Adorable Crochet Bunny Ears Headband with Flowers

Adorable Crochet Bunny Ears Headband with Flowers

bunny ears headbandI know Easter was yesterday.  So this bunny project is a bit late.  Sorry, but I just found this free pattern the other day and just had to make it for my granddaughter Harper.  I love this crochet bunny ears headband with flowers!  They’re just too cute not to share.!

I found this pattern for bunny ears headband on Pinterest last week.  It just popped up on my feed and I figured it was meant to be.  I immediately clicked on the link on the post and found that it was a free pattern from Grace & Yarn.

My brain went into over drive when I saw the adorable bunny ears.  She shows the bunny ears headband in 3 different colors on her site; white, beige, and gray.  I figure I could make them in different pastel colors; pink, mint, lavender, yellow, peach, the possibilities are endless!  Of course I didn’t have time to make all those colors this year, but that doesn’t mean I won’t!

These bunny ears headbands are super easy to make.  I made mine in less than an hour.  Ok if you’re new to crocheting it might take you a bit longer.  It’s also a great way to use up yarn scraps.  I know every crocheter or knitter has baskets or tubs full of yarn scraps!  That’s why making these bunny ears headbands are super cheap too!  All you need, unless you don’t have yarn scraps, are the headbands.  And like Stephanie on Grace & Yarn says you can grab a pack of 6 headbands from the Walmart Girl’s Department for $3.  That’s 50¢ a headband!

Hey if you’re a craft fair vendor you can whip up a bunch of these and sell them at your next fair.  Stephanie is gracious enough to allow you to sell her design as long as you credit her for the design.  That’s too awesome!

I’m already thinking of ways to not just make more bunny ears headbands in different colors, I’m thinking up ways to adapt the ears for different critters.  Wouldn’t cat ears and lion ears be awesome?  Stay tuned, I plan on creating and sharing just as soon as I can find the time!

Mean while click here for Stephanie’s free pattern for Bunny Ears Headbands!  Hey if you do make them take a picture and share them with us!


DIY Crochet Twin Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover Sets – FREE Patterns!

DIY Crochet Twin Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover Sets – FREE Patterns!

Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover

With Easter right around the corner it was time to make Easter outfits for my twin grandbabies.  I found a couple of crochet patterns for the hat and diaper cover and made a tutu for my granddaughter. I tweeked them a bit for a better fit.

The twins are 6 months old so I used the 6-9 month old hat pattern but changed the hook to a smaller “F” size to make it a bit smaller.  The pattern calls for a size “H”.

Here is the bunny hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.  She has step by step directions from newborn to adult sizes.  I used this same patter for both hats, just changed the color of the inside part of the bunny ears.

The pattern for the diaper covers are from Crochet A Flower that has instructions for 0-9 month covers.  The diaper is adjustable.  For the girl’s cover I used the same color yarn for the border and added a pink pom-pom to match the bunny ears.  For the boy’s I used a contrasting color to match the bunny ears and pom-pom.

I made a Tutu for the girl using the same technique I used for her Elf Tutu I made for Christmas.  I just made the tulle strips shorter so you can see the pom-pom.  I used 6″ strips so the tutu is about 3″ all the way around.

Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover

For FREE bunny ears hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me Click Here!

For FREE diaper cover pattern from Crochet a Flower Click Here!

Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover

For FREE bunny ears hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me Click Here!

For FREE diaper cover pattern from Crochet a Flower Click Here!

For a great Tutu tutorial from My Frugal Family Click Here!

Both projects took me about 6 hours.  I’d love to see your bunny hats!  Enjoy!  Happy Easter!

For a cute Peek A Boo Bunny Crochet Easter Basket FREE Pattern and instructions Click Here!

Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover
Peek A Boo Bunny Basket

The Bunny Ear Hat pictured above uses the same FREE Pattern in this post, just used a different color combo.

Sherbet Easter Basket

Sherbet Easter Basket

It’s Easter time again, and one of my favorite Easter crafts is making Easter Baskets for my grandchildren.  I know there are many plastic and metal baskets out there, and they’re all very inexpensive.  But I like to make them baskets that a different from those you can buy at Walmart.

Sherbet Easter BasketThe other day I went to our local craft store and found this pretty yarn by Red Heart.  It’s color is called Sherbet.  When I saw it I just knew I had to turn it into a Sherbet Easter Basket.

This basket is very simple to make.  It would be a perfect project for a beginner.  It does however use foundation single crochet for the handle.  So it’s a great way to learn one of my favorite techniques if you aren’t familiar with it.

Foundation single crochet is a technique that combines the foundation chain with the first row of any project.  Instead of making a row of chains, something I find tedious, and going back to make the first row of single crochet, or any stitch for that matter, this technique is initially worked vertically and you have the chain on one the left side and the single crochet on the right.  Using it for the basket handle is a great way to learn it!

To make the basket a bit sturdier I used 2 strands of yarn held together for a thicker strand.  To do this it’s easier to use 2 skeins of yarn, but you can roll a skein into 2 balls and work with that.  The Basket doesn’t use a whole skein.

To make the sides of the basket round 5 is worked in backloops only.  This brings the sides up from the bottom of the basket.

The handle is also made with 2 strands of yarn.  You make 2 separate handles which are then twined together.  If you want it to be stiffer you can twine the bands around a pipe cleaner.

The basket is worked in rounds that are joined at the end of each round.  The beginning Ch 2 if each round counts as the first stitch of that round.

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Here’s the pattern!  You can make it any color you want and even use bulkier yarn and a larger hook if you prefer.

If you want to print the pattern Click here to download the free PDF version.


Ch = Chain

Sl St = Slip Stitch

FSC = Foundation Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

Backloop DC = Backloop Double Crochet

DCdec = Double Crochet Decrease



Hook size I (5.50mm)

#4 Worsted yarn in Sherbet


Ch 5, join to first Ch to form ring

Rd. 1:  12 HDC in ring, Sl St to first HDC (12HDC)

Rd. 2:  Ch 2, DC in same st, 2 DC in each st around, join to top of Ch 2.  (24DC)

Rd. 3:  Repeat Rd. 2.  (48DC)

Rd. 4:  Ch 2, DC in same st, DC in next st, *2DC in next st, DC in next st*, repeat **around, join to top of Ch 2.  (72DC)

Rd. 5:  Ch 2, Backloop DC in each st, join to top of Ch 2.  (72DC)

Rd. 6-8:  Ch 2, DC in each st, join to top of Ch 2.  (72DC)

Rd. 9:  Ch 2, *DC decrease over next 2 sts, DC in next st* repeat ** around, join to top of Ch 2.  (48 DC)

Do not fasten off.  You will now make the first band of the handle.

Make 45 FSC, fasten off.  Leave 6” tail for attaching to opposite side.

For the second band of the handle attack a double strand of yarn to the DC next to the first band and make 45 FSC, fasten off.  Leave 6” tail for attaching to opposite side.




Foundation SC: Its basically worked in 2 parts – the chain part which you make first, and the SC part made right after it.

Ch 2, insert hook in 2nd. Chain from hook, yarn over, pull up loop, you will have 2 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull thru 1 loop, (you just made the chain part of the FSC and you will have 2 loops on your hook),  yarn over and pull thru 2 loops, (this is the SC part of the FSC and you will have 1 loop on the hook).  You’ve now completed the first FSC.

Now insert hook between the chain st you made in the first part of the st and the SC you made in the second part.  Yarn over, pull up loop so you have 2 loops on hook.   Yarn over, pull thru 1 loop, you now made the chain part and have 2 loops on hook.  Yarn over, pull thru 2 loops, you made the SC part and have 1 loop on the hook.  Continue this pattern until you have the length you need.

Click here for a FSC photo tutorial by Craftsy!

Or watch this video tutorial from

Sherbet Easter Basket
This is what your 2 bands of FSC should look like. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]




Sherbet Easter BasketHolding both bands together make a knot at the base by the basket’s rim.  You need the knot so that when you twine the bands together it will stay twined and not unravel.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]






Sherbet Easter BasketStarting by the knot you just made twine both bands together .[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]






Sherbet Easter BasketWhen you reach the unattached end of the bands make a knot.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]







Sherbet Easter BasketInsert the 2 tails of yarn from each FSC band into 2 stitches on the opposite side of the basket.  Make sure it is positioned evenly with the other side of the handle.  Knot both tails together and trim ends.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]





Sherbet Easter BasketYour basket is done!  You can fill it up with all sorts of Easter goodies.  I filled this one up with Pom Pom Bunnies and Chicks.  Click here to learn how to make them!





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DIY Stenciled Easter Basket

DIY Stenciled Easter Basket

Stenciled Easter BasketThe other day I was looking for Easter baskets at Walmart.  There was no shortage!  They had Easter baskets in all sizes, materials, styles, and prices.  They ranged any where from $0.88 to over $5.00, and that’s just for the basket.  As to be expected the fancier the basket the more expensive it was.  Well I didn’t want to pay more that $5 for a cute little basket that had hundreds exactly like it, and of course the cheap plain ones just wouldn’t do.  So I thought why not buy a cheap plain basket and make it special.

It doesn’t take rocket science to come to this conclusion and for me the easiest way to make a basket extra special is to personalize it.  I decided that I would paint the twin’s names on their baskets using homemade stencils which I could cut on my Cricut Explore.  I could even paint bunnies and eggs on it.  And of course cinch it all with a pretty bow.

It didn’t cost me much to make my stenciled Easter basket, I had all the supplies in my craft room.  All I really needed were the baskets.  I knew I had some at home, but didn’t feel like searching for them so I picked up these 2 baskets for $0.88 each.

Stenciled Easter Basket

I choose these 2 baskets and hurried home.  I designed the stencils in the Cricut Studio and used the machine to cut them out.  Then I got out my paints, I used Apple Barrel paints which I had purchased in Walmart’s craft department for $0.57 each, and stencil brushes also from Walmart.

I thought it would be easy, tape the stencils on the basket with painter’s tape and dab the paint on.  Not quite!

The first issue I ran into was that the stencil didn’t lie flat on the basket, and the curve of the basket skewed the letters.  Darn!  I should have bought the square baskets!  Oh well, I didn’t feel like going back so I had to make it work.

Stenciled easter basketSo instead of taping on the stencil as planned I held it in place and dabbed paint one letter at a time.  I re-positioned each letter as I went.

Keeping the letters in line was easy, I followed the basket weave.  But the weave itself posed some problems, the letter didn’t cover just one slat, it took up 2-3 which left gaps.  Not much can be done about it, so I plowed ahead.

After the letters I stenciled the bunny and eggs on either side of the names.  [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]




Stenciled Easter BasketWorked out pretty well I think.  The paint sort of over ran the letters but I was able to wipe it off.  Do this after it dries or you’ll end up smearing the paint, not good![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]




Stenciled Easter BasketI used the larger brush to dab the paint on the basket.  When I was done with all the letters and images I used a small brush to fill in spots and make the outline sharper.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]







Stenciled Easter Basket

I had to make 2 baskets, one for Harper and the other for her twin brother Sadi.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]






Stenciled Easter BasketWhen the paint was dry I glued on a little pom pom tail.  Then tied on a ribbon bow.  Stenciled Easter Basket







Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Stenciled Easter Basket!

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Plain basket or bucket – I choose to use woven baskets, but it will work just as well on a plastic bucket.

Acrylic Paint – your choice of colors

Stencil brushes

Stencil – if you have a die cut machine you can make your own stencils, to make letter stencils check out this excellent YouTube video on how to make stencils with a Cruicut Explore by James Chamblin.

If you don’t have a die cut machine, no worries you can use any letter stencils you can buy at a craft store.

Small white pom pom

Ribbon for bow

Stenciling is not quite like painting where you have brush strokes.  To stencil dip the brush in paint,  dab some paint off on a paper towel, you don’t want dripping paint.  Then holding the brush perpendicular to the area you are stenciling dab paint in the cut spaces until you’ve filled it in completely.  Work in dabbing or circular motions, not stroking.  Try to work within the empty space getting as close to the letter edges but avoid painting on the stencil itself,  if you do paint can get under the stencil and when you lift off the stencil you will have drips.  When you’re done filling in the letter let the paint dry somewhat before removing the stencil, this doesn’t take very long, you may want to blow on it a bit to speed up drying.  When you’re ready to remove the stencil lift it straight up to avoid smearing.

After I was done stenciling all the letters and the bunny and eggs I didn’t think the paint was dark enough so I used a smaller brush to add a second coat of paint on the letters and catch any unpainted spots.  I also used the brush to define and outline the letters.

When it’s completely dry you can glue on a bunny tail, white pom pom, if you have stenciled on a bunny.

Stenciled Easter BasketIf you don’t have a die cut machine here’s a bunny template you can print out and use, just adjust the size to fit your needs, print and cut out.  Click here for template!


I filled my baskets with some Pom Pom Bunnies and Chicks, learn how to make them here!

If you prefer a crocheted basket click here for my free pattern for a crocheted Sherbet Easter Basket!

Sherbet Easter Basket[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]


DIY Easter Plaque – Free Template

DIY Easter Plaque – Free Template

DIY Easter PlaqueMy daughter Jaime is planning an Easter Egg Hunt for her 2 year old son Jett, and some of his friends.  While shopping for supplies and decor for the party she ran across a cute cardboard Easter sign in one of the discount stores, it cost $12.  She liked the sign but thought $12 was a bit steep for a small cardboard sign.  When she told me about it I told her about one of my Easter projects, this DIY Easter Plaque.  I was going to send her one along with some other Easter items I’ve been making.  I sent her a picture and she loved it!  She thought it would be a great sign for an Easter Egg Hunt.

I actually made 4 of these plaques, one for each of my daughters and daughter-in-law, and of course one for myself.  These are made of wood plaques I got from the craft store and spray painted with Design Master’s Tint It.  I used this paint because it’s a transparent dye spray, it tinted the wood the color I wanted, but it also allows the natural wood grain to be visible.  I wanted this effect verses the complete coverage of regular spray paint which would have covered the grain.

(This post contains affiliate links for the supplies I used)

I made a stencil using my Cricut Explore Air, an electric die cutting machine.  I also used the Cricut to cut the candy, bunny butt, and other pieces out of cardstock.  I used the stencil and  painted on the words using Apple Barrel acrylic paint  and a stenciling paint brush. 

The bunny butt is attached to a natural wood slice that is glued on to the plaque.  You can find these wood slices at the craft store or you can order them from Amazon.  The other cardstock pieces are also glued on.  I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue to glue everything on.

The brown fence part that the bunny is wiggling thru is a rectangular piece of brown cardstock stamped with a texture stamp in wood grain.   I cut a circle in the center so that it would fit over the wood slice.  I raised it above the plaques surface by gluing wood slices on the plaque and gluing the cardstock on the slices.

I also used foam Easter Egg stickers which I scattered between the cardstock candies.  For the bunny tail I glued on a small white pom pom.

If you don’t have a cutting machine you can use letter decals or stencils , or even stamps to make the words;  cut out a circle for the butt and ovals (2 larger white, 2 smaller pink); and cut out the candies.  I’m sharing templates for the peep and jelly beans to help you make the candies.  Just print them out on colored paper or cardstock and cut them out.  You will have to adjust the size and duplicate them on the same page to have multiples.

DIY Easter PlaqueClick here for the free templates!

DIY Easter Plaque








Here’s how I made my plaques:


Wood Plaque – you can get these at most craft store, the ones I used already had holes on the top for hanging and came with twine.  If your plaque doesn’t have the holes, drill 2 holes on the top for hanging.

Twine (if your plaque doesn’t come with it)

Spray paint or tint the color you want

Acrylic Paints the colors you want

Stencil Brushes

Wood Slices

Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Cardstock in different colors (if you don’t have cardstock you can use colored construction paper, but it may be a bit flimsy)

Texture stamp (if you don’t have a texture stamp you can draw in lines with a dark brown market to make it look like wood)

Ink Pad in brown

Ink Roller

Egg Stickers (optional – you can cut out egg shapes from colored cardstock or paper instead)

Removable Tape

Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer


DIY Easter Plaque Paint or tint wood plaques the color you want.  I used  Design Master’s Tint It in Turquoise, but you can use any type of paint you want.

Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area and cover your work space.  I do all my spray painting in my back patio and cover the patio table with paper bags.

When you paint the plaques remember to paint the edges all around too.

Let this dry completely before you proceed.  It took my plaques less than half an hour to dry.[spacer height=”-20px”]


DIY Easter PlaqueTape your stencil on to the painted surface of the plaque using painter’s tape or removable tape .

Using a stencil brush paint in the letters.  To use a stencil brush you dip the brush in the paint, remove excess paint buy holding the brush perpendicular to a paper towel and lightly tamp the brush on the paper towel until excess paint comes off.   Then, holding the brush perpendicular over the stencil tamp the brush in the area you are painting.  Do use brush strokes, just tamp the brush in the spaces until the letters are filled in completely.

DYI Easter PlaqueWhen you’ve painted all the words gently lift the stencil straight up to avoid smearing the paint.  Let the paint dry before proceeding.

Meanwhile you can cut out your pieces from cardstock.

When the paint is completely dry glue on the wood slices, match them up to the “fence” piece so that the slices lifting it up won’t show, match the slice that will show in the center of the fence with with hole.  Glue it in place.

Glue the feet on the circle you cut out for the bunny butt and glue the pink oval pads on the feet.  Follow the picture for placement.  Then glue the bunny on the wood slice, about a quarter of the way from the top of the slice.  You want to see some of the wood slice.

Glue on the candies and stick on the egg stickers.

Spray the plaque with a clear sealer, I use Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer

Finally tie the twine thru the holes on top of the plaque.

DIY Easter Plaque

This project didn’t cost me much to make, the only thing I had to buy were the wooden plaques, which I got on sale at my local craft store for about $2 each.  I already had pretty much all the other supplies and of course the cutting machine.  I had several cans of Tint It I got when I  found them on clearance at Walmart a while back for $2 a can.  I used scarps of cardstock from other craft projects and I have a basket of acrylic paints, I buy them whenever I find them on sale or see a color I like when browsing in craft stores.

If you have to buy all the supplies I listed it will definitely cost you more than $12.  I wouldn’t recommend you do that unless you plan on using the supplies again in the future, or plan on making several plaques.

A less expensive way to make something similar is buy the wood plaque, a can of spray paint, a pack of cardstock or construction paper, glue (Elmer’s glue works too!), letter stickers, and pom poms.

Rubber Stamping & Scrapbooking at!

Easter Neighborhood Game – You’ve Been Egged –  FREE Printable

Easter Neighborhood Game – You’ve Been Egged – FREE Printable

Easter Neighborhood GameHere comes Peter Cottontail! Hippity Hop! Easter Sunday less than 2 weeks away.  It’s a good time to start this fun Easter sharing game in your neighborhood, office, school, or anywhere else you want to share some Easter treats with friends and family.

As everyone knows our family loves holidays and celebrate everyone! And we love these You’ve Been…games.  We think it’s a great way to teach young children about sharing.  They love to help make treat baskets!  It’s also a great time to get to know the neighbors.  Finding treats on your doorstep is a great ice breaker!
It’s just like the other holiday neighborhood games like “You’ve Been Booed”  and “You’ve Been Jingled”.

We play this Easter Neighborhood game every year!   The kids love helping make baskets and dropping off the treats.  The trick, and the fun, is to not get caught dropping off the treats!  The kids have a blast plotting their escape!

1.  Print out 2 copies of each of the printable pages.
2.  Make a basket of treats, be sure to include a couple of treat filled eggs to stay in the Easter Egged theme.
3.  Include a copy of each page in the basket.
4.  Drop off a basket to 2 neighbors’ door, or someone’s desk without being seen.
5.  Once you’ve been “Egged”  display the “We’ve Been Egged” signed for all to see.
We’ve made some printable game sheets we want to share with you.  Just click the link to download and print!
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