Father’s Day Subway Art Tray

Father’s Day Subway Art Tray

Father’s Day is June 17th.   This year we’ll be home to celebrate the day.  We’re usually on vacation and don’t really make such a big deal about.  I mean dads are lucky to get a phone call or possibly a tie or bottle of cologne, assuming we remember to pack the gift and take it with us.

Since it’s so rare that we find ourselves home for Father’s Day we’ll be celebrating the day the right way!  For sure we’ll be grilling steaks in the backyard, that’s my husband’s favorite meal!  The grandsons and I have also been busy making gifts for the fathers in our family, that’s grandpa, their dad, and their 2 uncles.

Father's Day Subway Art TrayJust like the Subway Art tray I made for my daughter-in-law on Mother’s Day I made Father’s Day version.  As yo may know right now I’m all about Subway Art.  I love it because it’s pretty and very easy to make.  You can make it on just about anything including canvas, paper, card stock, metal, and more.

This Father’s Day Subway Art Tray is painted on a metal tray I bought in Walmart.  It cost me just under $10.  I painted the inside of the tray with Plaid’s Folk Art Chalkboard Paint,  cut out a stencil on my Cricut Explore Air then painted the letters on with Plaid’s Folk Art craft paint.  When the paint dried I sealed the painted surfaces with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Seal.  Now the tray can be used for just about anything, however you can’t place food directly on to the painted surface.  How easy was that?

Here’s how you can make a Subway Art gift for Dad this year.  I’m sharing the template here for the stencil, which by the way are words for Father in different languages.  You can download and save the template, it’s a jpg file, on to your computer and upload it to the Cricut Design Space if you want to cut it out on your Cricut, or you can print it and cut the letters out by hand.

By the way you don’t have to print the words on to a tray, you can stencil them on to a canvas, wood plaque, or whatever medium you prefer.


Metal tray or medium of your choice

Father's Day Subway Art TrayStencil – click here for the free template

Chalk Board paint in black

Paint brush

Acrylic Paint in various colors

Stencil brush

Paper towels

Clear Sealer

Clean Scouring pad



Gently rub the surface of the metal tray with a clean scouring pad to lightly roughen the surface so the paints will stick.

Paint the inside of the tray with black chalkboard paint, 2 coats should do it.  Also to dry completely between coats.

Dry for 1 hour.

Place tray in oven and set the temperature to 350 degrees.

When the oven reached the correct temperature turn on the timer for 30 minutes and let the paint cure.

After 30 minutes turn off oven and leave the tray in the oven to cool.

Download the stencil file and either upload to your Design Space account to cut on your Cricut (you can resize the stencil in Design Space to fit your needs)  Or pop the file into a photo editor and re-size to fit your needs, print it, then cut out the letters with a craft knife.

Place the stencil in the tray and paint in the letters with whatever color you like.  You can make your subway art monochrome by using only white paint, or you can use different colors for each word.

Let dry over night.

Spray painted surface with a light coat of clear sealant.  Let dry then apply a 2nd. coat.

See easy peasy!  Dad will love this Father’s Day Subway Art Tray!


DIY Comic Strip Frames & Boxes for Father’s Day

DIY Comic Strip Frames & Boxes for Father’s Day

Comic Strip Frames

In our family Father’s Day is sometimes overlooked, lost in the hustle and bustle of summer vacations, family reunions, and other events.   Determined not to let this happen I scoured the web last month for gift ideas my grandsons could make for their poppa, and uncles.  There were many great ideas out there, I even wrote a post, 12 Really Cool Father’s Day Crafts – FREE Printables, highlighting my favorites.

I showed the different ideas to my grandsons, Dion and Devon, they both loved the comic book decoupage frames and boxes. Devon especially loved the frames and wanted to put his picture wearing his Captain America costume in them.  Definitely right up his alley!  Dion decided he’d make the boxes and fill them with candy, he knows how much his dad and uncles like candy.  He’s filling his poppa’s box with coffee K-cups, his poppa’s a big coffee drinker.
These ideas came from Crafts by Amanda, aside from the frames and boxes she also makes comic strip magnets.   She uses comic book pages from comic books she was lucky enough to find at a garage sale for a quarter.  We weren’t so lucky, we didn’t have any old comic books laying around and I didn’t want to hit the garage sales in search of any.  Instead I found some free images of comic strips online (there are many, just do a google search for “free comic strip images”) and printed them to use for our craft projects, they worked just fine.
I found the unfinished frames at the Walmart craft department, they cost $1.11 a frame.  The paper mache boxes came from our local craft store and were $4.39 each for the large oval ones.  The boxes come in many shapes and sizes and ranged in price from $1.99 on up.  Mod Podge can be purchased at Walmart’s craft department and most other craft stores.  We used small sponge brushes that we got from Home Depot for .54 cents each, they have them at Walmart in the craft and paint departments as well.  This whole project ( 4 frames & 4 boxes) cost me less than $30 and I still have lots of Mod Podge glue and sealer left for future projects.  So the average cost for each frame and each box is about $3.75.  A great deal!
We pretty much followed the directions found on her site but added extra coats of Mod Podge glue (affiliate link)and a coat of Mod Podge gloss sealer (affiliate link).  Thanks to Crafts by Amanda we came up with super Father’s Day gifts that didn’t cost much and were very easy to make.  The boys made 4 frames and 4 boxes in a couple of hours, that’s including drying time between coats!  (The boys went out to play while they waited for the glue to dry, they are very good multi-taskers!)
I found that working with comic strip pages is very forgiving, the print is so busy you don’t really notice flaws such as wrinkles and seams.  A great craft for kids who aren’t always patient about gluing things together!
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Comic Strip Frames
Here are instructions for the frames and boxes!
Supplies for frame:
Comic Books or printed comic strip images – if you are going to print them be sure to adjust the size on the printer so that the image will fill the page otherwise you may end up with a tiny image surrounded by white paper.
Mod Podge Original Glue – Matte finish
Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer – Matte Finish
Small sponge brushes
Newspaper or drop cloth to cover work surfaces
Comic Strip Frames
1.  Position the frame on top of the comic strip page as best as you can so that you can have the images you want on the frame.  The boys tried to get as much of the super hero’s image on the frame as possible by shifting the wood frame around until they were satisfied that they weren’t cutting off “vital” parts. Trace frame onto comic strip page with pencil. To get the desired images you may have to trace two “C” shaped strips and connecting them when you position them on the wood frame.  We didn’t need to so we just traced the whole frame and the inside part as well.  Remember the rectangle you cut out of the middle won’t be placed on the wood frame.  We saved those pieces for later should we decide to make them into magnets or other craft.
2.  Cut out the traced shape being careful to cut the middle opening out without cutting into the surrounding piece.  Should you nip a bit of the outer piece don’t worry too much about it.  You don’t need to start all over, just glue it securely in place later on, you’ll probably hardly notice it.
3.  Brush a light coat of glue on the wood frame and on the backside of the strip or strips you will be using.  Allow to dry for 5 minutes.
4.  Carefully position the comic strips onto the glue coated wood frame (place the side of the comic strip you brushed glue on to the frame – both glue coated surfaces should be together).  The strip should lightly adhere to the wood.
5.  Working from the middle of the frame out, gently lift off the comic strip section by section and press onto the frame to work out bubbles and wrinkles.  You may have to dab on a bit more glue so that the strip sticks to the wood well.
6.  When you’re satisfied with the placement and have made sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles brush on a coat of glue over the entire surface.  You don’t have to soak the paper, just be sure you get the glue brushed on evenly on the whole frame.  Allow to dry 10 -15 mins, or until it’s no longer sticky.  We had a fan on so it didn’t take our glue to dry, it dried in about 5 minutes.
7.  Once the glue is dry check the frame, you may have to trim off excess paper at this point.
8.  Brush on 3 – 4 more coats of glue, allowing glue to dry between each coat.  About 10 – 15 minutes drying time between coats.
9.  After your last coat of glue allow the frame to dry for an hour.
10.  Spray on acrylic finish.  This is a job for adults to do outdoors or in a well ventilated area.  If you’re sensitive to chemicals wear a mask when applying the acrylic finish, it has a very strong smell and can’t be healthy.  Allow to dry at least an hour before inserting your photo.  We let ours dry overnight.
Comic Strip Frames
Supplies for box:
Paper Mache Box  – any shape or size
Small sponge brushes
Newspaper or drop cloth to cover work surfaces
Spray paint (optional – in your choice of color)
1.  If you want to spray paint your box before applying the comic strip you can spray paint it in what ever color you want.  Allow it to dry completely before proceeding to glue on comic strips.  We didn’t paint ours.
2.  Position the lid on the comic strip page, try to include the images you want to apply to the lid.  Trace the shape of the lid on the page.
3.  Cut out the traced shape.
4.  Cut out 2 strips of the page in the width you desire – you can cut them as wide ad the sides of the box or slimmer so that you will have plain edges on the top and bottom.
5.  Brush glue on the box lid, sides of the box, and on the backside of your comic strips.  Allow to dry 5 minutes.
6.  Position the comic strips to on the lid and sides of the box.
7.  Working from the middle, gently lift off the paper and work out bubbles and wrinkles as you press it on to the box.
8.  When you’re satisfied with the placement and are sure you’ve worked out all bubbles and wrinkles brush on a coat of glue on the comic strips.  Don’t soak the paper, just be sure the glue is spread evenly.  Allow to dry 10 – 15 minutes.
9.  Once the glue is dry check all sides of the box and lid. You may have to trim away excess paper so that the comic strip is even with the lid and box.
10.  Brush on 3 – 4 more coats of glue, allowing glue to dry between each coat.  About 10 – 15 minutes drying time between coats.
11.  After your last coat of glue allow the frame to dry for an hour.
12.  Spray on acrylic finish.  This is a job for adults to do outdoors or in a well ventilated area.  If you’re sensitive to chemicals wear a mask when applying the acrylic finish, it has a very strong smell and can’t be healthy.  Allow to dry at least an hour before inserting your photo.  We let ours dry overnight.
Fill box with what ever you want or nothing at all, the boxes make great storage for cufflinks, coins, and other small stuff.
Comic Strip Frames
Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed – FREE Printables

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed – FREE Printables

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of donalskehan.com

Mother’s Day is fast approaching; but you still have plenty of time to think of something to give Mom this year.  If you’re thinking about taking her out to brunch or dinner you better make reservations now!  Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for most restaurants, that’s probably because Moms don’t want to cook on Mother’s Day, I know I don’t!

Instead of taking her out this year why not make Mom breakfast in bed?  You don’t have to be a great cook, it can be as simple as bringing her a bowl of cereal or even a pop tart and a glass of orange juice.  The idea is to make the day special by doing something for Mom instead of how it usually works,  Mom getting up and doing for everyone in the house!

Here are some ideas and recipes for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.  I hope it will inspire you this Mother’s Day!

How to serve it?


Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Buckets of Burlap

First things first!  It all begins with a tray, you’ll need to put her food on something to carry it to her room.  Even if it’s just a pop-tart it will look yummy dressed up plated on a nice dish and served on a pretty tray with a flower from the garden.

Buckets of Burlap up-cycles pallet wood to make this pretty breakfast tray table.

Click here to learn how!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Mother Earth Living

Mother Earth Living makes this cute tray from an old suitcase lid and bits of wallpaper.

Click here to learn how!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of So You Think You’re Crafty

For a multi-purpose tray try this up-cycled cabinet door by So You Think You’re Crafty.  You can serve her breakfast and wish her Happy Mother’s Day on the chalkboard tray!

Click here to learn how!

If you don’t have an old cabinet door you can paint an old metal or plastic tray with chalkboard paint and add a couple of cabinet pulls from the hardware store to make a similar tray.  Or just paint the frame of a chalkboard and add the cabinet pulls for handles.  Lots of possibilities here to show off your craftiness!

What to serve?


Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Donal Skehan

Now that your “stage” is set you’ll need to move on to the main event, FOOD!  Whether you’re a top chef or a kitchen klutz I’m sure you’ll find something yummy to serve Mom.  Just remember presentation is everything; even a store bought donut can look special plated on fine china with a paper doily from Walmart.

Want to impress Mom with your culinary skills?  Cook her up some of these yummy things from Donal Skehan.

Click here for recipes!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Ok, so you don’t cook, you can still impress her with a yogurt parfait topped with fresh fruit and granola.  You can buy it all from the market or go ahead try your hand at some homemade granola.

Click here for granola recipes!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Stepable

Somewhere in between chef and klutz?  How about these “Love” pancakes from Stepable?
It’s done using boxed pancake mix, you basically just add water and stir if you get the quick pancake mix!

You can fry up any letter you want to send your own special message.

Click here to learn how!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Hungry Happenings

If you really want to impress Mom with your craftiness and culinary abilities whip up this edible arrangement from Hungry Happenings.

Click here to learn how!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Always With Butter

Oh, right!  You’re banned from the kitchen because you’re the burn the kitchen type of cook!  No worries, pop on over to the neighborhood coffee shop and pick up a couple of pastries and her favorite tea or coffee.  Slip them out of the bag and plate them on a doily covered dish and pour the hot drink in a pretty cup or mug, she’ still love it!


What about the beverage?


Breakfast in Bed

Courtesy of Wine & Glue

You can serve mom her favorite tea or coffee in a pretty cup or mug and a pitcher of OJ or her favorite juice.  If you want to make it really special whip up one of these morning beverages.

Wake her up with a fruity Sunrise Mimosa from Wine & Glue.

Click here for recipe!


Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Pieces of a Mom

Mom prefer something spicier?  How about this Perfect Bloody Mary from Pieces of a Mom?

Click here for recipe!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of The Kitchn

If Mom’s not into booze mix up this refreshing non-alcoholic Citrus Rosemary Spritzer from The Kitchn.

Click here for recipe!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of No Fat No Whip

Serve your beverages, hot & cold, in pretty carafes and tea or coffee pots so she can have refills.  Saves you from going back and forth to the kitchen for them.

Still need a GIFT?


Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of B. Lovely Events

If you still feel breakfast in bed is not enough then make her a keepsake and pop it on the tray.

Spruce up the breakfast tray with a card or mini banner.

Click here for Mother’s Day FREE Printables from B. Lovely Events!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of BHG.com

Serve her coffee or tea in this Hand-Warming Mug from Better Homes and Gardens.  It will surely warm her heart!

Click here to learn how!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Home Stories A to Z

Or put the flowers in this Mason Jar Picture Frame by Home Stories A to Z. 

Click here to learn how!




Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of Lolly Jane

If Mom prefers potted plants to cut flowers then give here these succulents in a Mason Jar from Lolly Jane.

Click here to learn how and for FREE printable!

Breakfast in Bed
Courtesy of BHG.com

Mom doesn’t have a green thumb?  Combine flowers and photos with this Flower Tree from Better Homes and Gardens.

Click here to learn how!

Whatever you decide to give Mom this Mother’s Day rest assured that she’ll love it specially if it comes with a great big hug!

For more Mother’s Day craft ideas click here!

DIY Teacup Candles for Mother’s Day

DIY Teacup Candles for Mother’s Day

DIY Teacup Candles

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many of us are looking for something special to give the moms in our lives.  Sure it’s easy to run out and grab a gift card or a bottle of perfume, but if you’re looking for something special read on!

These DIY Teacup Candles will make a perfect Mother’s Day Gift!  They’re pretty,(I just love the vintage look!), practical, and best of all easy and quite inexpensive to make.  You don’t have to be an expert chandler nor do you need fancy equipment to make them. All you really need other than wax and wicks of course is a microwave.  That’s right no pouring pitchers, molds, and other candle making supplies.

I use Yaley Microwavable Soy Wax for Glass Containers to make my candles.  I prefer soy wax because it’s natural and non-toxic.  Soy candles burn cleaner and longer than Parafin candles, meaning they don’t produce as much black smoke as other candles.  Soy candles also give out a stronger and more pleasant scent than regular candles.  yum,

http://amzn.to/22AWyJvI had teacups  from the twin’s Onederland Party  last year cluttering my kitchen cabinets.  Turning them into candle holder was the perfect way to use them! If you don’t have any pretty cups or mugs no worries; you can use jelly or mason jars.  Or if you want to find some pretty teacups check out thrift shops and discount outlets.  I found these cups and mugs at TJMaxx and Ross last spring, that’s when they usually have a good selection.  They bring them in for Mother’s Day!

I did mention they were inexpensive to make.  I made 5 teacup candles and 3 in jelly jars, which I already had from that same party, for under $20!  One pound of  soy wax was $10 and 6″ soy wicks came in a package of 100 for $8 (I have plenty left over for later).  Of course if you need containers it will cost you a bit more, I think I paid $5-8 for each teacup and saucer set.  But before heading out to shop for teacups check you kitchen cabinets, I’m sure you’ll find something you can use tucked in the back corner!

I didn’t use dyes or scents.  I just wanted simple white candles.  But you can add them if you like, they do however add to the cost.  Candle dye costs about $7 per color and Candle scents start at $7 for a small bottle.  I’ve read that you can use regular essential oils, but it requires more steps and really doesn’t save you money, essential oils or not cheap!  If you are going to add scent you will also need a thermometer, you have to add the scent at just the right temperature otherwise it won’t work.

These DIY Teacup Candles are so simple to make it took me less than an hour to pour them, and about 4-6 hours to cool and solidify. I packed them in pretty gift bags and they were good to go the the next day!

By the way did you know similar Teacup Candles sell for at least $10 each?  Some of them even double that!  So they really are a great inexpensive gift!

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

DIY Teacup CandlesYaley Microwavable Soy Candle Wax for Glass Containers

6″ Soy Wicks

Microwavable glass containers ( I used a 4 Cup Pyrex Mixing Cup)

Pretty Teacups & Saucers or Mugs or Jelly Jars

Candle Dye (optional)

Candle Scent (optional)

 Candle Making Thermometer  (if you’re adding scent)

Bamboo Skewers or Chopsticks


DIY Teacup CandlesLine up your teacups on your work surface – You may want to cover it for easier clean up.

Place a wick on the bottom of each cup.

Sandwich the top of the wick between 2 skewers or chopsticks and tape them in place.  Make sure the wick is on the cup’s bottom and the skewers are laying across the lip of the cup.  This step is really to keep the wick in place when you pour the wax.

Place the desired amount of soy wax flakes in your microwavable container and microwave in increments as described in the wax instructions.

Once the wax is completely melted you can add in your dye if you are using some.

If you are adding scent then let the wax sit until it cools to 180 degrees, then you can add your scent.

If you’re not adding dye or scent then skip the last 2 steps and carefully pour the melted wax into the teacups.  Leave about 1/2″ from the lip of the cup.

Allow it to cool about 4-6 hours.  Then trim the wick to 1″ from the candle and it’s ready for gifting!

Shop Thomas Kinkade Framed Artwork at Joann.com!

DIY Mother’s Day Subway Art Tray

DIY Mother’s Day Subway Art Tray

Mother’s Day is just 4 days away.  It’s time to think about what to get Mom this year!  Sure you can go out and buy Mom that bottle of perfume like you do every year or send over a nice floral arrangement, but the best Mother’s Day gifts I’ve ever received are those that the kids made for me.

Mother's Day Subway Art Tray My recent favorite is the hand print tree my grandson Devon made for me (with his mom’s help) several years ago.  It proudly hangs in my hallway and I smile every time I see it!

I featured this last year in my post Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make.  There’s a free printable of the poem they have under the tree in that post.  Click here if you want the printable or just want to check out last year’s Mother’s Day craft ideas you can do with your kids!

If you’re looking for a new idea read on!  This year I’ll be posting how-to’s for several craft ideas to make for Mom from now until Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday, May 8th. this year.   I’ve been making Mother’s Day gifts for the Moms in our family for weeks, I have to admit, I’m loving them so much I’m actually making some for myself!

Lately I’m really into Subway Art.  I love the idea of arranging words that are visually pleasing and convey a message.  I’ve seen all kinds of Subway Art on everything from framed artwork to wedding invitations.  I love it all!

On a recent trip to Walmart I found this plain metal tray, it screamed “possibilities” to me.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do with it but I just had to have it.

When I got it home I started working on Mother’s Day crafts and I thought why not use it to make a Mother’s Day Subway Art Tray.  A tray would be functional, pretty, and a perfect “canvas” for Subway Art!

There are many ways to use trays right?  I mean you can of course use it to serve food, but you can also use a tray to hold anything from make-up to letters, you can use it in a tables cape, and you can prop it on a stand like a picture or photo.

Mother's Day Subway Art Tray
If you’re not familiar with Subway Art it’s just a bunch of words typed or written in different sizes, fonts, and colors that are arranged in such a way that is legible, readable, and appealing.  The words can relate a theme, they can be the words of a poem, song, or  they can relay a message.  In short Subway Art can be about anything you want!  And if you do it yourself you can use it anyway you want.  You can print it out and frame it, make a stencil and color it in with paint, markers, or chalk, cut out the letters and decoupage it, the possibilities are endless!

(This post contains affiliate links to the products I used in the project)

Mother's Day Subway Art Tray

Mother's Day Subway ArtFor this project I decided to paint it on the tray using a stencil I cut on my Cricut Explore  on  Dura Lar but if you don’t have a cutting machine and clear Dura Lar you can still make a stencil using the template I’ll be sharing with you and card stock!  Unfortunately the Cricut Design Space doesn’t allow me to share the actual template I used to cut.

But you can download this template by clicking here!  Size it for your needs in Microsoft Paint or whatever image editor you use; print it out on card stock, then cut out the letters.  Voila! You have a stencil!

Or you can make your own in paint, Photoshop, or other image editors, or use a free online photo editor like picmonkey.com.  If you need cool fonts check out dafont.com they have a ton of free fonts you can download and install in your computer!  (hint: open the box after the download, choose the font file, and click install.  It will automatically be added to your system fonts and will be on the scroll down whenever you need to choose the font you want to use.)

Once I had my stencil I used Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint to paint in the letters then sealed it with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer in Matte finish.  By the way this project only cost me $10, the cost of the tray!  If you don’t have the supplies needed it will cost you a bit more, you’ll have to buy the paint, sealer, and a stencil brush.  The paints, sealer, and brush should cost you $10-15 depending you how many colors you choose, but you’ll have lots of supplies left over for future projects.

Here’s how I made this Mother’s Day Subway Art Tray!  I love it!

Mother's Day Subway Art TraySupplies:

Rectangular Metal Tray – I got mine from Walmart (you can use a wooden tray too!)

Stencil made from Dura Lar or card stock

Acrylic Paint – I used Apple Barrel brand (you can click on the link and get it from our Amazon affiliate or you can pick some up at Walmart or your local craft store – any acrylic paint will do)

Clear Acrylic Sealer – I used Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer which you can pick up at Walmart or any craft store or you can order from our Amazon affiliate by clicking the link – any sealer will do)

Stencil brush our Pouncers

Paper Towels to wipe off brush

Small container of water to clean off brush or brushes for color changes

Clean scouring pad – the green ones you use for pots and pans

Work table covering – drop cloth, newspapers, or whatever you have on hand to cover your work space

How to:

  1. Measure the area you want to stencil and adjust the stencil template to fit. (My tray measured 12″ x 18″ so I made my stencil 11″ x 17″ so that I could have a half inch space around it.  I actually had to cut the stencil in 2 parts in my machine – the top stencil measures 11″x 11″, the bottom 11″x 6″)
  2.  Cut out your stencil.
  3. On your covered work space lightly rub the surface of the tray you are going to stencil on with the scouring pad.  This will make the paint stick to the surface.
  4. Place your stencil in the center of the tray, secure with tape if needed.
  5. Dip brush into paint, holding it perpendicular to a piece of paper towel blot it on the paper towel to get rid of excess paint.  Blot on the paper towel until you have just enough paint on the brush.
  6. Working from the outside in blot the paint in the cut out letters.  Work straight up and down.  Don’t angle the brush, if you do paint will seep under the stencil edges.  Work from the edge of the letter towards the center.  When you begin you will be blotting mostly on the stencil itself.
  7. Continue blotting in the letters, be sure to clean the brush in water and dry it with a paper towel when you change colors.
  8. Let the paint dry for at least an hour.
  9. Spray with 2 -3 coats of sealer.  Allow to dry between coats.

You’re Mother’s Day Subway Art Tray is done!  You can even serve Mom a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed on her beautiful new tray!  Don’t put food directly on the tray, cover it or place food in dishes before placing on the tray.

You can wash the tray with soapy water when needed.  Do avoid scrubbing it as you will scrub off the sealer and the paint will wash off.

I’m sure Mom will love this tray!

Keep checking for more DIY Mother’s Day Crafts I’ll be posting them until Mother’s Day!

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards – Free Printable

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards – Free Printable

Homemade mother's day cardsNothing is more special than Homemade Mother’s Day Cards.  I’ll always cherished the cards my children made me when they were you.  Now the grandkids give me homemade Mother’s Day cards and I cherish those just as much.

Homemade Mother’s Day cards don’t have to be fancy nor do they have to be perfect.  All that really matters is that they comes from the heart.  They can be anything from a pre-schooler’s crayon sketches, to your baby’s foot and hand prints, to elaborate watercolor painting.  In short they can be anything you want them to be.

The best things about homemade Mother’s Day cards is that you can say everything you want to say to Mom.  Somehow store bought cards can never truly convey how you feel, not to mention they’ve gotten very pricey!  I recently browsed thru Walmart’s greeting card section and was shocked to see just how pricey cards have gotten.  Some were almost $10!  Sure some record your voice, others pop-up into 3D scenes, and still others are embellished with all kinds of ribbons and jewels; but do you really need spend $10 on something that may end up at the bottom of Mom’s nightstand drawer?  Personally I’d rather add the ten bucks towards Mom’s gift instead of spending it on a generic card.

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on some Mother’s Day cards to send to my Mom, daughters, daughter-in-law, and other Moms in my life.  I really wanted to use the new Big Shot embossing machine my daughter gave me for Christmas and the cool embossing folders  I picked up on clearance.  I also wanted to try my had at gilting and other techniques.  In short I got a bit carried away with all my new toys!

But here are some of my cards, I hope they will inspire you to create Mom a Homemade Mother’s Day Card this year!  No worries if you don’t have the machines and other supplies.  You can use what ever you have on hand, just raid the kids school supplies, I’m sure they have crayons, markers, and even water colors.  You don’t have to buy blank card bases, you can cut out your cards using any color card stock or construction paper.  Get creative and glue on glitter, ribbons, gems, or whatever you want.  The main thing is that you have fun and Mom gets a special card this year!

I’m also sharing a Mother’s Day Subway art print I created.  You can download it, print it, cut it out, and paste it onto your card.  If you want to make a 5×7 card all you have to do is cut out a piece of card stock or construction paper that’s 10″ across and 7″ long, fold it and half and you’ve got your blank card base.  Have fun!

Handmade mother's day cardsI made a few cards by pasting on 4×6 panels which I’d embossed and painted with water colors to the 5×7 card base.  I also applied gold metallic accents to them and using metallic transfer paper.

For this peacock card I embossed a 4×6 panel I cut from water color paper.  I embossed it on my Big Shot then applied water color on the raised parts.  I also applied Therm O Web deco foil  with Therm O Web transfer adhesive.  Then I framed it with blue cardstock which I cut using my Cricut Explore die cut machine.  The Happy Mother’s Day is stamped on cardstock pieces also cut on the Cricut.

Handmade mother's day cardsThe inside of the card is just something I typed on my computer and printed out.  I cut it to fit the card base.

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Handmade mother's day cardsThis card was made using the same techniques I used on the peacock card.  I just taped on some butterflies which I punched out with my Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch set.  I wanted to add some dimension to the card and these butterflies were perfect.

I used foam mounting tape to lift the butterflies off the card.  Foam tape is one of my favorite adhesives, I love the 3D effect they give with so little effort!

Homemade mother's day cardsThen for a simpler card I designed this typographic card.  I’m really in love with Subway Art at the moment and Mother’s Day lends itself perfectly for this technique.  Really Subway Art is just a bunch of words typed out using different fonts then arranged in a way that looks good.  The words can relate to a theme, convey a message, or be the words of a poem or lyrics of a song.  Pretty much whatever you want to type.  In this case I typed “Mother” in different languages.  Easy!

I printed it out, then applied gold embossing powder with my heat gun to the words Happy Mother’s Day to make it pop.  Mounted it on the card base and framed it with pink card stock.

This card took about 15 minutes to make and really doesn’t require anything more than a printer and scissors.  You don’t have to heat emboss it at all.  I did because I wanted to use the heat gun, I told you I got carried away!

I’m sharing this design with you!  If you click here you’ll find the files for 2 different versions of this card in pdf format as well as a template for the frame.  Download the design or designs you like, pop it into a photo editor app if you need to adjust the size, print it, cut it, and glue on to your card base.  Too easy!  Again click here for the free printable!

If you liked this Mother’s Day Subway Art card you might want to make the matching Mother’s Day Subway Art tray that’s pictured just behind it!  Click here for instructions and the free stencil template!  Told you I was really into Subway Art right now!

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