5 Things You Should Know Before You Start A DIY Project

5 Things You Should Know Before You Start A DIY Project

There are many benefits to conducting a DIY project. Whether you are painting your house, remodeling your kitchen, replacing the windows or sorting out a plumbing issue, DIY projects can save you a lot of money and keep your brain sharp as you learn new skills.

In order to successfully complete a DIY project, you will need to know what to expect so that you can be adequately prepared.

Here are 5 things you should know before you start a DIY project.

Here are 5 things you should know before you start a DIY project.

1. Be Aware Of The Surroundings
If you intend to carry out a DIY home project, make sure that you keep an eye on everything around you. Ensure that the children stay away from the construction site to prevent accidents and injuries. Never leave active power tools unattended and safely store them away from your children’s reach while not in use.

2. Be Prepared For The Mess
One thing you should know about DIY construction projects is that they can be messy. If you are demolishing a wall or installing a new floor, get ready to uncover pet stains, rodents, insects and also, to be covered in dust and debris. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty; when you are mentally prepared for the job it will be easier to get started, get through the mess and complete your DIY project successfully.

3. Accidents Can Happen
Always remember that accidents can happen. Before you start your DIY project, it is important to know where all your tools are and which areas you will need to be extra careful. Utilize protective gear and clothing such as goggles, gloves, and boots. Keep the workspace clean to avoid slips, trips, and falls. Your walkway should always be clear of debris and machinery to avoid accidents.

Identify all the hazards and make a plan to avoid them. Make a list of all the preventative measures you would take in the event you or your family member got hurt. A well stocked first aid kit should always be within your reach.

4. Follow Instructions, Not Intuitions
Power tools should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, warnings, and instructions. Before you start your project, be sure to read all the tools manufacturer’s instructions. Use tools that are in good condition. A cracked wooden handle on a hammer could result in the head of the hammer flying off and striking your fellow worker. Do not assume anything, if the tool is not right for the job at hand, do not use it.

5. It Is Okay To Ask For Help
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask a few friends or family members to pitch in and give a helping hand. If your DIY project becomes too overwhelming, you could also call in a professional to help you finish the project.


There you have it; 5 things you should know before you start a DIY project. If you have gotten hurt while doing your DIY project due to a manufacturer’s defect or a product that was not labeled properly, do not worry. This New Jersey Attorney will help you protect your legal right and get the settlement you deserve.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts From Your Kitchen

Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts From Your Kitchen

The bests gifts I receive are always homemade ones.  It means that the giver cared enough to take the time to DIY Christmas gifts.  I specially love homemade candies and cookies.

Here is a round up of easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts from your kitchen.

Homemade mints in pretty jars are great hostess gifts anytime of year.

They look pretty, you can make them any color and shape you want.   Learn how to make these cream cheese mints here!  [spacer height=”-20px”]

Gifts From Your Kitchen

DIY Christmas Gifts in a Jar are always a yummy hit!

You can put almost anything in a jar and make it look good, seriously!  It’s a convenient and inexpensive way to package DIY Christmas gifts, or gifts for any other time of year.

Here are a few suggestions:

Ice Cream Topping and other gifts in a jar from Mom Laughs.

For my cookie mix gifts and free printable click here!

For my cappuccino mix and free printable click here!

Gifts From Your Kitchen

An orange wreath!

Grab a case of clementines from the fruit market to make these cute and healthy clementine wreaths.  No cooking or baking involved!

For instructions click here!



Gifts From Your Kitchen

Divine Caramel Sauce is very versatile!

It can be used to top ice cream, pancakes, and more!  I love it for my homemade bread pudding!

For recipe click here!   [spacer height=”-20px”]




Cookie dough

Frozen Cookie Dough, another great idea!

You can use you’re own cookie recipe or even buy refrigerated cookie dough from your local grocery store.

click here for recipe!



For more ideas follow me on Pinterest!



Thick and Fluffy Santa Hat – Free Pattern

Thick and Fluffy Santa Hat – Free Pattern

There are many patterns for Santa Hats out there. This is one of my favorites.  I love the thick and fluffy trim!

I made two of them for my twin grand kids, Harper and Sadi. Loved it so much I made some for the other grands and my sister-in-law’s grandkids as well.  I used the free pattern from Creatiknit which I accented with Holly Leaves and Berries.  I added a cute gingham bow to Harper’s hat. I tied a large jingle bell at the tips so the kids jingle when they walk.  FUN!

The pattern uses #6 worsted yarn and a Size N hook, the stitches work up very quickly!  Instead of using #6 worsted yarn for the hat body I used one strand of #4 yarn in red and one strand of #4 Caron Simply Soft Party yarn in sparkle red.  I held both strands together while making the hats.  For the white trim I used Bernat Baby Blanket Super Bulky #6 yarn in white.  I used this for the pompom too.  The holly leaves and berries are made with #4 yarn in green and red.  I made the bow using 5/8″ ribbon.

Hook Size N 9mm

#4 worsted yarn in red, sparkle red, and green

#6 bulky yarn in white

Yarn needle

Click here for Santa Hat Pattern from Creatiknit!

Click here for Holly and Berry Pattern from Ravelry!


Santa HatDon’t have time to make this hat?  No worries check out my Etsy Shop!  I’d love to custom make one for you!
Want a thinner Santa Hat?  Here’s another free pattern I used to make a thinner version, click here!


Awesome Halloween Decor from the Dollar Store

Awesome Halloween Decor from the Dollar Store

Halloween is fast approaching, decking out your home in ghostly glory is half the fun.  Who says you have to break your budget to have an awesome Halloween display.  With a little creativity, items you probably already have at home,  and a quick trip to the dollar store you too can have some ghoulish fun to fit any budget. Here are some awesome Halloween Decor made from dollar store finds!

Take a trip to the Dollar Store for some witches hats and other gruesome stuff for this Halloween Decor.

Floating witch’s hats, like these from brooklynlimestone.com , creepy crawly spiders, spooky skeletons, and bloody hands are no problem.  With a bit of fishing line, some tape, black paper, twigs, paint, and some imagination your “haunted” house is sure to get raves from friends and family.


Here’s another cheap Halloween Decor idea using dollar store spiders!

Have plastic spiders crawl on doors and walls.  To see more creepy ideas check out my blog about decorating with glow sticks.






Learn how to make this plastic tablecloth wreath from Mother’s Niche.

I’m sure you’ll find plastic table cloths at the dollar store to make this wreath part of your Halloween decor.  It will definitely set the mood!





Spooky door by mylitter.com 

This Halloween Decor is a bit more elaborate than a wreath, but it’s pretty awesome!





More spooky ideas from brooklynllimestone.com





All this Halloween decor can be found at the dollar store!




canadiannickelscrapn.blogspot.ca has some cool ideas.  Check it out!

You can make all this Halloween decor with just one trip to the dollar store!
















Shop Halloween Party Supplies on Zazzle.com



Halloween Decorating With Glow Sticks and Other Inexpensive Stuff

Halloween Decorating With Glow Sticks and Other Inexpensive Stuff

Halloween is tomorrow!  Many yards are decked out in their spooky glory.  In my daughter’s Sierra Vista neighborhood there seems to be a competition among neighbors.  Last year we saw some very creative Halloween decor, from growling monsters lurking in the bushes to ghoulish creatures dangling from tree branches.   Awesome displays that I’m sure came with a hefty price tag.

A trip to the Halloween store showed us just how expensive some decorations can be.  Fog machines, life size monsters, animated zombies, gobo lights and stencils, and other high tech gadgets can cost well over $200 a piece.  It’s great that there are folks out there who take the time and spend money to decorate their yards for everyone to enjoy, to them I am grateful.  But what about the rest of us who don’t have the time or a big budget?  Are we doomed to a lonely pumpkin sitting on our doorstep?  I say “NO”!

Here are some cool idea that are easy to make with dollar store items and stuff you probably already have at home or can get a hold of for little cost.  You may not win the best Halloween decor contest, but your yard will look pretty awesome without breaking the bank.

HalloweenHide spooky eyes in the bushes.  Learn how to make these eyes you using glow sticks and toilet paper rolls from The Connection We Share  here.




HalloweenHave ghostly heads coming “thru” your front door. This is a great idea from Sherri Foxman.  Activate your glow stick and put it in the balloon.  Inflate and tie a knot.  Using a black marker draw the face.  Tape to your front door and turn off the lights.



Halloween Hang ghost from tree branches.  Same steps as ghostly heads but make sure the knot is on top of the head. Cover with cheese cloth, add a string and you’re done.  Spooky idea from Simply Creative Insanity



HalloweenGlowing hands in your pond, in the bushes, hanging from trees, or anywhere you want.  Activate glow stick, insert in a latex glove, inflate and tie knot at end of glove.  Place where you want, if you are hanging them on a tree add a string, fishing line works well, to the knot.



HalloweenGlowing monster heads found on Sassygirlz.net.  Learn how to make these using plastic disposable cups, markers, and tea lights, (you can use glow sticks instead if you prefer).




HalloweenHang spooky balls from trees.  Put a glow stick in a balloon, you can use any color glow stick and balloon.  Fill with water.  Put water balloon in a stocking and hang.  Instructions from Fun Holiday Crafts here.




Line the driveway with glowing jack-o-lanterns or ghost.  You can use dollar store plastic pumpkins or make your own ghosts using empty plastic milk jugs.  Insert glow sticks and you’re done.  You can also use strings of lights or tea lights.  I prefer glow sticks, it’s easier, no need to worry about plugs or batteries.



Dress up as a witch and stir your bubbling caldron.  You can use a witch cut out instead if you prefer.  Buy a plastic caldron from Walmart, put dry ice in it (use gloves and tongs when handling dry ice).  When you’re ready to “bubble”  fill with warm water.  You can use this idea to serve punch at a party, but DO NOT put dry ice directly      into the punch.  To learn how to use dry ice safely with drinks click here.  Add a green glow stick for an eerie glow.



Use dry ice to create spooky scenes.  To learn how to safely use dry ice and how much you need click here.


To learn how to make your own dry ice here’s a YouTube video.   I wouldn’t recommend you make your own, you can buy dry ice from some grocery stores and propane companies.  Find out where to buy it in your area soon, you may have to reserve dry ice, it’s in high demand during Halloween.

Shop Halloween Party Supplies on Zazzle.com


Handmade Halloween Cards – Great Halloween Craft Activity

Handmade Halloween Cards – Great Halloween Craft Activity

Nothing’s more excited than receiving a greeting card in the mail, or even hand delivered for that matter.  Greeting cards are a nice way to let someone know you’re thinking about them!  Handmade cards are even better, they show how much you care!

I know many of us are too busy to send cards for every occasion, we can barely get Christmas cards out!  Instead we resort to emailing or texting holiday greetings to friends and family.  I suppose it’s become the norm in this technology driven age, and it’s fine for many situations, but there are times I feel that a nice handwritten card is more appropriate, such as a Thank You card or a party invitation.

Of course I would feel this way as I’ve been on a greeting card making binge.  It’s my new passion!  It lets me get real creative and friends and family love the cards I’ve made for them!

Recently I’ve been busy in my craft room creating Handmade Halloween Cards.  Who says pretty cards are just for Christmas?  Definitely not me!

You don’t have to be very “crafty” to make Halloween Cards.  Nor must you have lots of fancy gadgets and spend lots of money making them.  All your really need is some time, card stock or construction paper, a printer, scissors, glue, and some fancy embellishments.  Embellishments can include ribbons, stickers, glitter, and beads; pretty much anything you find around the house.  So raid the kids’ craft or school boxes and start making some fun spooky Halloween cards!

Here are a few I created in my craft room using my handy dandy Cricut Explore Air and my ever growing box of goodies.  Like I said you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles to have a blast making Halloween cards.  I hope my Halloween cards will fire up your creative juices!

Halloween cardsThe Cricut Design Space and Cricut Access must have channeled my recent obsession with Subway Art.  Here’s a Halloween card made using the Halloween words design including with my Access subscription.

I cut out the words using my Cricut Explore Air (affiliate link) and pasted it on the orange background which I then mounted on my 5×7 card base.  The “boo” was also cut by the machine and pasted on with double stick foam tape to give it a little lift.  To make if fun I glued on a pair of jiggly eyes.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, no worries.  Just create your own word art on any photo app and print it out on your computer.  Cut out the size you need and glue it on your card base.  By the way you can buy blank card bases from a craft store, Walmart’s craft department, or on Amazon.  You can get a package of 25-50 cards and envelopes for under $10.


halloween cardsI love cards that move!  This Pop Out Swing card is fun to make.

Again I used the Cricut to make the cuts, but you don’t need a cutting machine to make it!

All you need is a ruler, scissors or craft knife, and card stock.  It’s all about the folding!

If you have a Sizzix Big Kick or other embossing machine you can use it to cut out your shapes.  If you don’t you can just use a ruler and a craft knife.

Using a glue runner instead of a liquid adhesive makes these types of cards look better.  Liquid glue gets messy and might leave clumps.

Here’s a quick tutorial by Linda Bauwin to help you get started!



halloween cardsAnother card style I love are Flip Cards.  I use my Sizzix Big Kick and a label die to make this.

To make it more interesting I pasted on a smaller card that I had embossed on the boarder using a Darice embossing folder and the Big Kick.

I think you pretty much need a Big Kick for this project.  It’s a reasonably priced gadget you can invest in if you like to make cards.

If you’re considering purchasing one check out my review here!

Here’s a video tutorial how to make this flip card by Meg Loven!



halloween cardsHere are some cards you can get real creative with.  Mixed media cards!

For these Halloween Cards I made backgounds using watercolors on watercolor paper which I then pasted on to the card bases and embellished with die cuts and washi tape.

Washi tape is fun and easy to use.  You can buy them in assorted designs from any craft store or Amazon.

They make fabulous “frames” for your cards and can be used as borders too!  You can get very creative with washi tape and best of all they come in seasonal designs for all holidays!  I love them so much I have a box full!

For more mixed media card ideas click here!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own Halloween Cards.  Just remember there’s no “wrong” way to make a card, so raid the kids’ school box and get creating!


halloween cards