Home maintenance refers to the work that you do to ensure that your household appliances and systems are functioning appropriately. At times, it involves the diagnosis of problems with these appliances and systems followed by effective resolutions. Maintaining your home is critical for various reasons. For example, it saves you money because you will notice emerging issues and then take care of them before they worsen. It increases the value of your home as well because people prefer buying well-maintained homes to rundown houses. Here are 5 easy home maintenance tips you will wonder how you lived without.

1. Check Your Extinguisher
The average person has a 25% chance of being in a serious fire during his lifetime. Consequently, many people ignore their fire extinguishers because the risk of being in a fire is low. However, the average person has a 10% chance of suffering from severe injuries because of a fire in his lifetime. That means your body may suffer irreparable damage if you take fire hazards lightly. That should make you wonder how you lived without maintaining your fire extinguisher. Check it today. Make sure that the safety seals are intact and that the pressure gauge is within normal parameters.

2. Clean Refrigerator Coils
Refrigerator coils are at the back of your fridge. They cool your fridge’s refrigerant in addition to condensing it. Unfortunately, various substances clog these coils over time. They include dirt, dust, and grease. The impact of this clogging on your fridge is significant. More specifically, the coils fail when it comes to releasing heat leading to overheating. Another impact it that the fridge fails to cool food the way it used to do. Clean these coils with a vacuum cleaner regularly and your fridge will operate normally for a long time.

3. Clean HVAC Air Filters
Air flows through an air filter as it moves to ducts and vents in your HVAC system. This filter removes debris, dust and other airborne particles before the HVAC conditions the air. Eventually, filtered materials clog your filter. This clog causes the HVAC to operate at a lower level of efficiency than it did with a clear filter. Clean or swap your air filter regularly to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system. Find a store that has a broad range of filters so that you can buy any size you need.

4. Fix Toilet Cistern Leaks
Did you know that leaks account for 12% of water use in the United States? That means that the average American family wastes as much as 36 gallons of water a day because of leaks. Checking and fixing a toilet cistern reduces this wastage substantially. Remove the lid. Pour some food coloring into the tank, replace the lid, and then wait for 15 minutes. Check the bowl. Does it have some food coloring in it? Your cistern is leaking if it does. Call a plumber to fix it for you because doing it yourself might exacerbate the problem.

5. Test Your Sump Pump
A sump pump refers to a pump whose primary function is to remove water that accumulates in the sump basin. Usually, this basin is in the basement. This pump is one of the principal defenses that homes have against floods, excess drain water, and the buildup of condensation. Testing it to see if it works assures you that you are ready for these unfortunate events. Test it every six months. Unplug and then plug it to see if it works. Alternatively, run some water through it to see if it works.