Baby’s First Birthday Party Ideas

Baby's First BirthdayYay!  You’ve almost made it through your first year of parenthood!  Baby’s almost a year old and it’s time to start planning Baby’s First Birthday Party.

This is your child’s first milestone birthdays.  It shouldn’t pass without fanfare. Baby’s first birthday is culturally significant in many countries around the world.  I recall reading an article some years ago explaining why baby’s first birthday is lavishly celebrated by many cultures.

The celebration of baby’s first birthday may have started centuries ago when the infant mortality rate was very high.  So a child surviving to reach his or her first birthday was definitely worthy of a big celebration.

In modern times the infant mortality rate has declined to below 1%, but celebrating baby’s first birthday is a custom that is hear to stay.

In our family baby’s first birthday is always a big deal.  We spend weeks if not months planning a lavish event where we invite all our friends and family.  It’s not unusual for us to have 100 people on the guest list.  Events like this require lots of planning and a fairly large budget.

But Baby’s First Birthday Party doesn’t have to break the bank.  It can be anything you want, the important thing is you celebrate this birthday which I’m certain you’ll want to dedicate a whole photo album to.

We love planning Baby’s First Birthday parties.  It’s one of the few birthday parties you can get away with doing things your way.  In a couple of years your child will have very definite ideas on how she or he wants to celebrate a birthday, and those ideas may not always be the same as yours.

So go ahead and indulge your party planning ideas and throw your child the first birthday party of your dreams!  Here are a few ideas to help get your creative party planning juices going!

BAby's first birthdayOnderland Themed Party

You only get one shot at a Onderland themed party, unless you plan on having multiple children.

This was the theme for the twin’s first birthday party.  It was a big deal with almost 100 guest.

The Onderland theme is really a take off on Alice in Wonderland, so our party was complete with flamingo croquet, and the decor was right out of the story book.

Of course my son and daughter-in-law went all out and had a photo booth, magician, face painter, and balloon twister at the party.  This party was a fairly large event and we had to host it at our community center.  But you don’t have to throw such a huge event.  The theme goes well for any party size. Click here for more Onderland Party ideas.

baby's first birthdayPlanes Themed Party

One of my grandsons is named Jett, so his mom, Jaime, decided that his first birthday should be a Planes themed party.

This party wasn’t quite as large as the twins’ party, the guest list was around 50 people and it was held in their backyard.

But Jaime did rent a bouncer and hired a magician for the event.

Click here for more Planes Themed Party ideas!

baby's first birthdayBaby’s First Birthday Luau

First birthday parties are a very big deal in Hawaii.  It can rival a wedding in terms of guest lists and lavishness.

On the islands baby luaus are usually done in the traditional way including serving Hawaiian food (poi, kalua pig, and lau-lau) and other local favorites.

Entertainment usually includes hula dancers as well as bouncers and party games.

first birthday partyFavorite Book Party

Pick a book, any book, for your party theme.  We choose Thomas the Train (it was for Jett’s 2nd. birthday party, but it works just as well for a first birthday.)

Center your baby’s first birthday party around a favorite children’s book.  There are many to choose from.

Here are my favorites:

The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

Mother Goose Fairy Tales

Cat in the Hat – Thing 1 and Thing 2 is perfect for twins!

There are many fun themes to choose from when hosting your baby’s first birthday party.  Just remember this party isn’t really for your child, he or she will more than likely sleep through most of it.  The party is really more for the adults and older children who are there to celebrate your child’s first year!

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