Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

Today we are turning foam cones into colorful tissue paper Christmas trees in partnership with Oriental Trading. I bet you have seen cones used as Christmas trees before – there are lots of clever ways to decorate them. This particular project uses pre-cut tissue paper squares and Mod Podge, making it particularly fun (and easy!) for kids.

Turn foam cones into Christmas trees with tissue paper squares! #conetrees #christmastreecraft #christmascraft #foamconecraft #kidschristmascraft #modpodgecraft

My number one helper Stella got to work covering her cone with tissue paper squares. I think decoupage with Mod Podge is a great technique to try with kids. Just smooth some onto the cone with a foam brush and press the tissue paper squares on top. Paint another thin layer of Mod Podge on top to seal. It’s magic to see how the trees look after the glue is dry!

We finished off our trees with pom-pom ornaments and a little gold star on top. This technique also works with cardboard cones, which we used to make the smaller green trees.

Turn foam cones into Christmas trees with tissue paper squares! #conetrees #christmastreecraft #christmascraft #foamconecraft #kidschristmascraft #modpodgecraft

These tissue paper squares are a great craft supply to have on hand for kids crafting sessions. I have used them to make these confetti mason jar lanterns as well.  I am also a big fan of these sturdy and washable craft trays to help corral their creative mess!

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments

Remember the handprint snowmen from last year?
They were so cute to see as I unpacked them this year that I knew we had to do a new version this year.
Enter reindeer thumb prints! These are even easier than last years version…want to make some?

Here is what you need, from this experience I can tell you that the matte ones work a little better and make it easier to see the thumb prints.

You also need some little thumbs.

From my experience last year, I learned to put the initials and date on first.

Paint your thumb…

And press onto ornaments…I thought I would do “eight tiny reindeer”…yeah, not when I have this many to do. 🙂  I ended up doing 4-6 per ornament.

Once the thumbs are dry add eyes with your sharpie…

…then two lines where the antlers go….

…then add “V”s to fill them in…

And for Rudy add a nice red nose.   I did this with craft paint and the end of a paint brush.

If you lower the position of the eyes you get a whole other look, one I prefer. 🙂

Let dry, and you are done!





These will be cute teacher and family gifts. 🙂
And I will be keeping a few myself, too. 🙂

Have fun making these! Let me know if you do, I would love to see them!

Could Real Estate Be The Right Career For You?

Could Real Estate Be The Right Career For You?

Real estate has always been one of the most important industries in the world. People need places to live, and this means that those selling properties are able to build high demand without having to spend a lot of time marketing their work. Of course, though, getting a career in the field of real estate can be quite challenging, and it is always worth considering the work that will go into a career like this before you start putting loads of time into it. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the key considerations you need to make before diving into a career like this.

The Benefits of a Career in Real Estate

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to working in real estate. Depending on your role or the type of business that you work with, you may have different experiences in this job. This should still give you a good idea of what you can expect when you start a role like this, though.

  • Flexible Work: Working as a real estate agent is a very flexible role. While you will need to work around the needs of your clients, you will also have a lot of room to choose the type of work you would like to do.
  • Earning Potential: Many real estate professionals either earn commission or money directly from the properties they manage, giving you the chance to earn a lot of money when you do a job like this.
  • Satisfaction: Selling properties can be an exciting job, giving you a lot of satisfaction as you reach your goals and achieve new records. Of course, though, not everyone will care about this.

The Downsides of a Career in Real Estate

Alongside the benefits, it also makes sense to consider the downsides of a career in the field of real estate. You can learn a lot about this type of work from professionals like Michael Ducote Tennis, giving you the chance to get started with your career with knowledge under your belt.

  • Competition: The real estate market is very competitive, and this makes it hard for a lot of people to find success. Of course, though, this will be easier if you have a company behind you.
  • Pressure: If you work for a real estate company, they will expect you to meet performance goals. It can be very stressful to face pressure like this, and some people aren’t target-driven in this way.
  • Complexity: Real estate professionals have to have knowledge about the law, construction, and the areas they serve. This makes the job quite complex, and you have to be confident to perform it well.

 As you can see, working in real estate can come with loads of different downsides and benefits. This makes it worth considering the job you want to do very hard, as it can be all too easy to make a mistake when you’re making choices like this in life.

Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem With These Four Strategies

Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem With These Four Strategies

#1. Let Them Make Their Own Choices 

Let your child make choices in their life even if they are not the best ones. For example, when purchasing snacks for them, you can ask them which one they would like, instead of just giving it to them yourself. This will help foster a sense that they can choose things in their environment and allow room for exploration. When children have control over their lives, it helps build self-esteem because then kids feel less dependent on others or outside factors for happiness. It’s important parents don’t let kids always get what they want, though! Rather than saying yes every time your child asks something of you, say, “I’ll think about it,” so there is some element of surprise involved too!

#2. Encourage Them To Live Healthier 

Encouraging your child to live a healthier lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for their self-esteem. This means eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep! When kids feel good about their bodies, they also feel good about themselves overall. A healthier lifestyle also helps with any mental illnesses or disabilities. ADHD or bipolar disorder in children can be treated with some exercise and a good diet. This can be tough because our children are continuously testing us, but consistency is key in raising healthy eaters. It’s important parents don’t give up if their kids refuse to eat broccoli one night. Just keep trying different tactics until something works! And remember that exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or playing team sports. There are plenty of fun ways for kids to get active!

#3. Let Them Explore Their Interests 

Let your child explore their interests, even if they are not the most popular ones. For example, if you notice that your son or daughter is playing with toy cars all day long, encourage them to go down and play in the mud! Letting kids explore different activities will help foster a sense of independence because children develop at different rates. This can be very frustrating for parents, but it’s important to let kids do things when they feel ready rather than push them before then. When we push our kids too far ahead of where they’re developmentally able to handle something, it only decreases self-esteem later on!

In conclusion,  building your child’s self-esteem is about so much more than just telling them how great they are. There are a variety of strategies you can use to help foster good feelings in kids, and everyone has different things that work best for them!

Cracks In Your Walls: Should You Be Worried?

Cracks In Your Walls: Should You Be Worried?

Once a building reaches a certain age, it’s normal for cracks to appear in the walls. This is the result of the building slowly shifting over time. 

If you’ve noticed cracks appearing in your home’s walls, it may not necessarily be a sign that your home is about to collapse. In fact, most cracks are harmless. However, you may want to keep an eye on them so that you know when to take action.

When should you worry about cracks?

Small hairline cracks are usually nothing to worry about. You’re free to still seal them up if you don’t like the look of them, however nothing bad will happen if you leave them alone.

If cracks are growing noticeably longer or wider, you may want to show some concern. Cracks can become an issue once they become a quarter inch wide. If cracks are running the entire length of your wall, you may also want to get them checked out. 

What are the concerns regarding larger cracks?

Larger cracks could be a concern for various reasons – some of which are listed below:

They could be letting rainwater in

Large cracks around windows and door frames could start to let rainwater come in. Keep an eye on them when it’s raining to see if any water is coming in. If so, you’ll want to get the crack repaired to prevent issues like water damage and mold

They could be letting heat out

A large crack could be allowing heat to escape your home (and possibly letting cold drafts in). In the winter, this could result in your home becoming cooler faster, which may result in you reaching for the thermostat more regularly. All in all, it could be increasing your energy bills. Run you hand over the crack on a windy day to see if you can feel a draft – if you can feel air coming in, you may want to seek repairs immediately.

They could be letting critters in

Cracks can let in various critters from spiders to cockroaches. Even rodents may be able to get in – if you can fit a pencil into the crack, it’s large enough for a small mouse to squeeze through. If you’ve noticed pests in your home such as mice or cockroaches, it could be worth looking for the best pest control company in your area to help eliminate the problem. Once this is dealt with, you should then go about sealing up any large cracks to avoid future critters getting in. 

They could be a sign of structural weakness

Most worrying of all –  large cracks could be a sign of structural weakness within your home. If not repaired, the wall could one day collapse. It’s worth organizing a home inspection to find out if there are structural problems. Issues like subsidence could be to blame – it may be a case of repairing your home’s foundations.

They could bring down the value of your home

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, it could also be worth repairing those cracks. Visible cracks will make your home less appealing to buyers due to all the above concerns – agents may price your home lower as a result. By fixing these cracks, you can make your home more appealing and increase its value. 

What’s the best way to repair cracks?

Small cracks can usually be patched up oneself. It may be a simple case of pouring a filler substance into the crack such as caulk. When doing this it’s worth using a putty knife to widen the crack first. Then apply the filler and tape over the crack before painting over it to conceal it.

When it comes to larger cracks, you may want to consult an expert – there’s likely to be more work necessary than simply filling the crack. It could be important to first tackle the source of these cracks such as repairing foundations. You can then focus on repairing the crack in the wall.

There are professionals out there that can assess the cracks in your walls and repair them for you. If you’ve got larger cracks, consider hiring one of these professionals. You can then be sure that the problem will be dealt with correctly – you don’t want to patch up a crack yourself only for it to reappear in a couple months.



Today the girls collected a bag of pine cones to make Christmas trees to hand out on Christmas to family members. First we painted them green and added glitter. Forgot to take pictures, it was a bit messy, but we did it outside!


Then I just mixed up a bucket of plater of paris and plopped a glob for each tree and let my daughter stick the trees in the “snow”




Plaster is so easy to use, just mix water and stir in a disposable container and it dried very quicky! We did it on wax paper. They were dry in about 20 minutes and ready to decorate. The tree sticks right it perfectly! It is inexpensive and dries nicely like snow!


We cut old necklaces to make the ornaments
They glued the ornaments on with Tacky Glue




Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!
And a very Merry Christmas!!
…And here’s the cutest little 4 day old Santa you have ever seen from my newborn shoot Friday! I don’t think you will need to leave him any cookies, he’s pretty ridiculously sweet!!!