The chef’s knife is one of the most indispensable kitchen tools. It does pretty much everything you ask it to do – dicing, cutting, mincing, deboning and julienning. A chef knife’s utility extends even beyond the kitchen. Want to crack open a beer? Cut the packaging off a present? Cut a piece of a cloth off of an old t-shirt? The chef knives got you covered.

If you are reading this, you probably know how vital a chef knife is to the inner-workings of a kitchen, but maybe you got tired of your old knife and want to try something different. For this purpose, we have compiled a short of Chef Knives that we found interesting. While some of them might be a little too expensive for some people, their well-thought designs and features compensate for the hefty price tag. Here are four chef knives that are worth the investment.

Richmond Addict 2

If you have particularly big hands and you end up frustrated about how awkward most chef knives feel, then the Richmond Addict 2 might be up your alley. This is arguably the biggest knife featured in this article – with a heel measuring 55 millimeters, you will never have to worry about mashing your big knuckles against the cutting board while gripping the handle. Weirdly enough, this is also the lightest knife of the bunch, weighing only six ounces.

But do not let these discrepancies fool you, as this is a perfectly competent chef knife capable of cutting through vegetables and herbs at monstrous speeds. It comes sharp right out of the box, and many users have lauded this knife for its low maintenance. However, while the rosewood handle is truly a looker, it has an annoying tendency to turn slippery as soon as it makes contact with oil. Despite this drawback, this is a wonderful, highly efficient chef knife that is capable of withstanding a lot of rough kitchen jobs. Considering these qualities, at $170, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Miyabi Artisan SG2

While J.A. Henckels already had one of the best and most exquisite chef knife lines on the market, we can all agree that they have truly outdone themselves with their Miyabi series. The Artisan SG2 stands as living proof of this. At its core, this model is an attempt by the company to combine the best elements of traditional Japanese design and western-specific utility. The result is a handsome, highly efficient hybrid that is honed and hammered to look just like a katana sword.

Similar to katanas, this chef knife is aimed for kitchen tasks that require precision and finesse. Obviously, its thin profile and delicate blade means that it is not quite suited for cutting through thick chunks of pork meat and the like, but you were probably already aware of this fact if you intend to purchase a Japanese style knife.

In terms of looks, there are few chef knives within this price range that surpass it. It has Damascus style markings, spacers, an elegant rosewood handle, and many other decorative details that knife aficionados will surely appreciate. Overall, while it is not as versatile as other chef knife models, the Artisan SG2 is a handsome, perfectly capable kitchen instrument that is very good at the tasks that it was designed to accomplish.

KorinSuisin High Carbon Steel Gyutou

If you are looking for a chef knife that will truly feel like a natural extension of your arm, this handsome KorinGyutou will deliver in spades. This is a very sharp, high-carbon steel Japanese style chef’s knife that will go through half-frozen thick steak and winter squash like it is butter. While it might be a little too expensive for many people (100 dollars), the hefty price tag will not be such a big issue once you realize that this is one of the most affordable professional chef knives that you can find.

And this knife will make you feel like a world-class chef. That is, once you learn to use it properly. The KorinSuisin is not a knife for everybody – it has a pretty steep learning curve, so you will need lots of practice in order to learn how to exploit its perks and advantages.

However, all of its advantages come with a price – it is very high maintenance. Unlike its stainless-steel counterparts, the Korin’s blade will discolor and corrode if not properly cared for. So, if spending time on upkeep is not your thing, you might want to give this model a pass.

Messermeister San Moritz Elite

This model from Messermeister is the quintessential chef’s knife – very balanced, versatile, comfortable handle, easy learning curve and a gentle curvature along the blade. This is the classical, standard, no-nonsense chef’s knife, with no fancy designs, no elaborate decorations, and no novel features.

And weirdly enough, its simplicity is the reason why the price (165 dollars) is so big because the producers had to focus on utility and construction, rather than novel features to attract buyers. And fortunately for Messermeister, this design philosophy worked, as this is one of the most accomplished chef’s knives you will find on the market.

The handle is sturdy and comfortable at the same time, rarely, if ever, slipping out of your hand, while the ergonomic design of the knife supports fast and seamless cutting motions. If you are cooking for a large group of people and want to get things done in a timely fashion, this knife will help you cut the vegetables before the pot of water starts even boiling.


To conclude, these four chef knives stand out from the rest thanks to their novel features, interesting designs,and high efficiency. If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and want to try something different, make sure to read through this list,and you will find something to your liking.