Welding is a common activity, especially in the construction industry. Some individuals also pursue it as a hobby. If you have never heard of such a hobby, this article will fill you in on all there is to know.

Welding involves the melting and joining of two metals to form one solid object. You can do it for fun with DIY projects for those who want to some extra income. Keeping an open mind is crucial. You can also watch various online tutorials, which is a great start if you want to improve your skills fast and cheaply. Here are a few welding project ideas for any beginner that will help one transition and acquire a better skill set:

1) Fireplace

During the cold weather, a well-built fireplace is ideal to warm you up. A welding enthusiast can execute this DIY project with ease, especially if a home does not come with an in-built fire pit. You will need a textured steel plate of about 2.1 mm thickness, a steel rod, metal sheets, and a welder. Various online welder kit reviews can help if you’re new to this. These reviews make it easy for you to choose the best and affordable welder kit brands available in the market. The arc and metal inert gas welding are recommended for beginners.

2) Coat Rack

You can weld together your coat rack if you are seeking extra room for your jackets and coats. Components such as steel and basic welding supplies will be needed. Alternatively, you can get some horseshoes, clamp them, and weld them together. You can opt for metal inert gas welding to add a smooth and professional touch.

3) Wine Bottle Holder

Wine storage is a preference for all wine lovers. You do not have to spend much hiring a professional to do it when you can DIY. Use an empty wine bottle, big chain, and welding supplies. The basic TIG and Arc welding skills will be required.

4) TV Tray Tables

These can be used to add some décor touch to your space. Tray tables can be used for your laptop storage, books, magazines or a side table as per your preference. The c-table design is common and easy for most beginners.

5) Barbecue Pit

Nothing beats a homemade barbeque party with friends and family. Most people invest too much money buying a barbecue pit when they can easily make a DIY one. Take advantage of your welding skills and save you money. You will need to weld together some steel bar and sheets depending with your shape, design and size preference. Keep in mind the size of your backyard to avoid space limitation. This DIY project is easy to achieve using TIG supplies and techniques.

6) Welding Table

In recent years, tables are available in simple designs that transform your space décor. It is possible for a welding beginner to create a table using a few steel bars. The straight steel metals are welded into a frame. The top part contains metal slats that provide enough space for clamping. This welding table is ideal to place heavy objects yet easy to move when need be.