Traditional honey-glazed gammon

Traditional honey-glazed gammon


Since Christmas season is well under way and this particular holiday brings about such tasty dishes, Traditional honey-glazed gammon is one in every of our incomparable favorite meals of the year. Completely excellent for Christmas, or the other special dinner you would like to share with loved ones. They say that the honey-glazed ham is at its perfection once it melts in your mouth. The key to a delicious and tender honey-glazed gammon is in guaranteeing the meat is recent. The longer it’s marinated; This menu can have everybody licking their plates.

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Click here for Traditional honey-glazed gammon recipe


For cooking the gammon
2kg/4lb 8oz unsmoked boneless gammon joint, tied
2 onions, halved
2 carrots, unpeeled, cut into 5cm/2in pieces
2 celery stalks, cut into 5cm/2in pieces
4 bay leaves
12 black peppercorns
small handful cloves
For the glaze
4 tbsp runny honey
4 tbsp English mustard



1. Place the gammon joint into a large lidded saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil over a high heat. Drain the water from the saucepan, add fresh cold water, the onions, carrots, celery, bay and peppercorns and bring to the boil once more. Reduce the heat, cover with a lid and simmer the gammon and vegetables gently for 20 minutes per 500g/1lb 2oz. (If your pan is not quite large enough to cover the joint completely, turn the gammon over halfway through the cooking time.)

2. Remove the gammon from the water and set aside to cool for 15 minutes. (The cooking liquid can be strained and reserved for making soup for another time.)

3. Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6 and line a large roasting tin with kitchen foil.

4. Use a small knife to remove the rind from the gammon joint, leaving as much of the fat intact as possible. Score the fat in a diamond pattern, and push a clove into the centre of each ‘X’.

5. Place the gammon into the foil-lined roasting tray, ensuring that the sides of the foil come halfway up the joint to contain any roasting juices.

6. For the glaze, mix the honey and mustard together and brush half of it evenly over the gammon, including one side of the joint. Roast in the centre of the oven for 10 minutes, then take the joint out and brush the top and remaining side with the rest of the glaze. Return the gammon to the oven for a further 10– 15 minutes, rotating the tin so that the opposite side of the gammon faces the back of the oven.

Traditional honey-glazed gammon
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Traditional honey-glazed gammon
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Christmas Brunch

Christmas Brunch

On Christmas Morning my children and grandchildren arrive at my house to open presents and have brunch, it’s another family tradition started when the kids were young.

Our usual routine is orange juice and cocoa or coffee in the kitchen before we head over to the formal living room to distribute and unwrap gifts.  This ritual takes at least 2 hours and I usually pop in to the kitchen to toss the egg dish in the oven during the last hour or so.
When the kids were younger we served a plated breakfast at the table, these days with in-laws and grandkids there’s just too many of us for a proper sit down breakfast, not to mention the unwrapping ritual takes us longer,  so we set up a brunch buffet instead.  Although times have changed the menu has not.  I like to keep it simple and easy to prepare so I look for things I can prepare the night before and throw in the oven before brunch.
Our traditional menu includes:
Chile Relleno Torta – a delicious baked egg dish, I got the recipe years ago from Diane Mott Davidson’s book “Dying for Chocolate”.  For recipe click here!
I serve this with fresh warm tortillas, salsa, and sour cream on the side.
French Toast – I try different types every year.  This year I will try this Overnight Creme Brulee French Toast recipe from Carl’s Bad Cravings.  For recipe click here!
Fried and Scrambled Eggs
Breakfast Meats
Hash Brown Potatoes
Coffee, Cocoa, and juice
Here a a few ideas I found around the web you may want to try this year.
BrunchCinnamon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups by Rindy Mae
Recipe here!

Strawberry Santas by Leanne Bakes

Recipe here!



OmeletOmelet Breakfast Bites by Raining Hot Coupons

Recipe here!


TrifleFruit Trifle from Chef in Training

Recipe here!

PancakesFunfetti Buttermilk Pancakes by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Recipe here!




Eggs BenedictEggs Benedict Casserole from All Recipes

Recipe here!


Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts From Your Kitchen

Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts From Your Kitchen

The bests gifts I receive are always homemade ones.  It means that the giver cared enough to take the time to DIY Christmas gifts.  I specially love homemade candies and cookies.

Here is a round up of easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts from your kitchen.

Homemade mints in pretty jars are great hostess gifts anytime of year.

They look pretty, you can make them any color and shape you want.   Learn how to make these cream cheese mints here!  [spacer height=”-20px”]

Gifts From Your Kitchen

DIY Christmas Gifts in a Jar are always a yummy hit!

You can put almost anything in a jar and make it look good, seriously!  It’s a convenient and inexpensive way to package DIY Christmas gifts, or gifts for any other time of year.

Here are a few suggestions:

Ice Cream Topping and other gifts in a jar from Mom Laughs.

For my cookie mix gifts and free printable click here!

For my cappuccino mix and free printable click here!

Gifts From Your Kitchen

An orange wreath!

Grab a case of clementines from the fruit market to make these cute and healthy clementine wreaths.  No cooking or baking involved!

For instructions click here!



Gifts From Your Kitchen

Divine Caramel Sauce is very versatile!

It can be used to top ice cream, pancakes, and more!  I love it for my homemade bread pudding!

For recipe click here!   [spacer height=”-20px”]




Cookie dough

Frozen Cookie Dough, another great idea!

You can use you’re own cookie recipe or even buy refrigerated cookie dough from your local grocery store.

click here for recipe!



For more ideas follow me on Pinterest!



Thick and Fluffy Santa Hat – Free Pattern

Thick and Fluffy Santa Hat – Free Pattern

There are many patterns for Santa Hats out there. This is one of my favorites.  I love the thick and fluffy trim!

I made two of them for my twin grand kids, Harper and Sadi. Loved it so much I made some for the other grands and my sister-in-law’s grandkids as well.  I used the free pattern from Creatiknit which I accented with Holly Leaves and Berries.  I added a cute gingham bow to Harper’s hat. I tied a large jingle bell at the tips so the kids jingle when they walk.  FUN!

The pattern uses #6 worsted yarn and a Size N hook, the stitches work up very quickly!  Instead of using #6 worsted yarn for the hat body I used one strand of #4 yarn in red and one strand of #4 Caron Simply Soft Party yarn in sparkle red.  I held both strands together while making the hats.  For the white trim I used Bernat Baby Blanket Super Bulky #6 yarn in white.  I used this for the pompom too.  The holly leaves and berries are made with #4 yarn in green and red.  I made the bow using 5/8″ ribbon.

Hook Size N 9mm

#4 worsted yarn in red, sparkle red, and green

#6 bulky yarn in white

Yarn needle

Click here for Santa Hat Pattern from Creatiknit!

Click here for Holly and Berry Pattern from Ravelry!


Santa HatDon’t have time to make this hat?  No worries check out my Etsy Shop!  I’d love to custom make one for you!
Want a thinner Santa Hat?  Here’s another free pattern I used to make a thinner version, click here!


Plan Your Cool Christmas Photo Cards Now!

Plan Your Cool Christmas Photo Cards Now!

Do you love to send Christmas Photo Cards like we do?  You know those personalized cards with pictures of your and the family?


We love to send Christmas Photo Cards, it’s a great way to give family and friends updates.   I love to receive them too!  It’s always a pleasure to see how everyone is doing and wonder how much the kids have grown from year to year.

But many folks tend to make Christmas Photo Cards at the last minute donning  Santa hats and calling it a day.  Then they wonder why their cards didn’t turn out awesome.  Well, not so in our family!

Sure you can pop a Santa cap on everyone’s head, and maybe even dress them in Christmas T-shirts or frilly dresses. Then you all can stand together by a Christmas tree and have someone snap a photo.  Or hop over to the photo studio at Walmart or Target and have them take your photos.  Yes, you’ll have Christmas Photo Cards to send, but will they be awesome?  Probably not, they’ll be just like everyone else’s family picture in front of a Christmas tree or fireplace, in short, mundane and possibly boring.

Christmas photo cardsBut with a little bit of thought and planning you can send out awesome Christmas Photo Cards this year.  It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, you probably already have the props; it just never occurred to you to use them in your Christmas family photo.

And yes you can take your own photo at home, have a friend or family member do it, go to a photo studio, or hire a photographer.  Do whatever feels comfortable for you and your family and what fits your budget.

Here are some ideas and tips on how you can take send out the most awesome Christmas Photo Cards this year!

christmas photo cardsThink & Plan

Think about how you want your picture to be.  Formal, fun, scenic, or whatever fits your family’s personality.

Think about where you want your photo taken.  Sure you can do it at home or at a studio, but think outside of the box.

How about outdoors?  If you live by a park or green area you can do a photo shoot there.  Or maybe an ice skating rink,  playground, or a nice block in your neighborhood.

Once you decide where you want to take your photo you plan on the time to take it.  If you’re going to a photo studio then book your appointment as soon as possible.  If you decided to shoot outside then you may want to wait until Christmas decorations are out, usually by Thanksgiving, so you have plenty of time to take your photos.

Decide on your wardrobe.  PJs are great if you’re going for a Night Before Christmas look.  Sweaters are a must if you’re shooting outdoors in cold weather.  If you don’t already have the outfits you can buy or borrow some.  Don’t forget to check out thrift stores and resale shops for kids’ Christmas outfits, they’re generally worn once and outgrown; you may find some treasures at a resale shop!

Gather your props.  Gift boxes, ornaments, gift bags, and even strings of lights make great props.  Best of all you probably have them tucked away in your closets!  If you need cool Santa Hats check out my crocheted ones here!

christmas photo cardsGet it done!

Once you decided on place, time, wardrobe, and props all that’s really left to do it to get it done.

On the day of your appointment be sure the kids are well fed and dressed comfy on the way to the studio or photo location.  You don’t want cranky kids in scratchy clothing grumbling and crying before you take pictures.

Remember to bring your wardrobe and props.  If you’re going to a studio or have hired a professional photographer you may not need to bring your own props, but check with them before hand.

When you arrive at the studio or location get everyone dressed and ready to go.  Then smile!

You’ll want to take several poses, and even different groupings.  That way you’ll have  lots of photos to choose from!

And remember have fun during the photo shoot!


Christmas photo cards

Our Favorite Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert

Our Favorite Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert



Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert – I can’t get enough of this cathedral window jelly after.

This jelly dessert consists of cubed colored gelatin embedded in a creamy mold. My family usually serves this during the holidays, hence the red, and green gelatin. However it doesn’t mean you can’t have it the rest of the year. I used a silicone polymer pan however you will use any mold you prefer.

Here’s a recipe from Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert.

Colored Gelatin
1 (3oz/85g) box of strawberry jelly powder
1 (3oz/85g) box of lime jelly powder
1 (3oz/85g) box of lemon or mango jelly powder
1 cup boiling water per 3 oz box
⅓ cup cold water per 3 oz box
Cream Jelly
½ cup pineapple juice
½ cup condensed milk
½ cup heavy cream
4 tbsp sugar
¼ tsp salt
1 ½ cups water
3 tbsp unflavoured gelatin
1 cup boiling water


1.In three separate mixing bowls, completely dissolve the contents of each envelope of flavored jelly powder in 1 cup boiling water. Stir in ⅓ cup cold water to each. Transfer each gelatin flavor in square or rectangular containers and refrigerate until they set. Cut the flavored gelatin into cubes and arrange in your preferred jelly molds (I used a silicone bundt pan).
2.In a medium bowl, combine pineapple juice, condensed milk, heavy cream, sugar and salt. Stir with wire whisk until incorporated. Set aside.
3.In another mixing bowl, combine 1½ cup water and 3 tbsp unflavored gelatin powder. Stir until the powder completely dissolves. Allow the mixture to rest for 10 minutes.Gently add 1 cup boiling water to the gelatin mixture then continue stirring until the mixture is clear.
4.Pour the gelatin mixture into the milk mixture, whisking until well incorporated. Pour this gelatin-milk mixture evenly over the jelly cubes in the mold. Allow to set in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.
5.To serve, turn the jelly dessert out onto a serving plate.


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Our Favorite Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert
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Our Favorite Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert
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