6 Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

Teens & Tweens parties can be difficult to plan, by the time they reach 10 kids have their own ideas about what type of party is appropriate.

In many cases, specially for teens, they’re moving away from all girl or all boy parties.  By now they’ve probably attended a school or church dance or two and are ready for a co-ed party.

In previous posts I’ve listed ideas for parties for girls and boys,  in this post I’ll list 6 ideas for a co-ed teen party.  Maybe one will catch your teen’s or tween’s eyes.

Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

A Teen Beach Party based on the Disney Channel’s movie of the same name would be lots of fun.

It’s one of my favorite Teens & Tweens parties. You can get party ideas, printables, recipes, etc. free from the Disney Channel.

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Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

Teens & Tweens love carnivals where they can show off their skills at the games.

Hosting a Carnival Party would be great fun, specially if the weather is nice and you can set up carnival games outdoors.

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Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

A Dance Party is probably the easiest one to plan, all you need is food, music, and space large enough for dancing.

You can make it fun by making it a glow in the dark or neon light party.

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Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

Embrace social media.

Your kids spend lots of time on it, it’s a good time to learn how they work and show kids a healthy, safe, and positive way to utilize it.

Set up a photo booth with props and let the kids take silly photos and selfies which they can post on Instagram.  Or if you prefer post on a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, or your preferred social media site.  Just set up a page or account for the party and you’re good to go.

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Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

Stage a Murder Mystery and let the kids be detectives.

You can purchase party kits on line and get friends and family to help you act it out.  It’s great fun for the actors as well as the guests.

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Party Themes for Teens & Tweens

A Survivor Party based on the popular TV show Survivor or if you prefer the movie Hunger Games.

You can set up challenges for the kids to do individually or in teams.

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