Being a new mom is not easy since there is no manual or clear guidelines on how to take care of your child. After the child’s birth, as a mother, you will experience many changes, both physically and emotionally. Many new things are happening in your life that may make you feel overwhelmed. You will constantly be questioning every activity since you want to provide the best care for your child. Many concerns can arise about the child that may require answers.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by new moms:

new mom1)    Which Baby Products Should I Use?

Deciding which baby products to use as a new mom might be confusing. At times, you may forget to acquire some essential items. Unlike adults, babies are very delicate. Therefore, they require extra care and safe products. You will need help before deciding what to clothe your child with, how to bathe it, how and what to feed it, as well as how to hold and move it safely. For tips and advice on which products to use and a list of all baby items, you can check mommyhood101. Here, you will find crucial product reviews and comparisons of the best products. new momThey range from baby carriers, car seats, baby monitors, and many other baby-safe items.

2)     How Long Should A Child Sleep At Night?

On average, children sleep for five hours in a night. At 6 to 8 weeks some mothers are lucky to have babies who sleep soundly at night. The others are faced with sleepless nights since they are woken up by their baby every few hours. You will have to be patient if your child does not sleep all through the night. This may not occur until the child is five months.

In some cases, their established sleep patterns might be interrupted if they are sick or start teething. You can try sleep training your infant by not soothing them when they cry. This lets the child know that their cries will not always be answered immediately and over time they learn to self-soothe.

new mom3)    How Often Should A Baby Poop?

Once your baby is born, it gradually starts pooping like a normal person. What you feed your baby will determine the frequency with which they poop. If you are feeding your baby with baby formula, expect up to four diaper changes per day. For nursing moms, expect a similar number, but it will be kind of liquid. An infant’s bowel movements can change from as high as six times to a low as one time. If they do not poop but continue to pee, then do not worry since this will not last long.

new mom4)    Do I Need To Sterilize Bottles And Pacifiers After A Single Use?

No, you do not. It is advised that you wash drinking bottles and pacifiers with soap and water after every feeding. Sterilizing should be done overnight to kill the bacteria and viruses that you may have passed to your baby. Do not forget to maintain good hygiene practices in your home. Wash your hands regularly, especially before holding or feeding the baby. Avoid touching directly or placing the child’s pacifier on a surface that is unclean. All these sanitary practices are key in the well being on your baby.