Planning and throwing a kid’s birthday party in November can be trying when many of us have Thanksgiving events to plan as well.

November and December are probably two of the busiest months in our family specially when we expect out of town friends and family to join us for the holidays.  But that doesn’t mean that November and December birthdays should be forgotten, everyone wants to feel special on his or her birthday!

Here are 6 party themes for November to help you plan your child’s November party.


Planes Party!

November is Aviation History month so why not throw a planes themed party for your birthday celebrant.

Click here for details on Jett’s Plane’s Themed First Birthday Party!


Your favorite book party!

November 7 is Book Lover’s Day and the 11th. is Young Readers’ Day, a book themed party is a great theme for a November party!

There are so many great books to choose from it will be hard to pick just one.

From Mother Goose to Doctor Seuss and beyond just pick your child’s favorite book and take it from there.

Here are a few suggestions, just click on the link for more info!

Dr. Seuss                  Teddy Bear Picnic
Mother Goose           Alice in Wonderland
Madeline                   Harry Potter
Cinderella                 Paddington Bear 


Outer Space Party!

November 28 is Red Planet Day.  Why not celebrate  the 4th. planet, Mars by throwing an Outer Space or Star Wars Themed party for your November birthday child!


Cookie Monster Party!

A Cookie Monster themed party seem appropriate since Cookie Monster celebrates his birthday on November 2.

And no Cookie Monster party is complete without a Cookie Buffet of course!


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Mickey & Minnie Party!

Mickey and Minnie celebrate their birthdays on November 18, throw your birthday child a Disney Mouse Themed party too!

This is a great idea for a twin’s birthday party, it’s on our list for our twin grandbabies Harper and Sadi!

Click here for FREE printables from Catch My Party!


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Egyptian Party!

November 4th. is King Tut Day, it celebrates the discovery date of this famous Boy King’s tomb.

An Egyptian themed party would be fun!

Click here for Egyptian Crafts for kids by Small for Big!


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