Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that occurs due to diabetes. this is because of the high blood sugar that can damage the nerves all over your body, although most of the common occurrence would report the damage to be in their legs and feet. Some symptoms you might feel would be a tingling sensation or a numbing sensation, or it can be really painful at times.

In order to lessen the pain, patients may take medication. But according to WebMD, the medicines can only alleviate the pain 30%-50%. There are also dietary supplements, such as those from www.nervepaintreatment.org, that can help, but the best thing to do in order to alleviate the pain of the nerve damage is to manage your blood glucose levels. This means avoiding the foods listed below as they can really make your blood sugar level rise.

1. Processed meat

– it’s not just your sugar levels that you need to watch, but you also want to have a low sodium diet. Processed meat has very high sodium content, which can make you have high blood pressure and even heart disease.

2. Refined grains

– these can include white rice and white flour products. They have a high glycemic index and can increase your blood sugar when taken. If you find it hard to not eat white rice or white bread, look for the whole grain instead as they are healthier.

3. Artificial sweeteners

– many diabetics use artificial sweeteners not realizing that they can actually trigger neuropathy symptoms in your body. That is because your nerves become more sensitive when you take them. Try to do your research and look for natural sweeteners that you can use instead.

4. Sugary drinks

– you should know that if you have diabetes, you need to stay away from sugary drinks like sodas or even energy drinks. But did you know that even taking the diet soda, which claims to have zero sugar is still bad for your a diabetic’s health? Studies show that the sweeteners used can be 200 times sweeter than sugar and because of that, your body will receive a signal causing the pancreas to release insulin.

5. Trans Fat

– when you have diabetes, you are also at risk for other diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases. When you consume trans fat, from baked goods, fast food like French fries, and in foods high in margarine or shortening, you are not only adding to the risk of getting a heart disease but also elevated glucose levels.

6. Fruit smoothies

– it may sound healthy, after all, you are drinking fruits instead of the usual soda or alcohol you may have been used to. But you need to understand that when you combine different fruits together, there will not just be a whole lot of sugar but also carbs. Try to look for recipes that would be high in fiber or would include healthy fat so that your blood sugar will not spike up when you drink the smoothie. Or you can stick to green smoothies and just add a little natural sweetener instead.