Deciding to quit alcohol is one thing while achieving your decision is another. We fall into a drinking habit, and we can become addicted within a short drinking period. Most people always have a beer after work. Often, we are not aware of how much we drink. Cravings also make people drink more. Such elements affect people on their journey to giving up alcohol. If you do not have habits associated with alcohol, it is easier to stop drinking than someone with a daily routine of having a drink. In either of these cases, you can use the following ways to give up alcohol and improve your health.

  1. Your Social Circle. Drinkers think they are popular and have many friends. However, they always seem to have a crowd of followers just because alcoholics love to drink together. They also convince themselves that alcoholism is not a problem since so many people are drinking. Drinkers think that when they stop drinking they will lose these friends. Therefore, they opt to continue drinking instead of quitting a habit that harms their mind and bodies. If you want to give up alcohol, you have to let your friends know so that they do not influence you. Your real friends should support you in this decision.
  2. Set Targets. Many people, who have stopped drinking, started with a one-month challenge. Once you have achieved your one-month target, you realize that it is achievable. Instead of saying ā€œIā€™m not drinking again,ā€ it is easier to aim for one month, then two, and eventually a year. The beginning will be very tough, but you will reach each target more efficiently than the last. Reward yourself with a present after achieving each goal.
  3. Plan your entertainment. If your social life often involves alcohol, plan your social activities to include many things that do not revolve around drinking. It can be tough but keeping yourself busy for the first few weeks is the best idea. Avoid boredom since that is when the temptations will kick in. Avoid doing anything where drinking is involved. Even something like going to a cinema can include alcohol.
  4. Stop buying rounds. You no longer need to buy rounds. You do not have to match people drink for a drink when you are on soft drinks. You drinking habit at this stage may become boring, but you have to go at your own pace. Do not feel like you owe your friends drinks. Try to drink more soft drinks than alcohol. If you feel like the soft drinks are too sweet, try straight soda water, which will be very cheap.
  5. If you have to go out, drive. If the cravings become too much and you want a beer, drive. Driving will stop you from drinking too much. If you join your friends, you can always make a quick getaway when they start boozing. In addition, you can still give your friends a lift when they get drunk. Being the designated driver gives your friends a reason to support your decision.

Now you can start your journey to giving up drinking. You can also consult from stop drinking expert on other ways to quit alcohol.