those present are rooting for opposing teams!  It certainly does at our house!

 If you’re planning a Super Bowl Party here are a few ideas to get you started.

 Send out invitations

It’s really a very informal event so you can text or email your Super Bowl Party invitations and ask for an RSVP via text or email.

You can create a simple invitation on  Just download a .jpg background and add borders, texts and more.  Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can share directly from the site.
Or you can download this free printable Super Bowl Party invitation I’m sharing with you and print it out on card stock and send to friends and family!



 If possible have 2 viewing areas.

Perhaps a media/game room and the family room, or better still your man cave and another room.  The die hard fans can watch the game uninterrupted (noise, kids, etc.) in one room, while the casual fans can watch in another room.  This should keep everyone happy!

Plan a menu of easy to make snack foods and set out a party bar or buffet.

For Super Bowl party bar ideas click here!   or if you must build a snack stadium.  For ideas and instruction on snack stadiums click here!

For fun Super Bowl snack recipes click here

Super BowlDecorate the party areas

Drape the table and around the rooms with pennants, flags, footballs, etc.  You can use either team’s  logos or generic football decor.
Here are some fun free Super Bowl Decorations I found around the web!

Super Bowl

Free Poster from (matte & frame not included)
For printable click here!

Plan a fun activity or game before the game begins, at half-time, and for kids during the party.

Keep the kids busy with coloring pages of your team.
Super Bowl
Free coloring pages from
Super Bowl
Free printables from click here!

Play game bingo free printable from click here!

Super Bowl
image from


Super Bowl
Purchase these printable photo booth props here!

A photo booth is fun for young and old.

You can use bunting, pennants, flags, etc. for your backdrop and set out props.  You can purchase downloadable printable props from

How ever you decide to spend Super Bowl Sunday have a great time!

For more party ideas follow my Super Bowl Party Bowl on Pinterest!



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FREE Printable Halloween Door Signs

FREE Printable Halloween Door Signs

Halloween Door Signs

Lately I’ve got Halloween on my mind, and it’s no wonder Halloween is just a few weeks away!

Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays, surpassed only by Christmas!  It marks the start of the busiest time of year for us when 4 major holidays seem to run right into each other.  It sure makes the last quarter of every year go by fast!

We started our Halloween/Fall crafts and decorating back in late August and still aren’t ready!  We’ve made a few wreaths and jars, but we’re still working on costumes for the kids.


To get everyone in the Halloween spirit I thought I’d share these fun door hangers.  They’d be fun to hang on any door in the house, on your office desk, or a school locker.

Just print them on card stock and cut them out.  Click on the links to get the FREE jpg files.

We’re working on FREE printable signs and stickers for my favorite neighborhood game “You’ve Been Booed!” and should be able to share them soon!

Aren’t familiar with this game?  Check out my post last Halloween for game details and come back soon to get this year’s new FREE Printables – we’re adding matching stickers/tags for you to print out and hang on your Boo Basket!   Click here to learn more about this popular neighborhood game!

Halloween Door Signs

Click here to download this door hanger!

Halloween Door Signs

Click here to download this door hanger!









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“You’ve Been Booed” – Neighborhood Game – FREE PRINTABLES

“You’ve Been Booed” – Neighborhood Game – FREE PRINTABLES


It’s Halloween time again!  Yay!  It’s my favorite holiday right after Christmas.

One of the things I love about Halloween is that I get to give treats, and not just to kids.  That’s why I love this neighborhood game I learned while visiting my daughter in Arizona a few years ago.

It’s called “You’ve Been Booed!”.   The idea is to anonymously gift 2 neighbors a basket of treats, they in turn will gift 2 others, and the game goes on.

My grandsons have a great time helping put gift baskets together and devising elaborate plans on how to drop off treats unseen.  I think it’s great fun and a good way to teach youngsters about sharing.

My daughters have already started collecting treats for their  Halloween “Booed” baskets, they can’t wait to start the game in the neighborhoods.

This game can be played around the neighborhood or even at work or in school.  We’ve designed several new versions of this game complete with instruction sheet and coordinating signs, tags, and stickers.  I’m sharing them here for you to print and use this Halloween season.  We have several versions of each sign (You’ve, I’ve, We’ve…been booed) for different circumstances.  Choose the one that best fits your game.  We designed door hangers as well if you’d prefer to give them out instead of a sign that can be taped on a door or window.  The door hangers can be hung by friends and neighbors on their front door know to indicate that they’ve already received a basket.

Just click on the links below for your FREE PRINTABLE signs.  You can print them on plain paper, cardstock, or even sticker paper.  You can even mix & match the designs!  Have fun!


Spooky Ghosts and Pumpkin   (Instruction sheet, door signs, door hangers, & round tag or sticker)

Click here to download pdf files!


Door Hanger!  Click here to download!


Ghost & Spider Set.   (Instruction sheet, door signs, door hangers, & round tag or sticker)

Click here to download pdf files!


Ghost hangers!  Click here for download!


Friendly Ghost Set.   (Instruction sheet, door signs, door hangers, & round tag or sticker)

Click here to download pdf files!


Friendly Halloween Trio Set.    (Instruction sheet, door signs, door hangers, & round tag or sticker)

Click here to download pdf files!


Trio door hanger.  Click here to download!

The next 2 sets are meant to be printed and cut-out into the shapes.  I print them on cardstock then cut them along the outer edge of the pictures.

For this friendly jack’o lantern set click here!


Click here for this eerie tombstone set!

For more ideas and another FREE Printable 
game sheet, check out my post last Halloween! 




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Round Up of Star Wars Crafts for Kids

Round Up of Star Wars Crafts for Kids

star warsHere we go again.  Just in time for summer vacation Disney is releasing the newest Star Wars movie.  This one’s called Han Solo – A Star Wars Story.

Just like Roque One released two summers ago this movie is not part of the original Star Wars saga.  Instead it’s a stand alone story designed to eventually tie all the movies together by filling in the background for characters and events brought to life in one of the movies starting with the very first Star Wars classic now called the New Hope or episode 4.  Long story and actually even debatable as to which order the first 6 movies should be viewed.  I’m not going to even get into that debate.  I’m a Star Wars fan pretty much but I’d hardly call myself a hardcore fanatic.

star warsRegardless what order one chooses to view the Star Wars saga I know that this latest addition will stir up interest in all things Star Wars yet again.  Just like how The Last Jedi stirred up interest in the later part of last year when it was released during the holiday season.

So to give you a heads up here are a few Star Wars related crafts that should keep the kids busy for a while.  So go ahead take them to see Han Solo and gather your craft supplies and let them get creative.   I know I’ll be taking the grandkids to see the movie and we’ll probably end up making some of the crafty things I’ve posted here!

By the way Star Wars aren’t just for kids, adults love them too!  I’ll be posting some crafting ideas and even recipes that are Star Wars related in the coming weeks so check out my posts this may get interesting!  If you can’t wait check out my round up of Star Wars  free crochet patterns!

star warsChewbacca Hand Puppet

Since the movie is clearly about Han Solo it’s only fitting that the first craft the kids make is this cute Chewbacca Hand Puppet.

A Grande Life gives you step by step instructions on how to make them out of brown paper bags!

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]





star warsStar Wars Magnets

I just love these Star Wars Magnets by the Rural Mom!

They seem pretty easy to make, they look super cool, and they’re practical!

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]





star warsStained Glass BB-8

BB-8 is the adorable little drone we met in The Force Awakens.  He’s become a favorite with kids and adults alike!

Here’s a frugal craft featuring this beloved character by Raising Whasians!

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]




star warsYoda Puppet

Yoda is timeless.  Who doesn’t love this sometimes silly little green man with the pointy ears?  Learn how to make this super easy Yoda puppet from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]






star warsSponge Printed Death Star

A round up of Star Wars crafts wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t make a Death Star.  Gotta have a Death Star!

Here’s a cool one from Crafts on Sea!

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]





star warsLight Sabers

You know it’s all about the light sabers!  Here are 3 different crafts that make some sort of light saber.

Play Trains will show you how to make these super cute mini light sabers for your plush Star Wars critters to hold.  The kids can play with them too!

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]




star warsThe mini light sabers a bit too small for you?  Or you’d prefer something a bit more educational.  How about these Light Saber Sensory Bottles by Little Bins for Little Hands?

They look super cool.  I’ sure the kids will love them!

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]






star warsStill want something useful?  How about these Light Saber Popsicle Holder by Celebrating with the Bug?


Still looking for more Star Wars related crafts?  Check out my round up of Star Wars crafts for the Family.

Keep an eye out for more Star Wars crafts and even recipes!  I’ll be sharing some soon!


Ready for some Star Wars fun at the Disney Theme Parks?  Let us at help you plan an amazing Disney get away for you and the family!  Call us 808-372-7734!









DIY Subway Art Mother’s Day Card – Free Printable!

DIY Subway Art Mother’s Day Card – Free Printable!

Subway Art Mother's Day CardJust about everyone I know heads to the store around this time of year in search of the perfect Mother’s Day card.  But have you seen the price of cards lately?  I happened to browse Walmart’s card section the other day and was surprised to find cards for almost $10!  Sure some of them are big and fancy, with sparkles, gems, ribbons, sounds, and other embellishments.  But really TEN BUCKS for a card that will more than likely end up at the bottom of Mom’s desk drawer or worse yet in the trash bin.  Talk about throwing money way!  Not to mention the sentiments are trite and somewhat generic, many don’t convey everything we want to say.

I’ve gotten many Mother’s Day cards thru the years after all I have 3 grown kids and 5 precious grandbabies.  I run into them when I clean out my nightstand drawer, at least the store bought ones.  The ones I cherish are the ones the kids and grandkids made for me, those aren’t shoved in the drawer!

One of the advantages of homemade cards is that you can make anything you want and say anything you want.  That’s what makes them so special!  And let’s not forget homemade cards are much cheaper than store bought ones.  You can save that $10 or put it towards the gift!

Well lately my Cricut Explore electric die cutting machine has become my BFF.  I’ve been quite busy making party invitations and décor for the children’s birthdays, not to mention holiday décor including Mother’s Day gifts for the Moms in my life.  So I thought why not make Mother’s Day cards to go with those gifts.

I made several different ones but one of the simplest and nicest I think is this Homemade Mother’s Day Subway Art Card.

I’ve really been into Subway Art lately, I even used it for my Mother’s Day Subway Art Tray I shared last month.  In fact I used the tray as a background for the Mother’s Day Subway Art Card picture on this post!

I love Subway Art because it’s cute, simple, and very easy to do.  You don’t need special equipment just your computer and printer.

If you’re not sure what Subway Art is it’s actually Typography Art.  In short a bunch of words typed in different fonts, colors, and sizes then arranged in an attractive way.  The words can revolve around a theme, they can convey a message, or be the words of a poem or slogan, lyrics of a song, or whatever you want it to say.  You can use it many ways.  I’ve seen it used as framed art work, on wedding invitations, signs, and more.  Remember I used it to make a Mother’s Day Tray, the words on the tray, and the card is “Mother” in different languages.  Very appropriate!

Subway Art Mother's Day CardI’m very pleased with this Homemade Mother’s Day Subway Art Card and I’m so excited to share it with you!  I’m sharing 2 printable jpg designs that you can download and print at home.  And I’ll tell you what you need to make it and how to put it all together.

I used blank 5×7 white cards with matching envelopes.  You can pick up packages of blank cards at any craft store.   Or you can cut your own out of card stock.

I printed the Subway Art on white card stock.  To fit on the blank card I made it 4.5” x 6.5”.

Then I cut out the “frame”.  The frame measures 5×7 outside and the inner frame is 4×6, it fits perfectly over the Subway Art.  I’m sharing the frame template too!

I glued everything on the front of the blank card then to make it super special I embossed “Happy Mother’s Day” with embossing powder and heat gun.  But if you don’t have a heat gun no worries!  You can leave it just the way it is or use markers, crayons, paint, glitter, or whatever you have to dress up the letters.

I left the inside of the card blank and will be handwriting Mother’s Day sentiments for each recipient.

Easy peasy!  Best of all this Mother’s Day Card cost me a big fat 0!  I already had everything on hand!

Subway Art Mother's day card

So here’s how you too can make this card for Mother’s Day!



Subway Art Mother's Day CardSubway Art printable and frame template  (You’ll find 2 different designs!) – Click here

Blank 5×7 card or DIY out of cardstock

A7 Envelope (optional)

Card stock – white, and pink or whatever color you want the frame to be – If you’re cutting your own card base then you’ll need card stock in your choice of color as well

Glue – you can use the kids’ school glue like Elmer’s white glue

Scissors or Exacto knife

Ruler or straight edge

Markers, glitter, paint, or whatever you want to dress up some letters (optional)



Download the printable and template

Pop it into a photo editor like photoshop, paint, or whatever you have and size it to:

Printable 4.5” x 6.5”

Frame 5”x7”

Print the printable and frame template on card stock – White cardstock for the printable and whatever color you want the frame to be.

With the help of a ruler or straight edge cut the printable to size.  Then cut out the frame and the rectangle inside.

Glue the Subway Art in the center of the card base*

Glue the frame over the Subway Art making sure to align it with the card’s edges.

Great! Simple right?

* If you aren’t using pre-made card bases you can make your own with card stock.

Cut out a rectangular piece of card stock in the color you want.  It must measure 10” in width and 7” in length.

Fold it vertically in half

For a crisp fold use a credit card or other straight edge and run it over the fold

Subway Art Mother's Day CardYour card will measure 5”x7” and will fit in an A7 envelope if you choose to use and envelope.

At this point your card is good to go, but if you want to dress it up you can.

I used gold embossing powder and heat gun to highlight Happy Mother’s Day.

You can use markers, paint, glitter glue, or whatever you have on hand to dress up your card.

Get creative and have fun!  Mom will love her Mother’s Day Card this year!

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