Yes, we all know sleep is essential part of life, of everything! We all hear about how sleep is beneficial for the body and mind and overall health, right?


I log into my social accounts and read news and different posts on health and beauty – I am a bit obsessed with such things. Why? Well because I never get enough sleep. Every night I toss and turn and that causes chain of reactions.

Lack of sleep is the start of all problems. When I’m tired I can’t work, I look like a mess and I am really nervous. Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind even – that kind of nervous!

Not to mention that I eat all day long to regain some energy from lack of sleep and end up munching unhealthy foods.

So, something had to change. First of all, the obvious solution was getting a new bed or mattress. Thank God we have internet and with a little bit of research I found what I need on and finally I was feeling like myself again. It was Memory foam mattress.

Amazing durability of memory foam

This type of mattress is a great investment and worth the money. After all, I wanted something that would last for a long time and not something that needs changing every year or so.

On average Memory foam will last a bit less than a decade which is pretty great! If you invest even a bit more, the lifespan can even be 10 years or more.

For all of you suffering from allergies

These days allergies are a common thing. Sometimes it’s the food we eat and sometimes pollution or other things. But, I thought to myself – do I need to put my face and body on a mattress that gathers bacteria or mold locked in?

Memory foam is hypo-allergenic and perfect for everyone and especially those with sensitive skin or other allergy types. Manufacturers make sure to use the best materials in this case.

It is money well-spent this time.

Speaking of allergies, I have to mention some things about dust mites…

These little creepy things are all around us, yet we can’t see them. Ugh!

Trust me even the cleanest homes are full of these mites. And where can you find them the most? Get ready for the creepy answer: the bed mattress!

Basically, every mattress can ‘attract’ these little mites, but with Memory foam don’t worry about this.

And for all those that move a lot during the night

I’m one of those. Of course I don’t fall out of bed on the floor, but I toss and turn and need a lot of space to feel comfy in any way.

I prefer sleeping on every side – back, belly, sides. Everything is ok with me as long as my body feels nice on the bed.

This foam is so awesome it feels like it’s made especially for you. This just means it adapts to each unique type of body. It follows every curve and every body part.

Say bye to the pain

There’s literally nothing worse than feeling aches all over after you wake up. With my old mattress I was so grumpy and nervous in the mornings just because I felt sore all over.

Now, with this great new bed any pain I have is gone. And the best thing is that other pains can be prevented because I sleep on this bed every night!

Best night’s sleep you will ever have

Because this is such a great mattress that is invented for the best sleep ever, expect the best sleep ever!

Amazing materials are used and the foam adapts to you just perfect. Every day I’m thrilled for the bedtime hours – sleeping like this is heavenly. I even stopped with my Netflix addiction to go to bed earlier!


Your spine and back will thank you for this!

All the time we spend countless hours at our desks and computers. At my office I forget that all day long I’m in a crooked position and wonder why my back and shoulders hurt.

Another reason for these pains is of course a bad quality mattress. That was it. I invested my money in this new mattress and bed. I really don’t want to crack my joints each day.

It adapts to body temperature too!

The best part maybe, my favorite part! I tend to sweat a lot even in winter times. This wakes me up all the time and it is awful to change whatever I wear for sleeping every night.

The materials used for Memory foam are perfect for all of us sensitive to body temperature changes. My skin breathes and touches a hygienic material at the same time.


A perfect investment for healthy sleeping!