Cold Soothing Bath Salts

Cold Soothing Bath Salts

Yup!  Cold and Flu Season is definitely upon us.  We’ve been battling winter colds at my house since December!  We’ve all had our flu shots but they don’t exactly protect you from cold viruses, so we suffer with stuffy noses, scratchy throats, and in some cases fevers and chills.  That’s why I’ve made jars of these Soothing Bath Salts; they’re a great alternative or even addition to the Vaporizing Shower Melts I make.

Like the shower melts  these Soothing Bath Salts help clear your sinuses.  They are great way to relieve stuffy noses caused by colds and allergies.  Just toss a hand full or two of these Soothing Bath Salts into your hot bath, sit back, relax, and breathe in the soothing aroma of mints and eucalyptus.  Trust me your stuffy nose will clear up pretty quickly.

Soothing Bath Salts are so easy and inexpensive to make; the most expensive ingredients would be the essential oils, but a small vial of these oils go a very long way!  If you don’t already have essential oils you may want to consider investing in a small bottle of  basic oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass.  By the way treat oils as you would medication and keep them out of reach of children and pets; some oils are harmful to them; so do your homework before you use any oil.  Also never apply essential oils directly on to your skin; always use a carrier such as coconut, jojoba, or avocado oils, or dilute them in water.

I like to color my salts so that they coordinate with the shower melts and bath bombs I make.  I use gel based food coloring but you can use soap coloring or any kind of food coloring you have.  Or you can just leave them white.

Once you make these Soothing Bath Salts store them in airtight containers until ready to use.  They last for a pretty long time, but I wouldn’t keep them longer than 6 months to be sure the scents haven’t faded.  I like to store my salts in mason jars.

These bath salts also make great hostess gifts, holiday gifts, and party favors!

Another tip use metal or glass bowls when mixing your bath salts.  Plastic bowls and utencils will hold smells which may not wash out.

So having said all that here’s how to make these Soothing Bath Salts!


2 Lbs.  Epsom Salts

8 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

8 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

4 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Food or soap coloring


Place Epsom Salts in a large metal or glass bowl.

Add essential oils and mix very well.

Add food color

Place in airtight containers and enjoy!


DIY Valentine Gifts for Men

DIY Valentine Gifts for Men

Valentine Gifts for menRomance is in the air!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and by now most of us moms and grandmothers are winding down our Valentine crafting.  Classroom and teacher gifts are done or nearly done, as are gifts for friends and families.  By now many of us have had our fill of cutting out hearts and cupids and are ready to move on.  But we may have neglected one of the most important people in our lives, our significant other!

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is a female holiday.  We expect our husbands and boyfriends to take the initiative and come up with fabulous Valentine gift.  We expect flowers, chocolates, jewelry, dinners, etc.

I admit I love the pampering, and most of the gifts my husband has given me.  Okay, the weed trimmer wasn’t a big hit, but it was certainly memorable.  Over all I think he’s gotten this Valentine thing down pat, even though at times he goes overboard with humongous boxes of chocolates or a truck load of blooms.

I must confess that most years I tend to neglect doing something special for him.  By the time I get around to getting him a gift it’s usually the day before Valentine’s Day and I end up buying a shirt or a bottle of cologne.  Occasionally inspiration strikes and I do something special.  One year I remembered early enough to reserve an ocean view table at our favorite gourmet restaurant, another year I checked us in to an oceanfront suite for the night.

This year I tried booking a table at a restaurant during the last week of January.  I tried all our favorites, they were sold out unless I want to have dinner at 10 o’clock.  So I searched the web for inspiration. I found many great ideas and will be incorporating a couple in my Valentine’s Day plans. I’ve decided that a moonlight picnic on the beach is just what we need.  We live in Hawaii so the weather should be cooperative, if not then on to plan B, a picnic at home.

Here’s a round-up of DIY Valentine gift idea for men.   Perhaps they will inspire  your Valentine planning.  Whatever you decide have a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day!

valentineIf you’re still feeling crafty then this cool chocolate guitar may be just what you need.  Specially if your Valentine is a music and chocolate lover!

Edible Crafts online has a great tutorial to show you how you can make this guitar for your lover boy!

Click here for the tutorial![spacer height=”-20px”]

valentinePicnics are always romantic.

If the weather is bad you can still have a romantic picnic in your livingroom.  Set the scene with candles and “picnic” on a blanket on your floor.  Serve food you would serve if you were actually going on an outdoor picnic, but keep it simple; pasta salad, cold chicken, cheese, crusty bread, fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries, etc.  And wine,  Don’t forget the wine!  (sparkling cider makes a nice non-alcoholic alternative, specially if you have to drive home)  Pack everything in a picnic basket if you have one.

valentineAfter  dinner snuggle up in your romantic bedroom.

I’d add a candle or two , a couple of wine glasses, a bottle of wine, and a small box of truffles to this design by Everyday Art. [spacer height=”-20px”]

Men's ValentineI love this heart box by  Theresa of Crafting the Web!

Fill it with his favorite treat!

Click here to learn how to make it![spacer height=”-20px”]





Men's ValentineBacon is supposed to be “manly”, treat your man to Chocolate dipped roses by Everyday Dishes![spacer height=”-20px”]

Men's ValentineHere are more Bacon Valentines from PrettyOrganized you’ll find recipes and free printable tags on their site.[spacer height=”-20px”]

Men's Valentine

 Give him a gift that lasts the whole year.  This Pre-planned date night book by Thinking Closet let’s you celebrate Valentine’s Day once a month doing something you both enjoy.[spacer height=”-20px”]


Men's ValentineThis Sensual Valentine by What’s On My Porch will stimulate all his senses.

Decorate cardboard boxes and fill each one with a corresponding item.  His favorite candy, a massage bug, his preferred cologne, a CD, and some sexy lingerie he’ll love seeing you in.  Tailor the items to your man.[spacer height=”-20px”]


3 Pros And Cons To Buying A New Motorhome Versus A Used One

3 Pros And Cons To Buying A New Motorhome Versus A Used One

When you decide to own a motorhome, one of the biggest challenges you will face is whether to buy a new or a used one. Few people don’t care about whether the motor home is new or old. However, have caution as these type of people may be ignorant to the pros and the cons that come with each motorhome. It is for this reason that we want to spend a few minutes looking at the pros and the cons of buying a new motor home versus a used one.

1. The cost

Many people believe that it is expensive to buy a new motorhome than a used one. This is far from the truth. A used RV will need that you save enough money. Once you buy it, you need to have some issues fixed. The cost of fixing the issues may be prohibitive. You may end up spending more money compared to buying a new one. In fact, this is what makes the question of buying a new motorhome versus used one debatable. It is true that a used RV is cheaper and you will pay low insurance premiums. But there are other issues which the previous owner may not disclose to you. These issues will drive the cost higher. Also, a used RV is subject to less depreciation compared to a new RV. But it may be much difficult to get a motorhome that will give you the kind of service you want.

2. The Warranty

It is true that there is no motorhome that is perfect. Motorhomes whether new or used come with their own problems. These problems must be fixed before you put the units on the road. The former owner of an old RV may have fixed the issues for you. It will save you from the hustle of fixing them. But this is not always the case. A used RV may have hosts of other issues which may need that you dig deeper into your pocket to have them fixed. The unit will not come with a warranty because it is not transferable. So, you must find a way of fixing the issues. But a new motorhome comes with a factory warranty. Any emerging issue during the warranty period will be fixed by the manufacturer. It saves you from unnecessary costs.

3. Features and upgrades

When you buy a new motorhome, you get to choose the features you want. Right from the chassis, you can have your new motorhome designed and customized to your needs. The manufacturer will adhere to your recommended floor plans. They will also customize the cabinetry to your requirements. This is not the case for a used RV. For a used RV, it may be difficult to carry out structural changes. The things you may be able to upgrade are the TVs, the DVD players, and air conditioning appliances.

Buying a motorhome may look easier. But you need to do some research about them before you decide whether to buy a new or a used one. The use to which the RV is to be put to and the financial situation you are in should be the main considerations.

Vaporizing Shower Melts

Vaporizing Shower Melts

Cold and Flu season are in full swing and even if you have took the flu shot (which you should have) you can still get the flu and winter colds.  I know!  I got the flu 3 times last year even though I had taken the flu shot as soon as it was available.  I know the flu or a cold is no fun.  You feel yucky, you’re tired, your skin and mouth can feel dry, and worst of all your nose is stuffy.  That’s where these Vaporizing Shower Melts come in handy!

Think back when you were a kid and had a stuffy nose.  Remember your mom or dad sitting you in the bathroom with the hot water running and the steam building up?  They probably even put a dollop of Vick’s Vaporub or Mentholatum ointment in a bowl of hot water.  Or perhaps they used a vaporizer in your room.  Which ever one they used the idea was to create steam that released the caphor and other ingredients in the Vaporub or Mentholatum, these days we call it aromatherapy!

Well so far since last Christmas everyone in my family has has a winter cold.  I swear no matter what I do or what medication I take my nose is still stuffy.  That’s why in desperation I turned to my parents’ stuffy nose cure, the good old fashioned vicks in a steamy bathroom.  But to bring it into this century I made these Vaporizing Shower Melts.

Vaporizing shower melts work on the same general idea, Vicks + Steam = stuffy nose relief!  Only it’s a bit more PC in that you’re not wastefully running water down the drain whilecreating steam.  It actually works with the water you’re  using to take my shower.  Talk about multitasking!

But best of all these Vaporizing shower melts really work!  Yes, they will clear your sinuses.  So they’re not just good for winter colds they’re great during allergy season as well.  Whenever your nose is stuffy these Vaporizing shower melts will definitely help out.  Now I’m not saying they’ll cure whatever ails you; they definitely won’t!  But they will make you feel just a little bit more comfortable for a little while.  In my case it clears my sinuses just long enough so that I can at least get to sleep.

My daughter told me that a while back these vaporizing shower melts were sold in stores but she hasn’t been able to find any recently.  Why bother to find them when you can easily make them.

Really these vaporizing shower melts are super easy to make and use 4 ingredients you probably already have.  All you have to do is mix them up, stick them in molds, freeze for an hour and they’re ready to use.  Seriously it’s that easy!

I used silicone molds to make mine, they’re really ideal for making these vaporizing shower melts because you can push the finished melts out of the molds so easily.  Not to mention there’re lots of cute molds out there and using them make the melts look so pretty.  But don’t worry if you don’t have any molds you can use ice cube trays!

I also decided to color my melts a teal blue, you can color yours any color you want or leave them white.  It’s totally up to you!

Once you’ve made the vaporizing shower melts you just have to store them in air tight containers, mason jars work well, and use them when you need them.  They should last for about 3 months, so you may have to make more to take you thru both the flu and allergy seasons.  By the way they make great gifts when you visit friends suffering from winter colds or allergies, they’ll love them!

To use them just place a Vaporizing Shower Melt in the shower with you when you’re taking your shower.  Place it somewhere out of the way like by the drain so you don’t step on it and slip.  The floor gets a bit slippery as it melts so be careful where you step.

Now again these melts are there to provide soothing relief from runny noses.  They do not treat colds, the flu, allergies, or other ailments.  If you have fever, sore throat, aches, pains, chills, and other cold and flu symptoms seek medical attention  from your doctor or a health care professional.  You definitely need to take care that a winter cold or flu do not develop into something more serious and only your doctor or health care professional can tell you what needs to be done and prescribe the correct medications you might need to get better.

So here’how you can make Vaporizing Shower Gels to help soothe your stuffy nose!  If you’ve got a stuffy nose when you make this you’ll find that the scents will clear your sinuses as you mix!  That’s an added bonus!

By the way use a metal or glass bowl to mix ingredients in.  Plastic will absorb the smells and will more than likely you’ll never be able to get the smell out.

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1  3.53 oz. jar Vick’s Vaporub, Mentholatum, or other similar ointment

2 Cups Baking Soda

8-10 Tbs Water

Food Color (I use Wilton Gel based colors)


vaporizing shower meltIn a large metal or glass bowl mix the ointment into the baking soda.  This make time some time for the ointment to mix well with the baking soda but keep mixing.

Add 4-6 tbs spoons water and continue mixing.  If mixture is too thick add water 2 tbs at a time until you get the consistency you want.  I ended up using all 10 tbs.  Mixture should be like fine sand to the touch but should be pasty and be able to hold its shape if you form a small ball.

Add your food color and mix well to distribute color evenly in the mixture.  You can add more color until you get the color you want, but if you’re using liquid color you don’t want to add t much as it will make your mixture wet.  That’s why I prefer the gel based coloring.  When you’ve achieved the color you want you’re ready to mold your melts.


Press mixture into your mold or ice tray.  The amount you need will depend on the size of your mold or tray.  I got 4 large hearts and 8 small ones from one batch.  You don’t want to double the batch as it becomes harder to mix.  If you need lots of melts make one batch at a time.

Place in the freezer to dry for at least one hour.  Then unmold and store in airtight containers.

They look pretty good in Mason Jars, specially if you’re gifting them to a sick friend.  Just add a tag with instructions on how to use them and you’re good to go!



3 Non-Candy Valentine Cards for School & Free Heart Shaped Animals Templates!

3 Non-Candy Valentine Cards for School & Free Heart Shaped Animals Templates!

Valentine’s Day is next week.  It’s time to get those Valentines ready so the kids can take them to school.  When my kids were school age it was easy, pick up a bag of Valentine packaged candies from the supermarket, write their names on them, then send them off to school on Valentine’s Day.  Unfortunately these days lots of kids have all kinds of food allergies, I know 3 out of my 5 grandchildren all have various food allergies.  In fact allergies are so common many schools have banned students from bringing food treats to school.

I know this is true at my grandsons schools; Devon’s elementary school, and Jett’s Pre-School.  This requires a bit more thought, but don’t despair, there are many alternatives out there.

Non-candy valentine cardsHere are 3 Non-Candy Valentine Cards I made for the boys’ classmates.  They really don’t take long to make nor do they cost a lot of money.  Actually these Non-Candy Valentine Cards cost less than candy Valentines!



non-candy valentine cardsSince watching the new Star Wars movie Devon’s been all about Star Wars.  He was quite happy to pose for this Star Wars themed Non-candy Valentine’s Card with glow sticks.

All you need to make this card is to take a photo of your child holding anything that resembles a sword.  Devon wore his Darth Vader shirt, but really anything will do, and was reaching for his toy light saber.  (His brother was actually off to the side holding the tip of the light saber and Devon was reaching for it.  He wanted to give the appearance that the saber was flying into his hand.)

Then I uploaded the photo into photoshop, if you don’t have photoshop you can use Picmonkey a free online photo editor app.

Using the editor I cut out Devon’s picture with the sword then overlayed the photo with a space image I had snapped a photo of.  I then added the text I wanted and saved the photo.

I printed the photo on cardstock (4 photos per sheet), cut them out using a paper cutter, scissors will work fine, then made a small slit on the sword hilt large enough to slip a light stick in.  I used Bracelet glow sticks I found at the Walmart party section.  A pack of 5 cost about $1.  Then I taped the glow stick on the back of the card.  Done!  I had an extra card which I glued on to a plain brown bag and stenciled Star Wars sayings on the front.  He’s using the bag to carry the cards to class.

non-candy valentine cardsFor Jett’s pre-school class I made Race car Valentine Cards.

These were super easy to make!  I just popped a picture of a race track into photo shop, added the text and printed them out on cardstock.  (4 to a page)

I poked holes spaced to hold the plastic race car in place.  I used plastic zip ties to hold them on the card, but you can use twine or thin ribbon.

I got the race cars from Walmart, a pack of 6 for $1.  [spacer height=”-20px”]








non-candy valentine cardsFor Jett’s Day Car buddies I made these Dinosaur Valentine Cards.

These were made exactly the same way as the race car Valentine cards, just with a different background.

I bought the little dino figures from Walmart as well.  A pack of 6 for about $1.


These are just 3 ideas for Non-Candy Valentine Cards, I’m sure you can come up with many more.  Just walk down the party section of your local discount or dollar store and you’ll find many fun things you can turn into Valentine treats.  (think play-doh, crazy straws, maze games, etc.)

Then find a cute saying that will coordinate with the toy like “You make my heart race” for plastic race cars or “You are Dino-Mite” for the mini dinos.  You get the idea!

With a bit of time and imagination I’m sure you’ll come up with great Valentine Cards for your kids to share with their classmates!


Here are some cool heart shaped animals from Personal Creations you can make with the kids!

They would make a great gift tag or card embellishment!

Download the templates from Personal Creations today!  They’re free!

Click here for templates!

Keto Friendly Cloud Bread

keto friendly cloud breadKeto Diets, they seem to be really popular right now.  And with the new year many of us have vowed to start eating healthier and loose some weight.  So in my house we’re pretty much re-starting our “keto diets”.  One of the things I miss most when on a  keto diet (which in really simple terms means less, much less, carbs and more fat and protein) is bread.  I crave bread (along with rice and other carbs, I am after all a carb eater)!  So when I discovered this Keto Friendly Cloud Bread I was pretty happy.

keto friendly cloud bread

What you may ask is Keto Friendly Cloud Bread and what makes it keto friendly.  Keto Friendly Cloud Bread is simply carbless bread rounds.  Yup, I said carbless!  It’s not made with any kind of flour at all!  And it’s pretty yummy!

You can whip up s batch of Keto Friendly Cloud Bread to use as bread for your sandwich anytime of day.  Top it with a fried egg and the meat of your choice for a delicious breakfast sandwich or you can snack on it.  It’s that yummy!

Best of all Cloud Bread requires just 3 ingredients and can be made in about an hour!  So not only is it yummy it’s  super easy to make!  My family loves them, even those that aren’t on a keto diet!

keto friendly cloud breadHere’s my recipe for Keto Friendly Cloud Bread, whip up at least a batch or two and watch them disappear! Or if you can manage freeze some for future use.


6 Eggs at room temperature

1/4 cups + 2 Tbs Softened Cream Cheese

1/2 Tsp Cream of Tartar




Pre-heat oven to 300° F.

Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

Separate eggs – place yolks in a medium mixing bowl and whites in a different medium bowl

Add softened cream cheese to the egg yolks and mix together until smooth and completely blended.

Set aside.

Beat egg whites at medium speed until frothy and covered in bubbles.  Add cream of tartar and beat at high speed until stiff peaks form.

Gently fold egg whites into the yolk mixture, be careful not to over mix and deflating the egg whites.

Drop a spoonful onto prepared baking sheet.

Bake for 20-30 minutes.

Cool on wire racks and use immediately or freeze.




Cloud Bread
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Flourless bread rounds - keto friendly
Cloud Bread
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Flourless bread rounds - keto friendly
  1. Pre-heat oven to 300° F.  Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Separate eggs - place yolks in a medium mixing bowl and whites in a different medium bowl Add softened cream cheese to the egg yolks and mix together until smooth and completely blended. Set aside. Beat egg whites at medium speed until frothy and covered in bubbles.  Add cream of tartar and beat at high speed until stiff peaks form. Gently fold egg whites into the yolk mixture, be careful not to over mix and deflating the egg whites. Drop a spoonful onto prepared baking sheet. Bake for 20-30 minutes. Cool on wire racks and use immediately or freeze.
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