December and January birthdays are hard to plan.  I always felt my older daughter got cheated because her birthday is on January 2.

With cooking, baking, shopping, and more going on during the holiday season, the last thing you want to think about is planning and hosting a birthday party.  But when my daughter was young I did just that.

On one hand you’re probably exhausted with all the extra things you have to do and the events and activities you must attend between Thanksgiving and New Year; on the other hand there’s lots of themes for a December party that can work with all the holiday decor you already have up, and best of all party stuff is on sale!

Here are 6 party themes to help you plan your child’s December birthday party!

DecemberFrozen Party!

The first one was just screaming to me, a Frozen themed party!  What princess wouldn’t love this?

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Here’s a hint:  If you have a prince instead of a princess, focus on Olaf the snowman!


Grinch Party!

Why not a Grinchy themed party?  You’re probably all decked out in green and red already, so it’s won’t take much more doing to add a few Grinchy touches for the party!

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Polar Express Party!

Bring in the magic of Christmas and host a Polar Express themed Party!  You can entertain the kids with the movie and serve hot cocoa and snacks!

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Paddington Party!

If you’re looking for something not so “Christmasy”  how about a Paddington Bear Party?  This little bear loves Christmas, specially picking out gifts for his family!

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 Gingerbread House Making Party!December

Here’s a fun idea, a Gingerbread House making party!

If you don’t want to bake gingerbread, and I don’t blame you, use graham crackers for the house and canned icing for the glue  We do this at our Christmas Parties, we have a blast.  Just be sure you have lots of candies for the decorations!

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Elf Party!

Host a Buddy the Elf Party!

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